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The System

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Finally, after several unsuccessful attempts to do something about it, enthusiasm for its scale decreases to the zero point and life returns to normal. Returning to the system (the system) a person who somehow to calm himself, begins to engage in self-deception and says to himself: 'And there is not all bad: the work is normal, pay on time, soc. package ', etc. Do not be fooled! All this is fine as long as – unforeseen costs – will want to rest a few times a year, and in other cities and countries – to buy an expensive car or a vacation home – just to feel truly free, eliminating the need to work a few decades to someone for a pittance. And that if your health allows you to work, but where he come from, if not followed.

In general the list goes on. The majority of wage-labor is never valued highly. Sad but true! Everybody wants to get a decent reward for their embedded time and effort, but this can only dream about. I dreamed, but not for long because understood that this does not help, and subsequently moved from the category of dreamers in the category of practitioners. Three years of desperate searching and trying to succeed in any case come to nothing lead, and all my attention was riveted on the Internet.

To work from home, so to speak in their comfort zone, to himself, spurred me to action, even in moments of despair when he wanted to quit and believe that earning at or over the Internet is not realistic. However, believe it was still quite difficult because almost every day there are real evidence to the contrary, namely, people who have excelled in some area it is in Internet. Soon after was born their own beliefs: 'If one could, so can the rest (of course, and I among them)', which was and still jet fuel in order to achieve my goals. Next came the understanding that success is possible copy. In other words do things that make the rich and successful and do what they are doing the vast majority. I got her – found a way to provide a source of growing revenue, but such that all the work Life does not have to. And tell you a secret: in reality, anything is possible and everything is real! The only question is what you go for your goals and desires? Who does not want life to be a cog, would not it! Read good books and good luck in your endeavors!

Motivational Tools

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

And so motivating tool is a proposal to get some extra bonus. Ideally, of course, it will be themed products that complement your main product, but if it is not so it is also nothing important only that he was able to interest the customer and make him wish to receive this same bonus. The next way to get feedback is to offer discounts. For example, you can write in their marketing text, what man can do some discount in exchange for his review of your product. Or give this discount to the wrong product, which he is going to get you, and for other goods from your current or future range. But there are situations where feedback is required before the official arrival of the goods on sale. This is necessary for a more dynamic start of sales, as well as to ensure 100% that your goods really good and does not require further improvements.

Since there is nothing worse than coming out with unfinished goods. In this case you have no choice but to get that same feedback in return for free testing your product. In other words, you find some independent person who offers free pick up your goods, but they are behind this, of course, write your response to it. Very well be, if such a sentence you refer to the well-known experts in the field, which is dedicated to your product. Since the withdrawal of any reputable person of your niche, will only contribute to more sales. Since the view competent recognizable person to whom people are accustomed to rely for many means a certainty that their money will not be wasted, and really good will such as it is stated on the page with the seller text. This way, I particularly recommend to use all newcomers who have just come into a new market, and yet have no awareness, no credibility in the eyes of potential customers. The latter, as is known, is very important for the stability of sales of any commodity.

So, take the above into service and used to benefit their own business. But remember one very important thing: whatever way you do not receive feedback used, the main thing that this review was real and truthful. It is not necessary to write a fictional text itself or to ask to do it to someone else, no matter how hard you do not like. Since such feedback to the good, never had. Any false person feels at a subconscious level, and your deception sooner or later be discovered. A lost credibility in the eyes of the customer, is equivalent to the death of your business. So never be fooled by people who try to be honest and open, and then you all will be well! T


Friday, June 17th, 2011

But either option is ideal to justify her: 'I do not want to do business. " But between 'I do not want' and 'can not' – a huge gap. Who wants to – that seeks to address. Who does not want – is looking for excuses. To finally decide, we encourage you to do so, as did many others before you. Just grab a pen and piece of paper and write a column their desires, what you want out of life – in the material and not just the plan.

– Financial independence? – More free time? – Independence from superiors at work? – Ability to travel and visit different countries? – Provide old age? – Improve the living conditions? – Pay off debts? – Give your children a decent education? Recorded? A Now be honest (because you did answer himself) plus sign mark the items that you can implement today. And tomorrow – while remaining in that position, which are now without their own business. Let a small but own. Well, how? Many items could be noted plus sign? If a bit, say to yourself – what are you afraid? What may be afraid of the modern intelligent person who feels the need to live better than he lives now? May be – you hope that you will suddenly appreciate an employer? Understand that without your services, he just can not do and many times will increase your salary? Or make a business partner? And that – for these hopes have any prerequisites? Or do you have a rich elderly uncle who has loved you and only heir? And he's going to give you a birthday ready business? Business, which will bring you a big and steady income? Business in which you do not need anything special to do business, in which everything revolves itself, you just look? Or you do not want to even businesses? And just wait, when my uncle move to a better world? And how health of this uncle, that the doctors say? And maybe you hope to help and care of the state? To help and care of our wonderful and good government? It will provide a good treatment for you, a good education to your children, a dignified old age? Say, you really believe it? Then – sorry for the sharpness – you yourself need a doctor.

Relevant State

Friday, June 17th, 2011

As soon as the public body is becoming more complex, direct, revolutionary opposition from the unorganized social forces becomes less and less feasible "24. This position has repeatedly confirmed vivid examples from the history of our country. Described a situation similar to the period of the spread among the intelligentsia and the peasants 19 th century "liberal ideas" when, according to vp Alekseeva, "crush all and save yourself at all costs – became the sole task of the government. Let the people go bankrupt, kosneet in ignorance, tupeet, even die, if only to remain whole monarchy, and has remained opportunity for the ruling class to live on people's expense "25. However, legal mechanisms for non-violent change of power in exchange objectionable is not offered. This reflects the essence of law as an exclusively the state a tool to influence people. On the right of the state forces, as Pushkin wrote sarcastically ("moralizing stanzas"): "Know, Serene lion, confusion guilt – Rec elephant – in people riot! overall noise and a clique! "" humbled himself, – the lion said – but mane I Shake! "The danger is not terrible for a powerful ruler.

And finally, sixth, the state – is the only organization which itself tolerated the use of violence on the basis of law. In this case, the use of violence – the main distinguishing feature of the implementation of government decisions. That state holds a monopoly discretion to punish or pardon for any questions of public life. This is a function of state coercion to legitimate (ie, the relevant law and no more) behavior.

Fyodor Tyutchev

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Tandem as in any way. And even if this matrix will not be realized, there is no doubt that we are in the period before the elections in 2012 are waiting for a serious shock (most of all, I assume, should go to Moscow because of its electorate large numbers), whose main objective – to change the political situation of Russia in favor of the bosses of Western civilization. The main blow will be directed at Putin, and most large-scale performances opposition and just unhappy with the country of onlookers will be held under the slogan “Russia without Putin” and “Putin’s government to resign” (the fact that such shares, organized and sponsored by many foreign funds have a place to be for quite a long time, proves once again that the West against Russia is an undeclared war on all the priorities, using all available in the arsenal of Western intelligence agencies tools and techniques).

It is hoped that as a result of an imminent collapse of talks within the Organization of visa-free regime with eu, wto accession and some of the other aimed at closer integration with the eu as a equal partner, common sense will prevail, and the Russian “elite” still remember the words of the great poet and diplomat, the past years – Fyodor Tyutchev (“As to it not to rot and gentlemen “), come to its senses and will connect their lives with arrangement of the Fatherland for the benefit of his children and all the peoples of Russia. And certainly not in the interests of the power elite has been to bring the situation to the Russian riot – the senseless and ruthless. Indeed, in an organized through them “Grinder” and can cater for yourself. After it, I think the future can not already be for any of Russia. Act of time applies to all equally and, therefore, dissected and immersed in the darkness of the Middle Ages modern Russia, I’m afraid not withstand competition with the developed world powers and become part of other government entities and civilization, if by that time the world will not suffer provoked by the Office for the biblical concept of global biosphere, an ecological disaster, its consequences, questioning the continued existence of humanity on planet Earth.

Necessary Work

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

There are several ways to achieve this goal – putting a course project. First the most simple and effective – to solve the financial issue directly with the teacher without the project at all. However, in most cases it is impossible, since keep records of projects in the departments, and the majority of teachers of technical universities, in my opinion, fortunately not so corrupt. The second way – to order project implementation specialist. More detail. Here to make a choice between a variety of proposals in the virtual space.

Unambiguous choice in favor of people with experience of course projects, clearly capable illustrate his work. In this sense, should not “cling” for performers intentionally underbid the result may not be worth the wait, and promptly perform or order a draft before his surrender would be very difficult. As in any other case, must be addressed in a timely manner, so do not delay, the more time will be given orders to the course project, the more qualitative course project will be executed. When ordering a course project should indicate the most deployed in the source data to the project, the volume of the project: a graphic part (the number of formats, A1) and the text portion (the amount of explanatory notes the number of typewritten pages); requirements for registration of the project (the contents of the common parts in sections, registration of title page). The resulting project should be executed at least once to read and familiarize yourself with the content, it’s half term success in the protection of a course project. Is very important advice to their fellow students performers quality projects, in which case you can get significant discounts The third way – a classic: to carry out the work himself. In this case, before starting the work to prepare all the necessary methodological literature to explore sufficiently general guidance to the project implementation. Perform the work should be phased, with enough attention to each considering the issue, otherwise, any little thing wrong coefficient chosen, may lead to a complete alteration of the course project.

The Edge

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Currently, they are not forgotten, and youth and clothes mostly on the main points in their lives. This is often – wedding, graduation exams for students, a holiday with friends. If in the past century there exists a variety of men's suit as a coat, which differed from his brother, first of all cut into two halves of the back of the jacket, but now this type of outerwear is not used so widely. A similar suit was mainly used on royal and royal receptions and balls. Currently, this type of clothing is rather difficult to meet in everyday surroundings. However, despite this, it still continues wear, although not as often.

Wear it mainly as the same meeting that in the past. In addition, swallowtails found another application. Now they use opera singers and musicians who take part in various operas, concerts. However, the main kind of outer clothing still remains a man's suit. When you select it for an official meeting few select men's suit. Many people are mistaken that there are no rules on how to properly wearing men's clothes. However, this is not true.

First of all, pants length should be long enough to form a crease, which would lay on the edge of your shoe. When wearing a jacket is necessary to pay attention, whether you its buttons, which is very important in formal meetings. One well-known rules of etiquette is that the jacket can be fastened on any buttons except the bottom. Also at the meeting should not take off his jacket, if all present are in costume. The choice of color men's suit is also important. Using bright colors will give you that will not match the style of meeting, at which you are present. Also, do not come to a meeting in costume in black, as these suits dress for funeral events such as funerals. Thus, the suit highlights not only the status of meetings, but also the status of partners. When choosing men's suit must follow certain rules, that in the future will not allow you to create a very controversial opinion.

Berries Water

Monday, June 13th, 2011

In This is one of the secrets of home canning. Household supplies can be done many different ways: salting, watering, drying, pickling, candy and frosting. Any of these methods is good in its own way and appropriate for certain types of products and each of this method also has its little secrets. Here's an example: Each owner has a personal signature recipe for pickled cucumbers. For example, this: cucumbers select the same size, wash well and soak for an hour in cold water.

An hour later obstrich at the ends of cucumbers, the secret of the fact that the bank did not get the remains of cucumber flowers, because of this soft cucumbers are obtained. In the scalded boiling water over the bank put branches of dill, currant leaves, horseradish, densely stacked cucumbers and fill the jar with boiling water. Close the lid and give a sterile stand five minutes. After that, the water discharged into the pan and add 2 tablespoons spoons of salt and 1-6 tablespoons of sugar (this is who he loves) and bring to seething. In the bank add the garlic, peppercorns, bay leaf and a tablespoon of vinegar. Quickly and fill up to the top with hot brine, rolls up the bank. Next the secret of crunchy cucumbers is: jar turned upside down, duvet covers at night, and then remove for storage in a dark place. These cucumbers may be stored at room temperature.

When canning tomatoes if you want to not burst elastic fruit with a toothpick to pierce the stem. Get a jam with whole berries, do not lose shape is also extremely easy to know the secret – do not stir it with a spoon, so easily crush the berries. Should shake a bowl of jam in their hands for better mixing and jam is not at one time, and at intervals of 4-6 hours, for the best berries soaking syrup. If you love pickles, but never rolled no one of the banks with their own hands, be sure to start. Give the word, the result is you'll like!

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Modern man sorely lacking greenery, oxygen and aroma of flowering plants at sunset. But since ancient times, people valued the secluded outdoor recreation. Get a vacation right at home allow patios or as they were called “secret gardens”, which appeared in ancient Rome. The Sumerians were popular roof gardens. These gardens were a sign of wealth, luxury and high- social status of the nobility. The gardens were built luxurious swimming pools with fountains, beautiful flower greenhouses with sculptures, surrounded by a colonnade. Have its own secluded corner of attractive and in our time. But afford the lush gardens in the style of the Spanish-Moorish architects now not everyone can.

Not far from the cities – bite the price of land, far away – no need for comfort, great loss of precious time when daily trips. Represent a compromise settlements, built-up low-rise building, located on the outskirts of cities. In particular, the desire to realize their own piece of land with a shady garden at affordable prices have an opportunity to residents of townhouses. Taunhasy as a kind of real estate, born in England. Wealthy urbanites, who had land plot, attach to the existing home extensions, so that a separate Apartments in one house with common walls, but have separate exits. But for Russia today is a new trend of suburban housing, although quite promising.

Building them is cheaper and the cost of infrastructure development is lower than the construction of private homes. The presence of a small 200-300 square meters plot of land can acquire their own garden. And if the construction and decoration also use “green” materials – will be assumed that an inexpensive, comfortable and environmentally friendly housing is already represented in Russia. Ideally, eco-friendly homes should be located in the resort areas. Industrialized areas in Russia today often can not boast of clean air, soil and water. City-millionaires are suffering from congestion and associated emissions vehicles, which are held in the air for hours. Another thing – the resort. For example, Real Estate in Mineral Waters – the gate of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, features a low (for the resort area price) in combination with clean air, a favorable environmental conditions and lack of noise, typical for large cities.

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