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Visual Design Solutions

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Development of decorative flooring systems is one of the main activities of the company Remmers. No wonder that we are the winners in the field of innovative technology design – for example, in England, for designing the beautiful cover with a solid filling. On the basis of three different types of flooring with a solid filling, formed colored chips and colored quartz sand in our collection of countless possibilities design and compositing. To handle a small area directly from the factory you can order additional colors. What will be the final appearance – define yourself! Let your floor will become an easel for your creativity! Using our product, you can create truly unique items. And one nice advantage: our decorative floor fillers Remmers, of course, can be applied to almost all types of reasons.

One of the many decorative flooring systems: Remmers PUR Deco Color – Elastic coating deposited in a special sequence to achieve an exclusive design. 1 Preparation osnovaniyImeyuscheesya base should be clean and can withstand a static load. A good result is achieved by grinding with a grinding machine. Immediately after this primer coat is applied. 2 Layout surface (sketch track) on the dried undercoat layer is desired sketch design options for specific areas are marked to their respective colors. 3 The application of ground filling layer on the individual obraztsuRazmechennye of a zadrugoy Pour elastic polyurethane coating Remmers PUR Deco Color. Deposition of layers made, for example, notched trowel method of "liquid to liquid a. Finer details (such as dividing lines), filled in, such as jars of nose b.

4 protection from ultraviolet lucheyPosle fully cured base layer polyurethane roller evenly-component lacquer Remmers Arti Top MPIus, resistant to ultraviolet rays. 5 can be confidently say: the result unikalenTakim way, forming individual floor surface, which will long attract attention and give positive emotions. Advantages – one line design capabilities. Coverage differs longevity, durability, resistance to mechanical stress. The surface is resistant to ultraviolet rays, according to customer provided matte or glossy. The product is universal in application on almost any grounds for domestic work. Anti-sealant surface areas for the passage of barefoot or in places where water constantly falls. Provides isolation from impact noise. Cover distinguished by a special Easy-care and hygiene. Ideal option for working indoors, because it does not contain plasticizers, solvents and does not emit noxious fumes in the According to the directive VOC. Due to small thickness of the system, it is particularly well suited for repair and restoration of old coatings. Quality Certified – have certificates of testing. Scope of application of the product Showrooms Images pictures and logos of companies Exhibition area hairdressing salons and waiting rooms Foster Art Painting Residential and office space and Dining recreation room sevice balconies and terraces stairs and corridors Restaurants & Bars

Chinese Doors

Monday, November 28th, 2011

The truth about China's door you are going to buy a metal door. We agree, buying the iron door – it's an event. However, any purchase in Russia for the average working person – this event. Everything that has a price, but iron door, of course, has its price and is, of course, more food for your pet – dog, cat or hamster – requires a thoughtful approach. We, therefore, a company specializing in the sale of metal input Doors Lucky STAR (Lucky Star), ready to talk to you about it. We believe that you – fairly literate in order to use modern information technology such as the Internet. So think before you buy metal doors for your home, you will not only consult with my friends at work, not just go on about his wife's demands 'urgent finally put an iron door,' but try and find information about the iron doors and suppliers doors or sellers on the Internet. Really? Of course, everything will be so! And what do you see? That's it, voila! A lot of information under the headings of 'the whole truth about the Chinese metal / steel / iron door.

" We want to answer you might have questions, starting with a comic (but only at first glance!) quotes from famous and beloved films of Mark Zakharov, Count Cagliostro, 'What one person did something to break the other's always can. " That's it … Mathematicians have a the concept of 'necessary and sufficient'. Of course, for security metal door NECESSARY. But for the same security reasons, only the steel door is NOT enough. Logically, we can say that the metal the door – this is one of the factors, if you like, the first step to safety. According to statistics, the penetration into the home by breaking even a metal door or the selection of keys (and this situation has absolutely nothing to do with steel door) is several times smaller than the penetration of other, of course, the same illegal means.

The Current Baby Gift

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Anime is becoming more popular every day. Now every child knows and watches Japanese TV shows, imitating the heroes of the animation. The most popular anime was, of course, the series of Naruto and his friends. No less popular character anime is Hello Kitty – Pretty kitty that became a kind of "arms" for the girls throughout the world. Almost every child not only knows the popular anime, but loves everything associated with them.

Present in the style of anime – it's true today. But now many of these products, tell you, but really exclusive – units. We are pleased to announce that for the first time in Kazakhstan there were original anime goods. The company took care of Anime Kids However, given the taste and fashion trends especially the younger generation. Anime Kids offers a wide range of products with your favorite characters of Japanese TV series – Naruto, Death Diary, Hello Kitty and others. Here you'll find leather jackets and coats with fur character of villages (Naruto) – this in Kazakhstan was not yet! Clothes for children sewed the best Turkish producers to tailor-made Anime Kids and is the exclusive and limited commodity. On sale are clothes all the characters Naruto, as well as a wide range of accessories. This anime gift certainly will love your child, because Anime Kids offer only quality products! Especially for young fashionistas made accessories from Hello Kitty. Scarves, bags, watches, mugs, frames, and it's not all. On this site you will find unusual gifts such as pink computer keyboard, pink mouse, web cam! Neither one small Princess will not remain indifferent to this "gentle" and "desired" gift! You will find many interesting things for yourself and for your child! Gifts to the heroes of anime – it's what you need for your child, it is practical (especially if the clothes), good for you (in the first place, the baby will be satisfied, and secondly, the prices reasonable), and original.

Getting Acquainted

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Appendicitis – an inflammation of the appendix. It is thought that appendicitis begins when the opening between the appendix and caecum blocked. Blockages can occur due to thick mucus layers within the appendix or due to fecal masses, which fall in the appendix of the cecum. The mucus or stool hardens, becomes dense as a stone, and block the hole. Such stones are called coprolite (literally – 'stones from the feces'). In other cases, the lymphoid tissue in the appendix may swell and block the appendix. The body reacts to the introduction of such an attack on the development of bacteria attack called inflammation.

Another theory causes appendicitis – the original rupture of the appendix followed by spread of bacteria outside of the appendix. The reason for this gap is unclear, but it may be related to changes that occur in lymphoid tissue that lines the wall of the appendix. If the inflammation and infection spread in the interior wall of the appendix, it can burst. After the break the infection can spread to the abdominal cavity, however, usually limited to a small space of the process surrounding the appendix (forming a so-called "periappendikulyarny abscess"). Sometimes the organism successfully "cures" appendicitis without surgery if the infection and accompanying inflammation do not spread throughout the abdomen. Inflammation, pain and other symptoms may disappear. This situation occurs in some elderly patients, as well as with antibiotics. Therefore, patients may seek medical attention after a long period of time after an attack of appendicitis with swelling or infiltration in the right lower abdomen.

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