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Russian Ancestors

Monday, February 27th, 2012

It is in connection with these occasions is not a gift just desirable but mandatory. Since I reminded of a phrase from a popular cartoon characters, start with the fact that Russians are more typical of other nations such features as a melancholic and manifestations of love and reverence for the ancient ancestors. That is why the Russian people can give a huge amount of gifts reminiscent of ancient Russia. Perhaps not all of us gather a collection of bast, wooden cutlery, delicate painted tablecloths and other things that resemble the Old Russian life. Then souvenir items such as a broom with household (home amulets made of natural materials), etc. will be a great gift if you want to make the best location to who is a present.

By part number issued in rolling comedic films, perhaps the United States and can "compete" with Russia, but Russian has long surpassed the Americans sophistication of gifts, gags and pranks. It should be noted that the subtext of many of the local jokes abroad is not only ridiculous, but do not understand. Or here's another example. Baba Yaga as a character not found in any of even the most creepy "horror stories" of American cinema, but her collection of figurines can fill any of the fans of ancient Russian tales and legends, and thus serve as an original and interesting gift. Well, go ahead. Neither country in the world except the former Soviet Union, the owners of the holiday will not be particularly thank the guests for the gift of a basket of food and a bottle or two of wine or vodka.

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