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Gebre Helps To Demolish Its Record

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Like great, the generous one like no, Haile Gebrselassie, old hurt lion, 38 years, contributed yesterday in its Berlin to that a Kenyan youngster, Patrick Makau, of 26 years, would break his record of the marathon world. Preceded by a splendid group of hares until kilometer 32 and pushed by irredento Gebre, that ran over its possibilities, until the body said to him is enough in kilometer 27. One bent on itself, evident victim of upset stomach, and tried to vomit, with little success, on a fence. It returned to run, but 10 kilometers later it left definitively. 43s had passed the average marathon in 1h 1m (the fastest step of history, 22s less than in the last record of Gebre). Makau finished, only, clearly, in 2h 3m 38s, 21s less than the previous record, secured by Gebre, also in Berlin, the city in that five world-wide records of the distance have been fought, in 2008. Source of the news: : Gebre helps to demolish his record

Review Norms

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Free to choose In our daily life, it is necessary to limit the impositions of the fashion, those of the clothes, those of the language, those of the gestures, those of this society of masses says that us that we are all free ones loves but us to all uniforms, uniformed in clothes, ideas, tastes, soda waters, hamburgers, noise. For example I can speak in language filled with modismos and also in modal good language of hall and. Consequently, I can choose. Today seen me as they suggest the great marks to me, but story in my riqusimo wardrobe with articles that the great marks would watch with certain rejection. Consequently, I can choose.

The society imposes limits, norms, prisons. The home must provide alternatives, critical thought, put internal limits to them to the external limits. This it is your work of mother, of father; a work, yes. To help your children to review norms. For it they need your norms. And from them they will be able to contemplate to those of outside, and to choose.

All influence in your children, all say to them what to do, how to move, what to think, where to hang arito, how many sexualities to exert, how to be happy. why do not have to also take part you in his lives? Confronted parents and children are normal It is normal that your son rebels itself against you. It is normal that their ideas with yours do not agree and is normal that you do not understand at all to him and that he does not understand to you when affirms that you think like about the age of stone. All that is normal, because they are different, different beings and of ages different and to include/understand to the other it is often impossible. And he is always going to be thus because although you say the opposite, you are imposing him your life, your education, your ways, your limits. This is normal, cannot be of another way. It is born in your house, it grows in your house, your society and you transmit to him what you have, your language, your moral, your modal ones. That another thing you could transmit to him. When they are small that transmission takes place without democracy, without a congress of by means: the boy is a year old, two years three years and he cannot to discuss to norms and rules. Everything runs by your account. And soon when it grows he will be free to review the norms that received from their parents, to criticize them, to replace them or to modify them. People usually say: – She dresses what rebellious that is the young people today? Good I respond to them: -Rebels? To be rebellious it is necessary to be against to something, to somebody, an idea, a limit, a norm, to rules. The permissive parents do not raise rebellious children, but they produce children who directly ignore their parents and make what others dictate to them, others much more authoritarian: the society, the television, the propaganda, the fashion, the other boys.

Elements That Help To Surpass The Adversities

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

In the route towards the most difficult success it is to control to the adversity, what to do when the result not yet arrives? , first we must have patience and knowledge that the 100% of success histories they have had to happen through this stage, the supposition fact that the triumphs will arrive without obstacles is like thinking that somebody learned another language without no mistake, that is not possible, in the way we will have to be learning many things, is certainly we will be mistaken making certain decisions, that it is necessary to happen through test tests and error but this is what will give to character and personality us. Also it is important to see our goal as a plant, first we drew up an idea, that idea is a seed, is necessary to dig a hole and to deposit it, soon will be born a plantation, of has there to take care of it of the plagues, to water it continuously, to prune it, etc. Finally will grow and bear fruits, but all the process took time and during the time of growth of the idea everything was effort, investment, perhaps a day the ants us they ate the leaves and the plant was put sad, is possible that brings some suffering to us, happens exactly equal with the changes of life, have been time, is necessary to put much effort before seeing there crowned of glory our ideas, of us if we let ourselves win by the obstacles, if we resigned nothing will have changed in our life and with moan we observe the transit of the victors.

Every day that the things are not happening as had planned you it, only focuses in result final, thinks about life that really wishes and it does not leave that idea, imagines whichever times felt the same in events past and soon it surpassed them and now it remembers which them until amusingly, life is designed to fight and once our mind knows that we will render never, which we made clear which is our objective, then arises the true one to be able and everything will begin to work like magic art, you you are the unique owner of its destiny, writes its history in gold letters, you and their family deserves the best thing, does not surrender, does not allow that it stops it to the adversity, you nation for the greatness, does everything what generates happiness to him..


Sunday, May 6th, 2012

GS1A Term of office is right of all and will be given by the professionals specialized in the area, having they bonds or not with the government, to who of it to need, debtro of the objective tracings in this internal legislation; Paragraph only-THe agency of Term of office will develop action with priority stops: I-As children, to the adolescents, young the aged in situation of vulnerability and social risk; II-Os desassistidos of any income or benefits; III It abandoned maternity; IV-Aos homelesses; Carrying you of necessities special and HIV; VI-Aos aged; GS2O go will establish plans of action in the area of Term of office, especially objectifying the correction of the disequilibria of the social system and the recovery and integration of the harmed people more, aiming at to the socialharmnico development. I paragraph only-THe plan of action will observe the following lines of direction: Consigned financial I-Resource in the social budget, beyond others sources; II-Setting of objectives and goals; III-Setting of the instruments to be used in co-ordinated way, between which the stimulaton to the activities of assistenciais entities of the civil society and to the shelter or guard of children or adolescents orphan or abandoning; IV It subject for the agency of social workmanships that for its nature and exteno, cannot be taken care of by the assistenciais entities of the civil society; V-System of accompaniment of the final gradual results of the implemented actions; Vi-Participation of the population in the formularization of the politics and the control of the actions in all the levels. GS3Alei will regulate the composition, the functioning and the attributions of the center of reference of Term of office; GS4O agency of Term of office will be able to firm convenios with charitable entities and of social Assistance for execution of the action plan. Only-The paragraph accords to be celebrated with assistenciais entities, also with to repass of social subventions, they will depend on previous program of work, in accord it eats politics adopted and developed for the agency of Term of office in this area..

The Success

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Hopes of conquests in all the directions, without if becoming attached the substance, after all in our mind are created ideas that serve as molds or matrices for the Mind of the Universe, although to be amorphous in the field of the thought, they become form when it folloies the flow of energy of the Universe, materialize in the reality. Therefore I can have a prosperous life in all the directions, since that, exempt of the ego, based in the favours of the life and the respect to everything and all. One of secrets of the life and the success are the fact of its thoughts and attitudes to benefit the collective, since a simple ones hug to other acts of LOVE. The instruments for the construction of the faith are: to believe itself exactly, to respect the life, to practise the charity, to transmit love in the acts, to say positive words, to concentrate thoughts in noble virtues, to practise the balance of the emotions in respect to the physical body, to have conscience of the life in society, to search the knowledge on the espiritualidade without preconceptions, to open the mind for the experiences of life in favor of a society more balanced, to study the religions, to search the happiness real and true joust and, not that basing on material favours. Faith centered in the material world pulls down when goods part of or material power occur to the loss of, or still can provoke illnesses, these oscillations is as waves that if put into motion the wind in accordance with.

To believe that with these tools it is possible to arrive at a point of discovery of the life, a direction for our existence reality. How I learn to have faith? First making an auto-analysis of its action, of its feelings, of what it inside keeps of its heart and thought. If it will have hurts, you distress and misfortunes, you it is not in tune with the faith in itself exactly and nor with the religious faith, for such, it needs to exist unfastening in the gestures of day-by-day. How I make this? Part helps and has conscience of true nature of man, that is life, that is love, that is harmony, can be compared with a water cup, when places adobe it is muddy, but when filtering the water comes back its natural color, thus, also is true man, all can pass for a filter, through the conjunct and of the conscientious actions. The goodness in each act, the patience, the wisdom, overflows in a contagiante beauty illuminating its face and thoughts. The joy and the harmony start to be natural of its life and beauty of the attitudes its ideal.

The infinite provision fills your life, showing the return of the prodigal son to the Father. To pray assists in the balance of the thoughts and feelings. The true faith is composed for values that you only can construct, ' ' everything is become fullfilled when we act with autoconfiana' '. To believe that we are winning, without fear the life, the death or the illness, when alicerados in this new awareness, we renascemos as that a new sky and land. It swims exists that it can harm us, therefore, in that they have faith contemplates the true value of the life that is the LOVE.

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