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Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

So you get stuck Hacker is the probability that he would not bring the follow through. As mentioned above, it is effectively obtained by using cryptographic algorithms. In this case, the main condition – the algorithm used should be well proven in the professional literature, and the key to deciphering can be the serial number. This protection is very effective – as you can hack what the program does not? Encrypted several important functions, without which the work program is impossible. Using a hash function (usually CRC32) is very effective, with a program using some of the registers, verifies their integrity, but for a beginner is difficult and the only way to use CRC32- use special software from a third party. It's protectors and packers (read the article "Review and testing of executable packers). Here, I will not dwell on them. and finally, some interesting techniques: – Avoid storing in the program code plaintexts.

This can be achieved by special coding of the source of dynamic arrays. Then the code will be similar this: Chr (1) + Chr (2) + Chr (3) + Chr (n) and then the place of registration will be harder to find. Instead do it yourself, you can rely on third-party tools, but in this case you do not get the main thing – knowledge principles, and therefore the strengths and weaknesses of what is happening – not to keep the registration variables in the open form and in one place – the variable can be zakriptovan and stacking of several composite variables – Insert some "garbage" code in the registration area. It can be various numeric and string variables, you can declare them with the names smacks of the key Reg, Serial , various messages related to registration (who talked about optimization?) – Registers the function can be put into the cycle and repeat several times in order to confuse the attacker – validation serial number would be better carried out not a simple comparison, and For example, in his hash, length, according to certain permutations of the symbols and actions etc.

Greek Economy

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

In January 2002, Greece joined the euro zone. Joining the euro area has provided Greece access to bank loans at lower rates compared to loans in drachmas (drachma – the Greek national currency) at the international market. This caused an increase in consumption goods, which in turn gave a strong boost to the economy of Greece. From 1997 to 2007, Greece has demonstrated strong economic performance. For example, gdp growth was 4% (compared to European average gdp growth of 2%). However, Greece, like all other countries in the world community, were influenced by the global financial crisis in 2008.

It should be said that an overly large payments the public sphere in Greece (for example, in Greece public servants are on 13 and 14 salaries) resulted in the crisis country to the brink of default. The Greek government was forced to reduce social benefits, which naturally caused a wave of demonstrations and protests by civil servants. Simultaneously, the Greek government has adopted a three year program to reform the country. Since 2012 Greece plans reform the pension system, health system, reduce the state's share in certain sectors of industry. The basis of Greek economy is tourism. For example, 73% of the revenue side of the budget for the Greek from tourism. Following in terms of turnover industries in Greece are the merchant marine fleet and agriculture.

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