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Modern Italian

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Cosmetics eliminate minor flaws, especially useful after corporate party or noisy parties. I think the charm without the words will be a good investment in your piggy bank merits – in the modern world still ‘meet on clothes. ” Plus Two: “Use your cream if you want to be healthy,” Modern Italian company offer a variety of products designed specifically for men. Note that the creams for men have a greater wound healing and restorative components, as well as have low-fat and light texture. Their use necessary, as they soothe and moisturize the skin after shaving unprotected. Men’s shampoo enriched with vitamins and minerals, which return the hair look healthy and prevent hair loss. Recommended to choose a universal means of “3 in 1” (shampoo, conditioner and balm) because they have a thick consistency, nourish and strengthen hair roots and time-saving uses. Plus Three: “A delicate odor sweet and pleasant to us, “Many men refuse to cosmetics because they are too gentle and sweet smell.

However, the makeup of the special lines for the care of the men has a fresh and relaxing scents For example, coniferous trees, avocado or mint. There is a scientific theory, which is based on the idea that its second half, each of us chooses to smell. Agree, with a pleasant and discreet scent of a Woman Dreams do not need to look for – it will come to you myself. Plus Four: “Made it, rest safely,” hard working day … cork … bad weather … How do you want to relax and quietly read your favorite book, watch sports TV, enjoy your favorite music or relax in a warm bath and forget about all the failures and problems. Complement the picture of soft foam or a soothing bath salt with a light scent, created especially for men.

Agree, the sweet smell of fruit and bright floral arrangement of cosmetics your girlfriend or wife is not fit for this important event. Note that all cosmetic products should be chosen depending the type of your skin, only then will they be as efficient as possible: Normal skin. The skin is smooth with no visible flaws shade and disadvantages. Dry skin. The skin has a smooth tone, but often flaky. After Shave there is a feeling of tightness. With age there is loss of elasticity, there are noticeable wrinkles. Oily skin. The skin has an uneven tone, has a tendency to redness. Shines on the forehead and / or cheeks. After Shave there is a strong irritation. Combination skin. Mixed type between oily and dry. I hope these materials will help you get rid of negative thoughts about men’s cosmetics are a springboard for new discoveries and purchases in this area. You successful shopping!

Suburban Tricolor

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

In them, it made one roa of cassava and maize, beyond ample improvements. It gave great development to the region, for what it conquered the respect and the admiration of the local population. When Captain Incio died, the widower denounced Loureno Madureira to the Juiz De Fora, to banish it from the farm. Therefore, she was the protagonist of the first action at law for land ownership in Rio De Janeiro, what he gave popular affection still more to it. So great popularity, either for the prosperity that it provided, either for the process the one that answered, finished conferring its name to the quarter. That, in turn, Madureira AC baptized and, later Madureira EC.

The history of the Madureira starts in 16.02.1933, when the fusing of Noble FC occurs, established in 08.08.1914 (considered officially as it dates of foundation of Madureira EC, for to have been the Noble the main trunk of the fusing), with the Great FC, established in 15.08.1912. The fruit of the fusing gained the name of Madureira AC, in the colors purple (of the Noble), blue (of the Great one) and white (of both). Its first president was Francisco Fernandes Dantas. The first departure of Madureira AC was in 02.04.1933, a game with the Device of Inside AC, in the field of the Street Goiaz (of the Modest one), to placar final 1×1 first goal: It generates. The first official departure was in 16.07.1933, for the championship of the Carioca sub-heddle, in the field of the Street Lopes Sundays (of the Noble), 1×1 with Carioca FC. In 12.10.1971, Madureira EC appears, in the colors blue, red and yellow, fruit of the fusing of Madureira AC with the Madureira Tennis Club, established in 01.02.1944 (that it was in the Street Edgard Romero, neighbor to a police station), and the Imperial Basquete Club, established in 23.08.1935 (that it was in the Road of the Portela and if dedicated to basquete and the soccer of hall).

Life Wisdom

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

A stroll for the life the irrational pulls pra front the pensante being? To be somebody better depends on wanting or thinking? At some moments of the life we would have to use more the fondness. To think is a dangerous labyrinth if we will not be capable to rethink, to drink water of other sources, contrary it we are limited, conditional the reins of in the same ones. if to insist we will lead of the life good chicotadas, we will feel the braked one brusque as a knot in the throat. We will not find shade and our luggage will become excessively heavy. To make of thinking an accessory is a quality, has stretches that it is dispensable. In this walked it learns with that they are absent of reasoning but that in metaphors in them they take the front in the art to teach with acts that literally makes it you to arrive at some place only for being able, not for thinking. The great virtue of the life is to domarmos to we ourselves. Then it goes down! skirt of this zone of comfort.

It remakes its foundations and it follows without thinking that thinking it guarantees good raids by horseback to you. It learns with them that overwhelmd the load donkeys they have wisdom and the generosity of taking in them ahead. The power is born, to want demands wisdom. Then it rides and carregue I obtain the fondness.

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