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Pack Line

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Packaging equipment company Pack Line for packaging of various semi-finished products, ready meals catering for the system. PACK LINE manufactures a wide range of equipment for packaging various products in various types of packaging. Packaging equipment firm PACK LINE covers almost all the traditional nomenclature, as well as exclusive and different types of products produced by the food industry: Much of the PACK LINE manufactured equipment intended for packaging of various semi-finished products, ready meals for fast system, school and catering. Various meat, fish and other prepared food, pastry; Finished first and second courses in plastic containers or in lamisternoy different shapes and sizes, ready first and second courses in packages Doy Pak trehshovnye packages of various shapes and sizes, meat, fish, canned vegetables in plastic containers Vegetable and fruit salads, vegetables, fruit packaging products can be produced in shielding gas with the creation of modified atmosphere packaging with a pre-evacuation containers before gas supply. The residual oxygen content in packaging to 0.2-0.4%.

For food packaging containers can be used, and sealing film for different compositions with different barrier properties. The shape and size of packaging, without any restrictions. The company's equipment PACK LINE is designed for both small and for medium and large enterprises. The company produces a wide range of semi-automatic equipment with a capacity of up to 10 packs per minute, and integrated circuit packaging line with a capacity of up to 200 packages per minute or more. The company has extensive years of experience manufacturing and packaging equipment for operation hundreds of companies around the world, producing semi-finished and finished products for the catering system.

Clinical Operative Maxillofacial Surgery

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

At the same time sufficiently clearly defined the main cause of disease-excessive burden on temporo-mandibular joint (acute injury) during therapeutic manipulations at wide-open mouth (therapists, surgeons, and orthopedists), or chronic microtrauma in the treatment of orthodontic pathology. Reflection of clinical manifestations of instability of the TMJ, which lead to sprains, are: 1. Hypermobility of one or both of the TMJ. 2. ravmaticheskaya instability: – impressionnaya compression – 3.Oklyuzionnaya: – due to malocclusion.

by defects of the dentition, due to orthopedic-(orthodontic) treatment-4. Anatomical instability. Mechanisms of unilateral TMJ dislocation with allowance described pathogenetic and etiologic factors is discoordination activity of masticatory muscles, which leads to disruption of intra-relationship with the development of stress-strain state of intra-articular structures due to change of position head of the mandible relative to the glenoid fossa and articular tubercle. Treatment of patients with dislocations of the lower jaw comes from the etiopathogenetic features of each form and include a range of activities, leading of which is the reduction of the articular head relative to the glenoid cavity and intra-articular disc, eliminating muscular imbalances through protective regime, and restricting the use reponiruyuschih mouth opening prosthetic, miogimnastiki and physiotherapeutic measures (vibro) for normalization and synchronization of the masticatory muscles. Takiim way during medical manipulations dentist any specialty and qualifications may be inadvertently caused by anatomical – functional disorders of the TMJ in the form of its dislocation, which is often accompanied by a jet of painful symptoms, dysfunction of the masticatory muscles or the development of stable pathological state of instability in the form of movements of the mandible. Recommended reading: 1.Anatomiya rights. T. 1. <

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