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Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Let us know that at that time one of the aspects that joined the people it was the fact of the survival. The time was passing and other aspects as the care, the love, the attention between the beings was gaining its space, therefore they perceived that through these habits they could contribute for one better condition of life for all. When looking for a definition we can find ‘ ‘ Set of all the relatives of a person, and, mainly, of whom they live with ela’ ‘. In these terms we can assume that family if configures in the sanguineous union where she has the effort of each one to keep to its structure. Perhaps! This because what we observe in the society it is a reorganization in terms of this idea of family. About twenty the thirty years behind general way the familiar ones if joined with same frequency or that of time in when coexisting.

Each one to its way shared of its experiences of life, as much in the joys how much in the sadnesses. It had in certain way a consideration with the members of this familiar model. Today the situation is different. What it was thought about terms of convivncia of learning with oldest considering its errors and rightness to the few is leaving to exist. The people who until little time behind considered members of the family (father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncles and cousins) if had become strangers. As everything in the life has its advantages and its cons. Then, I invite you to more than reflect on this subject with a little depth. The age of liberdadeComo already we perceive in the previous words the term family comes with passing of the time if reconfiguring. One of the hypotheses that can mobilize in subtle way this trajectory to if dealing with the first social nucleus where the human being has collective experience is bad use of the freedom.


Saturday, February 9th, 2013

' Of far I will bring my knowledge; to my Creator I will attribute justia.' ' J 36; 3 Many texts where the sovereignty of God is defended have been used for strange conclusions, and until, balsfemas. Until the idea that It would be the Creator of the sin circulates between us. Texts as of Romans, where the intention of Pablo is to show that God has sovereign right to choose which would be the descent of Abrao, if sanguineous, as they intended the Jews, or spiritual as he taught that he was. Texts thus, I say, has been used to defend third party properties to the intention of Pablo. ' ' Because, not having they still been born, nor having made well or badly (so that the intention of God, according to election, was firm, not because of the workmanships, but for that she calls), were said it to it: The greater will serve menor.' ' Rom 9; 11 and 12 This must be atribuido the prescincia of God, who wise person of the future choices of Esa and Jac, this desiring the blessing, that one, disdaining. The choice was announced before of the workmanships, not meaning with this, that they do not matter; ' '? to they honor that me I will honor, however the ones disdain that me will be desprezados.' ' I Sam 2; 30 He would be blasphemous to attribute To that it is love, gratuitous hatred; ' '? I loved the Jac, and I hated the Esa.' ' Rom 9; 13 This elapsed of the choices that they had made. I am not claiming that Jac was chosen because it was good, by mritos, before, for its referring position to the God. It desired, while its brother disdained. God never needed vases the anger, never desired to fight against the man, before advises: ' ' He does not have indignation in me.

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