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Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Orthopedic shoes have features that distinguish it from a common footwear. Among them we can enumerate the following: the vast majority of models is type borcegui (boot) with the purpose of giving greater protection to the ankle of the child. Its wide hormah allows better receive a template for flat foot, or indications of shims, virones, buttons, etc. They include heel of thomas, which prevents the inner part of the foot to sink with use, weight and in your case with the defect in valgus. The leather sole lets you receive arrays Pedorthic indicated by the physician as medial wedges, they can be external or internal corrido viron, elevations etc. Some orthopedic models include soft support for flat feet arch.

Here we list some of the concepts of Orthopedics that can be corrected in time with the indication of orthopaedic footwear and their variables. FOOT VARUS: foot in that heel look inward and is directed inward foot VALGUS: foot in which the heel looks out and goes out foot TALO: foot fixed in Flex the ankle dorsal (with the heel only supports). EQUINE foot: Fixed in Flex the ankle plantar foot (with the forefoot only supports). CLUBFOOT: Is every foot that is not resting on the ground above its normal props; but when we talk about foot Zambo, generally we are referring to the Equino-Varus-Adducto and Supination. These deformities occur, in most cases, combined, and thus there are: feet Talo-Valgos, equine-Varos, etc. FOOT SUPINATION: The sole of the foot looks inward PRONATED foot: the sole of the foot looks out foot ADDUCTO: forefoot deviates inward foot ABDUCTO: forefoot deviates outward flat foot: heel of the foot looks outwards (valgus) plant causing a collapse of the arch and forefoot tends to look inward (Supination) more information at

San Jose Northern Chilean

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Until August 22 Chile and America were kept at the uncertainty over the fate of 33 miners that were buried after the collapse of the mine in which they worked. They have been 18 days of waiting until the aforementioned day sent a probe in which were obtained images of all workers which sent notes saying that they are in perfect health. It was precisely the Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera, who presented to media notes received by the miners who demonstrate to the whole world that it is hope, in one of those notes clearly said with an ink red are well in the refuge the 33? While the families of those affected are in the area of the disaster, San Jose Northern Chilean; They shouted with tears on his face it is a miracle, a miracle has occurred. After the good news of finding alive and well in health to the 33 miners did wait a worrying news, because it is estimated that by the risk of being in an unstable area rescue workers can only be in the over several months, is at least planned to get back to the miners in a span of 3 to 4 months. More charming of the fact was that the entire population is immediately knew the welfare of miners from the mouth of their own President, who has been at the forefront of the disaster, Chilean in different cities were mobilized with flag in hand to celebrate the life of the miners, it is more the social network of Twitter suffered heavy congestion while the miners alive notice was given. This fact much help those affected to find the path of personal growth because spending in absolute closure for at least three months will give them enough strength to face anything in life. Just now while waiting as says Pinera whole Chile is crying with joy and emotion but with latent anxiety of seeing them out of the mine that buried them, hopefully then that it is a clean and successful rescue operation and that as quickly as possible we have pleased to see miners out of his burial.

Good Hope

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

This phenomenon, that not yet is the knowledge, also passes for the categories, that are structures a priori of the citizen. The world has not felt not to be that the man gives to some direction it. What we know deeply is marked by the way for which we know. When coming back the focus toward the citizen that knows, that constructs the world, has a sensation of blockade of any pretense access to the essence of objects of the world. We only have access to the things while phenomena for a conscience. What the reality is in same itself, or thing-in-itself, or what Kant nmeno flame, is not substance of human knowledge, being, therefore, incognoscvel. The critical philosophy of Kant consists of imposing to the reason the limits of the possible experience. Kant wants, thus, to supply a metodolgico severity to metaphysics, exempting it of its dogmtico character and bringing it for the safe from route science.

This method that analyzes the possibilities of a priori knowledge of the citizen, inside of the limits of the experience, is called transcendental. The REVOLUTION THAT ALLOWED the BIRTH OF SCIENCES Seems to have something of promising in the kantiana speculation on the knowledge. Kant is interested itself in the principles of the knowledge that are not offered in the sensible experience. The mathematics, however, evidences for us that the reason obtains to elaborate knowledge without the aid of the experience, despite, in last instance, it comes to send. By means of uncertain attempts, ' ' … the Mathematics since the times most remote reached by the history of the reason human being … already cincia&#039 encetou safe from way one; '. Moreover it had also that to carry through a definitive transformation, attributed to a much more important revolution that the discovery of the Handle of the Good Hope. The revolution if gave by means of dislocating from the barycentre of the physical research of objects for the reason human being and with the discovery of that the reason finds, in the nature, what in she herself it places.

The Hope

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Everything was calm. The breeze touched her wet cheeks, his thought was flying seeking explanation. He spent all night in the hope of awakening that nightmare until it was gradually feeling the heat of the Sun on your skin and the first echoes in the morning. The birds sang after the rain, children are bathed and dressed to go to school, they always woke before her, knew the sense of responsibility in compliance with the schedule. Tried uselessly to open eyes, move, and again the smell of orange blossoms filled environment. Someone announced that breakfast was served, not identified the voice, the children talked and laughed in a different way to as I remember it, I could feel a wave of pleasant energy that momentarily reassured her.

Teammate said goodbye affectionately and started in their vehicle, their children also kept away without noticing it and what more strange, didn’t know who was the person who was now talking to him. I didn’t understand his words, but that sound vibrating under your skin and your whole body is strengthened at the same time that the intoxicated that intense scent of orange blossoms. But who was that nice woman and who or what was it? He did not feel thirsty or hungry, but it was still distraught at the see that she could not wake, all denoted an incredible reality and nobody seemed to miss its absence. Many times had wanted to get away from there, because his mind wandered away, fantastic and non-existent places where would never come, and was now clinging to that land which seemed to not let her go and that nourished it everything you need to develop. I could hardly recognize him, but was in that moment realize that had changed, not remembered part of his life because he refused to see her, but their conscious and constant pursuit of happiness had yielded results. I didn’t as it had happened, it would never be the same, from that day he knew who he was and to where he was going, realized that the secret was to know enjoy the road without the anxiety coming. Could be clearly seen itself and its around, their appearance was once again as before, much better than before, he loved and was loved by all, began to discover unnoticed beings until then, and embarked on a continuous learning that knew how to It would never end. Surprised he noticed that bars on the front of your House no longer exist, instead she herself had sown a natural fence. Since then, where is, leaves always imbued with the atmosphere of a comfortable harmony and an exquisite aroma of orange blossoms of the India.

Philip Kotler

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Then one becomes in charlatanism art. In the decade of 1950 Peter Drucker it launches to its practises it book of administration where it made reference to the marketing was the first register written on the cited subject, in the decade of 1960 Theodore Levitt, later intitled the father of the marketing, in its article in the magazine Harward Business intitled Rewien myopia of the marketing, disclosed a series of errors of perceptions, revealed importance to it of the satisfaction of the customers, a serious study of the market. In 1967, Philip Kotler, launches the first edition of its book Administration of marketing, where it put to congregate to revistar, to test and to consolidate the bases of what today they form the rule of the marketing. In 1970, some types of companies are multiplied, and the contribution of the marketing is so strong that influence in other sectors of the activity human being as example we can cite the Library. Then in the decade of 1980, Tone Peters and Bob Waterman they inaugurate the age of gurus of marketing its books completely focavam the satisfaction of the customers, the marketing passed then to be a direct concern of the high direction of the companies. In the decade of 1990 they had had a fort impact in the world of the marketing, the Internet I deal, it electronic it was the time of maximarketing, the reinforcement of the societal marketing, became a market requirement well-being of the society, in the decade of 2000, as turned millenium the segmentation of the television the handle, the popularity of the cellular telephony, had appeared research and publications on webmarketing. 3 PROCESS OF MARKETING ADOPTED IN the LIBRARY REFERENCE the reference normally is associated with the world of the businesses, and in fact the marketing techniques had been developed in the organizations that aim at profits, however the ones that they do not aim at had perceived that they could be benefited of the techniques to improve its image and services before its users.

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