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Narudzhi Vakasugi

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Since then, competition at this level do not spend six years as champions neofitsalno considered knocking out champions competition of 2000. In Myanmar, the competitions are held constant, bore-to once a month, as part of the local festivals, but at the official level of 2-3 times per year. In June 2001, myanmarskoe first time the government held an international tournament – were invited Shannon Rich, Albert Ramirez and Doug Evans (all – American fighters). They fought against the Burmese soldiers and all were knocked out in the first round. The official manmarskih competition winners give black belts, and the losers – are white. Americans were white. In the second such event was attended by Japanese men (10-11 July 2004). Were invited to Tamura, Yoshitaro Niimi, Takeharu Yamamoto, Vakasugi.

Aya Tamura knocked Bo Sein in the second round and became the first foreign fighter, knocking in a Burmese official competitions. In 2006 he was held a second national championship myanmarsky, which decided to divide the fighters in 10 weight categories. Letvhey conceptually similar to muay thai, but there is a radical difference – allowed headers. You can describe it as more brash and extreme. Technology more powerful and slower than in other types of South-East Asian boxing, apparently because of the more tangible of Indian influence.

There are descriptions of fights on letvhey since Pew empire in Burma. Ancient Burmese army has successfully used letvhey, gangs, and banshay in wars with its neighbors. Modern "myanmarsky traditional boxing" is more like a muay thai than rural and hard messy option. In the traditional rural games are often invited from the public wishing to measure themselves with professional boxers and sometimes they knock. Many ethnic groups in Burma have their own, National, Style letvhey. option is often described as soft and relaxed. It wasted little wasted motion. Fights usually start with a long distance ankle blows on the feet or head to bled. In what battle usually goes into a clinch, and ends the battle blows the head, elbows or knees. Kachinets prefers to fight from the clinch and tries not to fall, missing a beat from a long distance and takes the fight to close range. In Manme letvhey regarded as a local self-defense art. Materials used Wikipedia in English, see also the site of the Burmese martial arts –

Features Of Plastic Surgery Clinics

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Plastic surgery – a special type of surgery, dealing with surgical interventions for restoration of form or function of a human body. Now a lot of plastic Surgery was in the field of body aesthetics, ie, operations are directed primarily at changing the appearance of the body or any body part. Every year the clinic static surgery is increasingly in demand. If look into the past, we can see that such a thing as plastic surgery has appeared 1600 years bc in Egypt. Even then, Egyptian doctors have begun to pay great attention to the aesthetic aspects of their operations. Already since the time operations were performed including and to restore aesthetics of any organ. Great development of plastic surgery and cosmetology has 20 years of the 20 th century after the First World War. So, many people mutilated by war wanted to restore the original beauty of the body.

This and started surgeons. Since then, many operations began to spend it to improve appearance. Nowadays, aesthetic medicine is particularly prevalent. People fall under the surgeon's knife, even if their appearance is all right. Is mainly determined by preference: breast enlargement, pumping oil, changing shape of the nose and lips. Major customers plastic surgery clinics – are women. In Russia, the plastic surgery began to develop only after 2009, after the Ministry of Health all still recognize this type of surgery specialties. But even with such a short period of time, in our clinic is staffed entirely by qualified and experienced surgeons.

Palm Massage

Friday, November 8th, 2013

The power of massage Shiatsu shiatsu Shiatsu massage techniques is a Japanese word literally translated as finger pressure has been used in Japan for centuries and has its foundations in Chinese medicine. More recently, he has been influenced by Western culture. In Shiatsu massage techniques, professional applies finger, thumb, Palm, or the pressure of the elbow to certain areas of the body and specific points. This stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal and restore the balance. There are different types of massage shiatsu among them are those who serve for toning and relates to the sustained pressure that is applied to a specific area of the body, angled optimal to reach pressure points; circulation is seen benefiting since it increases and stimulates like the vital energy in the area of the body gently.Another type is the dispersion that uses techniques of vibration and pressure that release blocked energy channels and stimulate blood flow. The shiatsu massages are at the same time soothing since they stabilize certain areas reassuring the hectic energy and thus achieve the relaxation of the body. Shiatsu massages can be quite long and multiple sessions are recommended. Source: Press release sent by sucrepr.

History Of Religions

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

History of Religions in Colombia were many religious expressions of the Amerindians of modern Colombia before the Spanish arrived. Archaeological findings show a rich culture, especially in the Andean region associated with the peoples of the Chibcha family or Muisca. The sacred stories cut and left by the ancestors who survived the introduction of Spanish culture show a wide cosmology and the search of the American man poring ancestral by finding the meaning to existence. The preponderance of Roman Catholicism has deep roots in the processes of conquest and colonization by Spain after 1492. In this process, the imposition of a European culture of Catholic court determined the exclusion of any other religious expression in the Colombian soil. The sixteenth century was also a period of profound socio-political upheavals in Europe with the confrontation between Catholics loyal to the Pope and the followers of the Protestant Reformation initiated by Luther and Calvin.This not only influenced the attitude of the Spanish conquistadors in their new dominions overseas, leading to the establishment also in Cartagena de Indias of the Spanish Inquisition, in order to safeguard religious orthodoxy – cultural. Moreover, Tridentine and Baroque influences took a particular brand of Catholicism established in the country is still found in contemporary times. During the independence process started in the early nineteenth century, creole clerics sympathetic to the patriot cause and were active as agitators, chaplains, and even soldiers. Several of them even went to join the Masonic lodges which were established in those years with great acceptance by local elites. After a hesitant process, in 1835 the Vatican recognized the newly independent state and established formal relations with it, also initiated a process of Romanization of the Church.At the time, the liberal elites in power pushed for the establishment of a state increasingly free the ecclesiastical influence, leading to clashes with the clerical institution that was unwilling to cede their place in society. In this conflict episodes stand out as the expropriation of Church property, conducted by Tom s Cipriano de Mosquera in 1861-63, the declaration of custody of Worship (1861) estrangements of bishops, suppression of religious communities (1861) or expulsion of Jesuit (twice: 1851 and 1861). Finally, radical government attempts to establish an educational system “neutral” in religious material degenerated into a civil war (1877) where he actively participated several bishops and clergy. After 1886, relations between the two powers were settled again with the establishment of a new centralist constitution, which recognized the Catholic Church as the foundation of national unity.In 1887 he signed a concordat with the Vatican, which gave him control the ecclesiastical institution Colombian educational system, a privilege he held until 1973 concordat reform. The total break with the hegemony of Catholicism began to be timid with the arrival-sponsored by the liberal-to mid-nineteenth century of the Presbyterian Church, which operated primarily among affluent urban areas. In the early twentieth century came other historical Protestant churches such as Baptists and evangelicals. But from the ’60s, thanks to social, economic and cultural challenges that exist in the country, modernization, urbanization, literacy, etc., that the religious landscape begins to change noticeably. Top U.S. Pentecostalism, from fundamentalist and proselytizing, with growing acceptance, especially among popular groups.It also makes an appearance other churches and sects of Christian origin, as Adventists, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses. Later in the twentieth century inroads other Christian churches in Colombia and the International House Mission Church of God, Church of God in Christ Ministerial International , if we add other minority religious groups, such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism is derived from an increasingly diverse religious landscape in the country, maintaining the dominance of Catholicism. This diversity was recognized in 1991 in Colombia’s new constitution, which declares the country plural in the cultural, ethnic and religious.

Patriotic Visual Poetry

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

And if we introduce some texts from this special name, it speaks only of the predominant role of the visual components in them, that these poems are likely to eyes than to vote. At the national visual Poetry – a rich history: from the age of paramount importance to the shapes of letters – to fundamental rejection of the letters as communicative signs. In this story – three 'host': exposition, complication, and prosperity. Old Russian virshepisatelstvo 30-40s of XVII century. provided, for example, a sample: Monk Evstratii, who wrote a 'snake' Preface to Azbukovnik, just 'took off' line in the ground 'vertical organization' of the text. There were acrostics, Baroque shaped poems Simeon of Polotsk.

A century later – 'interim' splash experiments Derzhavin: I shall behold the dawn, Rays, As sveschami, In the darkness of brilliant, in all delight of the soul resulting. But what? – From the sun eh it only cute glitter? No! – Pyramid – Affairs of good memories. The second attack occurred in the wake of videopoezii avant 1910-1920's. Experiments futurists and constructivists, especially with A. Chicherin headed (Collection 1924 'Mena all') to a large degree prepared, and sometimes anticipated today's widespread development of this trend. Modern update videopoezii indirectly linked to the overall process deideologization culture. Hypertrophy of the forms allowed in their time away from the baroque specific (Catholic) ideology and quickly spread to Europe from the south-west to north-east. The current visual poetry carries the same 'pathos Liberation': like a poem easier to be non-ideological, rather than the traditional verbal text.

David Fretigne

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

French David Fretigne waited until the last minute to confirm his low in the 2011 Dakar Rally since it is not yet fully recovered from his injuries in the Morocco Rally past. He has rushed to limit their illusions, but David Fretigne has had to surrender to reality: may not be the 2011 Dakar because still has not recovered from injuries sustained in Morocco, the month of October. It seemed very complicated David Fretigne to recover in time to be on January 1 in the output of the Rally Dakar Argentina-Chile 2011 in Buenos Aires. The injury suffered in the vertebrae and ribs after the sharp fall which took in the Rally of Morocco, the past month of October, has prevented him recover in time to deal with the race. A test like the Dakar, with two weeks of competition and 9,000 kilometres, requires arrive in optimum physical condition to be able to cope with their demands, and Fretigne was in no condition, so it has had to give up running.

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