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Development Of Critical Thinking Ontologization

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Stepanov VF Ontologization DEVELOPMENT critical thinking or delay the development of impatience – like death! Abstracts 1. Introduction. The work is devoted to critical thinking ontologization (MD) in (RMA) approach 1-7 in the framework of (P), which is today the most backward, side-SAM methodology. Introduced by the polarity of the structures being the MD and optimization of the parameter P of its systems, as well as complementarity naturalistic ontology and activity of the parties. 2. Synergistic complementarity of opposites in the ontology.

Polarity rationally conceivable structure being logically and ontologically obvious: for any facility exists to complement its integrated system unit (or "opposite") to another object – A and , + and -, and freedom of organization, man-(I) and natural (E), reason and intellect, left and right, and the point , particle and wave (Louis de Broglie), good and evil thinking (M) and activity (D) (GP Shchedrovitskii), etc. (Principle of complementarity Bohr). Moreover, any object can be mentally divided into its polar complementarity. A system and the MD does not constitute an exception, but their effectiveness depends on the proportion of the resource More and even becomes negative in the transformation of a one-sided unipolar. Scheme Competitive optimization of existing resources, polar complementarity to the parameter rate of P () or the MD system efficiency (Eff) of their operation is demonstrated in Fig.

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Thursday, March 26th, 2015

When he headed the advancement, a team of journalists from the salamancan journal analysed the fulfilment of the municipal budget. For major anger of the Mayor, Julian Lanzarote, found that half of its mandate had only made 40% of the electoral program. The municipe interpreted as a sarcasm my greeting to tell you: too much, don’t worry because no one, at the end of his term, usually having made more than 60% of what was promised; So congratulations. The argument that I used corresponds to a fact rather than proven. And that also applies to the slogan of the PP in the Act of tribute to Paco Camps last Saturday: we comply. Yes, but more or less. Like everyone else. Rodriguez Zapatero also emphasized at the beginning of this terrifying legislature that we were economically beating Italy, and afternoon, any day we were going to reach to Germany.

And already seen. Jobs promised, the Secretary of the PSPV-PSOE, Jorge Alarte, announced last week that if it is elected President of the Generalitat will create 250,000 jobs, no more, no less. As man has less chance of winning the regional elections that Korea North get the World Cup in South Africa, the Socialist leader can safely promise whatever he wants: until a Jaguar to each voter and a paid vacation in the Seychelles, if applicable. The bad thing is when you are in power. And not by the malevolent phrase attributed to the late Mayor of Madrid, Enrique Tierno Galvan electoral promises are made to be unfulfilled, but by the same logic of events. Firstly, because it always promises more of what can be carried out, in order to achieve as well the vote of the undecided and the faint-hearted.

Secondly, because the evolution of circumstances gives to the fret with the best of intentions. That is something that Zapatero, or Camps, nor anyone including a Obama Barack who has squandered much of his political glamour as soon as you have had to exert the Government cannot control or guarantee. For that reason, both Zapatero and Camps pledged to drum and cymbal in your day that would attain full employment in this parliamentary term and you will see: Spain goes ahead of unemployment in the EU and our community comes up with another both within the Spanish State. So neither party has fulfilled a promise, nor in this scenario of a prolonged and deep economic crisis, is able to fulfil it. With the PP or the PSOE at the head of the Government, with Camps or Camps, the Valencian Community has a difficult to cope with debt, suffers from a chronic care topics deficit, fails to clog the indentation of the unemployment, public works from the Agora to the Hospital of the faith are delayed on the agreed deadlines and they cost more than what was budgeted. Etcetera, etcetera. Bad, with be it, lies not only in this list of deficiencies, correctable, like everything in this life, but that the political opposition does not seem legitimate to criticize them, because his party He is immersed in same or worse problems. Or: that damn slogan of the principle could unfortunately be replaced by another that said: here does not meet his aunt. And this time that it would be true.

The President

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Then, Zapatero stood a jump because he understood at once that he had never seen a rabbit with vest, or watch. Why burning in curiosity, she ran after the rabbit by la Moncloa, and arrived just in time to see how brink in a burrow that opened at the foot of a hedge of the Palace. A moment later, Zapatero got also in the Burrow, without stopping to consider as fix them then to exit. At first, the white burrow extended in a straight line as a railway tunnel, but then suddenly spiraled downward as the CIS voting intention polls. So sharply that the President had no time even thinking about stopping and was found falling for what seemed a very deep well. The well was in really deep, or he fell very slowly, because while he descended he had plenty of time to look to his around and to wonder what was going to happen next.

First, she tried to look down and see where it would go to, but it was too dark to distinguish nothing. -Go! -thought the President – after a fall like this, rolling down the stairs of the Moncloa seem me something unimportant! How brave find me all! Not even you crying, although I fell from the roof of Ferraz! And it was true, it was still down, down, down. -Is it that I will not never end of fall? I wonder how many miles I have fallen as – said aloud. I have to be fairly close to the center of the Earth. I think I’m four thousand miles in depth. By what you see, the President had learned some things in the school classes, and although it was not a very opportune to boast of their knowledge, since there was no one there who would listen to him, seemed to him repeat it served him review.

Web Studio Profits

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Numerous organizations, came to the needs of the acquisition of high-quality site, can not decide who to the same address. At the moment, made quite a significant number of companies that are professionally involved identified only a fragment of the existence of the site. Some come up with exceptional design, others are able to do only promotion or the information content of the portal. However, in essence, if you really needed a decent life, since the beginning of creation and to the point where he eventually move will take placed in the top ten places in the extradition request for the Internet search engine, it should bring the same firm. In Otherwise the portal can be essentially similar to the patchwork quilt, each new team begins to rebuild it in its opinion.

Whatever you thought before, the development of the site – it is primarily professional developers. Determine its degree, in principle, it is not difficult. If the firm's resources developers proposed a specific description of services offered, and you individually they are able to understand and nezaumnymi concepts to describe what can and will be carried out – which means they personally clearly understand what their purpose. If you to casually dismiss, on the principle of you still do not understand, or eat too many terms that are not in a position to restate in other words, you can feel free to doubt the professionalism. Of course, we all, without exception, are aware that web studio – it's not an easy achievement of civilization, but it is not the Large Hadron Collider, and so are done by the activity may explain the ordinary mortal. Activity of a good web studio must include all phases of the portal.

First of all, it's study design in accordance with the wishes of the customer, but also taking into account a variety of the latest trends in design and execution sites. In addition to registration, a portal must be equipped with a fairly simple control system, that the customer alone was able to later change or something to bring in content. Then the site needs to score and move the contents of the first places the results of the browser on the key expressions chosen by the client. Optimizing your website is able to do a popular portal. Only if the site can be a benefit, and you can see the task performed by Web Studio. If you have paid for the creation of the site much more profitable to pay parallel and promotion. In case the site ever since the creation until in the top will keep the same organization, you are personally easier to browse their activities. If she made a firm resource and optimizes the other, it always will be able to flip on the first sorts of problems or lack the desired result.

The Child

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Caps for Kids to the expectations of mothers! They are warm, windproof, and while they have good temperature control! Kids do not feel cold, but in a warm room is almost sweating. Mom also pointed hats, beautiful design, cheerful coloring, nice materials. Almost all mothers for the first time acquainted with the production company 'Filippok' were very happy with it! Now plan to purchase such caps kiddies for the next winter! Here are the most representative quotes moms – the permanent members forum website On a model of "Mouse": It is like the design and color is perfect cap approached kombeza. At the touch of a hat pleasant, gentle, very easy. Size ideally approached, a cap on the baby looks very neat. Child hat very much.

Although the child does not like to his head, something worn in the case of a cap on "Filippka 'reaction is reversed: a long dress in the latest fashion and stood before the mirror. The street kid in the cap is not frozen even at -25, a cap tight to the face. Impression of the cap are positive, very much. Thank you very much for familiarity with 'Filippkom' and a wonderful opportunity to test products! Were satisfied with the cap provided to us! On a model of "Snowflake": Although the first color of the hat – a salad – not very much, but it turned out a son-to-face color, and very suitable for the winter overalls. The next day, began to test his hat in the car – it was nice that the head of Max no sweat, as is usually the case, and he did not try to pull off "Filippok" with head as the previous cap. Now about the specific advantages: excellent materials from which the cap is sewn, like the style, pleasing color, the presence Waist rezinochki rear caps and jersey rezinochki about face, hat very light, but warm and hygroscopic.


Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

These rituals, besides conserving the structural characteristics of the identity Andalusian, will present/display certain forms of interrelation that will be specifically flamencas, that professor Cruces Roldn analyzes from three fundamental variables: its level of institutionalization and formalization, the degree of participation and the bonds between the parts integrate that them and the distinction between value of use and value of change of the flamenco one. In relation to the degree of formalization and institutionalization, speech of institutionalized or formal sociability when the interaction takes place in a predetermined context; whereas the informal sociability would be that one whose last purpose would come solely certain by the search of the social communication immediately. within the own category that we have denominated as noninstitutionalized will be able to distinguish two types more: that one that, even without being institutionalized, appears more or less of explicit way of a form formal as it is the case of the associations and the rocks flamencas and that one other type of character nonformalized or spontaneous, whose main characteristic is the immediacy, his unique and unique condition, whose examples could be a meeting in a bar or the patio of a house. As far as the level of participation and the bonds that settle down between the members of the flamenco ritual, the smaller attending degree of implication between flamenco singer can draw up continuous in to a whose end it would appear, flamenco-spectacle on the one hand, presenting/displaying/bailaor and, that would be limited to be mere spectators of a merely professional execution; and, on the other, the fourth or familiar celebration, where all participate, is flamenco, although they are not able technically to sing, to dance or to touch the guitar. In the cases in that east emotional commitment is not reached, the assistant can never bring about certain acceptance but the equal recognition of by the rest of social actors, the truly flamenco ones. .

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