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Friday, May 29th, 2015

Secret 4: Leveraging your time when you have free time, like for example, watching tv, exit to the patio, aprovechalos, recalls the lessons, and practice them, that I to and I was very useful, to release the wrist. While watching tv, playing guitar, that gave me much more ease, since he paid attention on tv, and almost unconsciously played guitar. Secret 5: Enjoy the process as said, had private lessons, the teacher, was a 48 year old man, was very accustomed to slow teachings and theorize and theorize in the same, was much Word and little play, why is me towards a nuisance learn, that that does not happen you, because when the demotivation arrives, you can abandon that you both want to achieve. Secret 6: Toca and Toca then of a few weeks following a course of acoustic guitar already you’ve improved a lot, both your technique and your knowledge, harpsichord, is to put into practice what they have learned, as we mentioned earlier, have to play your favorite songs, so that you will begin to Polish and to gradually improve your technique without that not even you realize this. Secret 7: Still learning after having come to your last course of acoustic guitar lessons, Don’t let the guitar’s side, why not be better? Why not make your own songs? Who knows if you don’t have a great potential in the guitar many think that famous guitarists of concerts have a gift or were touched by a divine light, but it is only them them was fascinated by the guitar, were most of the day playing and never stopped moving. Follow these 7 secrets, and I have no doubt that in a few months you will already have a mastery of the guitar. Here is a free mini course will help you to lay solid foundations as a guitarist. Original author and source of the article

TEPEE At The Chancellery – Cabaret, Which Measure Musical

Monday, May 25th, 2015

The musical “Cabaret” is a journey through time in the Berlin of the 1920s. 27 June-1 September 2013, di SA 20:00, so 19:00 celebrated staging of the American star choreographer and Director Vincent Paterson, the premiere celebrated in 2004 in the BAR of each reason, tells the story to the Bohemian scene girl Sally Bowles in the glittering, seedy milieu of the Golden twenties in Berlin. The musical about love, passion and despair against the backdrop of the approaching fascism is based on the autobiographical episode novel goodbye to Berlin”by Christopher Isherwood. What makes the special charm of the Paterson’schen production: reverses the musical CABARET after victory the world not only in the city of its origin back story also plays in a Cabaret Theatre. In the fun-hungry metropolis Berlin that met the British writer Christopher Isherwood (A single man) on the eve of the Third Reich the abyss along dancing figures, which he later to his autobiographical novel, episode, goodbye to Berlin”condensed, which became the template for the success in the world of CABARET. Welcome, bienvenue, welcome…”maybe this time”, bye-bye, my dear Mr “, life is a cabaret” world classics of music history are today.

Orwellian Music

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

A little on this theme of our informative responsibility were the words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who launched the challenge to multiply a hungry crowd of texts in the Spanish language in his speech at the inaugural session of the meeting or of the Colombian singer Carlos Vives that aside from his participation suggests that to sound more to Magdalena Shakira that Mississippi pointing you that you must not lose sight its origin and its Latin essence. Vives participated in the event the Hispanic song society globalized in the company of the likes of Fito Paez and Tania Libertad among others and where the primary role in cultural transmission that has music and their strengths and limitations within the current music market was analyzed from the perspective of the artists themselves. To close and encompassing the perspectives that emerged from this meeting is worth using, again, words of Carlos Vives, already passed the one hundred years of solitude, in our music, we have 100 years of happiness, for the future to finish I want to leave here, in anecdotal or curious but certainly worrying data plan, a detail that appears in the review that the meeting makes the La Nacion newspaper in its online edition, in particular of the statement made by the director of the Royal Spanish AcademyVictor Garcia de la Concha, who emphasized the importance that people has returned to write through text messages, and it doesn’t matter to do with abbreviations, because emails or text messages are a new opportunity of instant communication and I emphasize it here because I think excessively permissive this assertion coming from who comes because what is the preservation and dissemination of our beautiful language, not the creation of a wacky newspeak words omitted or mutilated for the sake of speed or ease Orwellian-style of the communication with that eye..

Federal Government

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Warning FAREDS for the musical work ‘ one more round in the order of the track by track records UG just recently flooded Germany again a warning wave of common industrial firms for the supposedly illegal down / upload music and films in so called Internet sharing. So here the industrial firm FAREDS because of the supposedly illegal down / uploads of music work “Michael mind project one more round” from the chart container “Office Summer Jam 2013”. The industrial firm FAREDS requires providing a punitive injunctive / Declaration of commitment, lump sum compensation for damages and reimbursement of legal costs in its warnings. Here comes an amount of 450,00 concluded. This has been exactly the impetus for this, that the Federal Government adopted a decision on the 28.06.2013, stating that the incurred costs should be capped drastically.

This law is so far not yet final, because it only requires the consent of the Federal Council. Should then the incurred costs capped are, that would be a significant loss of the music and film industry mean. I assume therefore, that such caps will not the consent of the Federal Council. Regardless of the District Court of Hamburg but has now in a latest decision by order of the 24.07.2013 (AZ.: 31a C 109/13) the approach of the Government applied and the threshold for such file-sharing matters on 1,000.00 capped. This follow the Attorney’s fees to the pursuit of such a copyright matter within limits and amount to approx.

150.00. If other courts follow this line, it will be apparent. These principles are however extremely favourable for your defense against the current wave of watchdog. Can absolutely help in receipt of such notice. Bury your head in the sand. The cease and desist letters look very threatening and legally compliant. They are however not. In many respects, such warnings can be effective attacking. Especially sign nothing and pay nothing, before is not expert advice a lawyer specialized in copyright law caught up have. Download no pseudo-modified cease and desist from the Internet. They are not to judge whether such a declaration of discontinuance was also effectively modified. Also, a modified Declaration of discontinuance must be accepted also by the watchdog Office, so that the danger of the injunctive is eliminated. Nevertheless, they remain not idle, otherwise a judicial prohibition proceedings threatens you with costs of about 2,000.00 on each side.

Men And Women

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Already she makes time that the marriage left of being an obligation to be a choice. the choice still can reign on which type of union goes to be: marriage in the civilian, religious, ‘ ‘ juntar’ ‘ , to be together liveing separate, or making a Brasilia marriage. The options are many. But for that they decide to postpone the marriage dream or to dedicate the profession more chosen this seems to be a quandary that does not have end. Histories are many: some women are simply waiting the magic prince to arrive to buy the dress and to go up to the altar.

The desire of if marrying or that if it organizes its party of marriage exists, they can until looking to information on the subject in magazines, specialized periodicals and blogs, but in the end what it matters exactly it is that it lacks to the fianc or the ideal partner motivates who them to take courage and to go up to the altar. But still thus they are obliged to listen to that ‘ ‘ titia’ was pra; ‘. Some less hopeful ones like it space and the independence that had conquered in recent years and are superfocadas in the work and reaching the professional ambitions. For them the marriage would function in separate house, countries or planets. After all it is not far from easy to have to divide a space that always was only exclusively busy e, dominated and organized by them. Before only of what badly folloied it is the motto of these well-succeeded women. Ahead of as many options and 0 variable ‘ ‘ to be for titia’ ‘ already something is not so bad. It does not mean an isolation, or lack of aptitude to become related with the other social. It is only one decision as as much others that we take in our lives. Not to marry makes possible the women more than to enjoy the free time with trips, studies, purchases of clothes and jewels. Or to only enjoy the good moments alone.


Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Hydrobiological resources are an important part of Peru because they add value to their economy and the sustainable development of the country, however in the past measures to control these resources were not very effective, are currently implementing a series of closures of several species in Peru such as for example the black shells which are used in many a typical very popular dishes in Piura and Tumbes which are some of the tourist places in Peru most visited for its climate sub tropical, its beautiful beaches and its different typical dishes. However it is important to highlight that vedas system is not something that should be implemented as a fashion or trying to solve something quick but quite the opposite, the vedas system is a long-term strategy which seeks that different species have a sustainable development based on a planning for many years. Currently in Peru the Vedic system is not respected 100% first by the lack of habit of the same besides the few sanctions that entails its not compliance, while in Chile, failure to comply with the ban for example can mean jail, in Peru many times not only compliance entails the forfeiture of the species. It is important that Governments understand that this system of restrictions is a long term strategy which must be performed regardless of the political orientation of each Government of the day, the problem is that in Peru the different powers are not very balanced which makes each President will have much influence and impose rules and policies which are always based in the short term and not in the long term. Hopefully that Peruvians and other tourists who visit Peru can internalize that the conservation of resources hydrobiological are not a matter of a single Government of the day and that the resources of the country are everyone’s responsibility is also important to understand that nature is an important legacy that we must deliver intact to future generations.

Positive Attitude

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

Stop thinking about things that are wrong, in what you can not do in mistakes. Switchea your attitude and begins to focus on what you can do, in the good things that you have (in all areas of your life), your strengths, your gifts and abilities in all the new opportunities that you can create. Writes what you just said to list mode. 2 Leave aside negative thoughts. I can not, it is impossible, is so difficult, it costs Me, if I were able, if outside, you would have made could, hopefully I reached, and so many others outside these negative thoughts that all they do is keep you paralyzed! You don’t realize, but think them and holding them, increasingly go undermining your self-esteem, which is the engine that drives you towards where you want. He cares much for your thoughts, take care of your mind because she is constantly influencing your emotions and your body.

You have to repeat, constantly affirm I can’t achieve any thing that my mind conceive and I propose!. Come on, don’t waste more time thinking that you can’t. Once and for all. Decides that you’re fully capable of doing what you decide and want to do, and begins to go to that place now. 3.

Do not give your personal power to others. It’s simple, you have to concentrate your energies on your interior, in your strengths, in what you think able by yourself, not by what they told others about you. What others think it doesn’t matter. You have to believe in yourself when nobody else does because that will transform you into a winner. You need to strengthen your decisions and actions with what you want to do with your goals and dreams (and this has nothing to do with desires, longings, judgments of others already are family, couple, children, boss, etc.).

Fixedterm Deposit

Friday, May 8th, 2015

The customer remains flexible and has access to his money at any time. The day money is one of the most popular accounts that currently exist on the German market. Because with this account, customers can achieve success especially in the short term no wonder. It is therefore important to open up, but also a good hedge to ensure high interest rates a day money account. Meanwhile, the interest rate on the day money account to a depth of all time has declined. But one can also say that interest rates have improved overall but. In principle one can be the day money account said: the customer remains flexible and has access to his money at any time.

In addition, there are also many other benefits that pay off especially in the long term the day money account. This includes, for example, the opportunity to receive the interest every month. In addition, it makes sense just in the day money account, if customers especially in the long term have much of their money. This money is safe the day money account in any case. Skeptics, including supporters of the legendary posit, are often not really convinced of the benefits of the posit.

But ultimately, it can be said that the savings made not really paid in recent years. In addition can also say that the day money has improved in recent years. Basically, the day money offers and maximum security at a good interest rate. But how do I find the best tag cash account? Usually is the day money account to a checking account and offers the customer the possibility to replace the amounts between several different accounts and thereby especially also in the long term to have success with the account thus. In addition, most banks offer many other benefits such as a deposit guarantee their customers. With a deposit guarantee, customers can safely accommodate larger amounts on the account. In addition, the deposit guarantee customers will receive many other benefits such as the ability to receive individual rates especially in the long term. The fixed deposit account offers many different customers Advantages. An interest rate that is effective in the long term is one of the best deposit accounts first and foremost. With the interest rate customers should above all be careful, because here is not all gold that glitters. Basically the interest rate brings something really only then, when the customer applies this rate over a longer period of time. This means that fixed-term deposit account should have a duration of at least one year. The fixed deposit account offers also the possibility to compare individual tariffs to then make a qualified decision the customer. As there is a current account comparison, there is also a day money or a fixed-term deposit comparison. Yet customers especially in the long term can have success. Basically lot has happened in recent years in this area. There are more and more people who want to have a basic safeguard in the form of a current account or deposit – and day-money account. Moreover, turned out but just in the last few years that the day money account proved particularly popular. There is no plausible reason so, to set the day-money account.

Contribution Exemption

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Retirement is away for long periods of time. Because something can quickly get caught in. Health is attached, the profession no longer exert and the savings contributions are invaluable, saving is a fine thing. You pay out more than was paid a little and get on the end of the term, is the objective. There are many opportunities of wealth building: bank savings plans, savings, life insurance, annuities, unit-linked, etc. times classic times. There are more than 90 million contracts to the pension in Germany. However, a problem is: only a part is maintained indeed to the originally agreed time of it, most of the contracts will be made early contributions or even announced.

The reasons for this behavior are manifold, one of them is the missing contribution exemption for the case of a disability (BU). Because every fourth employee must give up his profession before the regular retirement for health reasons, is This risk widespread and almost all involved suffers even retirement. If you were to have care and properly advise, have a private disability insurance – in the sufficient amount! Then, your standard of living is largely secured. This only applies to the least. The most professionals do not have still always this existential protection. The source of income dries up, because they can no longer carry out your profession for health reasons, then it is most steeply downhill. Because the available revenue are so reduced that it is just enough for everyday after the Elimination of labour income, if any.

The required contribution for a necessary retirement is only right no longer to apply. This entails dire consequences. Due to the deferred savings contributions for a pension plan, the capital is missing from retirement to maintain desired standard of living in the age.

Non Professionals Website

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Points to keep in mind when working the texts to be published on a web site. It is not oriented to computer or web designers, but just the rest of professionals. It is an aid to facilitate communication between the web designer and the person in charge of information on the site. Is incredible the amount of responses I got to simple question what is a website? and what a web page?. But that is another project what is a website for us? In this work we will see a web page (pw) as an interactive visual medium and the web as a set of pages, search engines, directories among other elements related to the communication, by now only visual and auditory. We try to explain a pw as a medium of publication, although it is much more than that, this article I write destined to general public not engineers or web creators. A pw is basically a set of organized texts, static images and dynamic (videos), links (buttons, at the same time hyperlinks, etc.) , sounds. To our generation is still difficult to read on screen, much tired the view, simply not accustomed is not sequential.

Eight out of every ten people told me that they prefer to print documents to study from the screen. Internet is cheaper and comes to all sides so we use, but correctly. Now we’ll turn defects into virtues to the attention of the user, this is the elements most important. We started developing a website knowing that it is very easy for our customer to lose the interest of what lee and quickly find another page with the same content. Either quickly answer that you can capture to our prey using interactive elements, animations and movement are not so sure. Before that nothing like good strategist have to know in depth our customer, the recipients of our communication.

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