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Norbert Roettgen Chancellor

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Stephan Eisel, MdB very well: For Bonn in the Bundestag Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel has announced that German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as Federal Minister of Economics Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg will support his Bonn campaign: “both have my invitation accepted, making their own election rallies in Bonn. They come in August. This will give a major boost to the CDU in the views of the municipal and is support for our OB candidate Christian prima Omar.” Eisel said economy minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg will speak on Tuesday, the 18th August at 4.30 pm on the Cathedral square. The Chancellor comes on 25 August at 17.30 on the marketplace: “since 1949 all the Chancellor and all Chancellor candidate of the Union in the Bundestag election campaigns in Bonn to election rallies have invited. Angela Merkel has told to immediately to continue this tradition and to emphasize the special importance of the federal capital. I am of course delighted to support my campaign and see in it also a recognition my work for Bonn in the Bundestag.” The two elective courses always start with a preliminary program with music and interviews. In addition to Eisel and Omar because among other things, Norbert Roettgen, the Bonn Landtag Member Helmut Stahl and Gerhard Lorth, the new Bonn MEP Axel Voss and the local candidate of the Bonn CDU will be involved. More information is available under.

Cantoria Campaign

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Fernando Alonso face the new Silestone advertising campaign Cantoria (Almeria), March 24, 2011. Silestone by Cosentino, world leader in the field of quartz surfaces opts for Silestone authentic life’s new ad campaign in the year 2011 in terms of advertising full creativity and launching. Silestone authentic life stands for naturalness, individuality, fun, innovation and elegance. This campaign aims to underline the authenticity of the Silestone brand is associated worldwide. Protagonist is two-time formula one world champion Fernando Alonso, who once again working with Silestone. The motif shows him beside a countertop in the colour Rosso Monza, which gives the viewer a special elegance. The new ad campaign Silestone authentic life is developed in collaboration with renowned artists.

Including the emerging Spanish Designkunstler Alex Roman, with his work again and again the 3D?Revolutionizing the world and most recently through his project the third & the Seventh carefully made up. He coordinated the Silestone project and added some individual, creative details. Alex Trochut, one of the most famous Spanish graphic designer, designed the illustrative part and awarded the commercial for a unique touch. This expert team was completed by Ivan Jurado, a specialist in terms of light and image, whose recording made another special feature of the commercials. Cosentino is pleased about the cooperation with this creative team. Their experience and their professional work made a campaign about the advertising it? and marketing industry long talk, so Santiago Alfonso, is Marketing Director of Cosentino group.

As already in the development of the commercials Above Everything Else Cosentino Silestone authentic life relied on the use of 3D?Technology and latest computer animations. About how to use within the campaign, these innovations were also part of the work on the Silestone authentic life campaign. Since the idea for the campaign was it partly because it was hard to coordinate the work of the team, all in different places are working, an intense project. In this sense was the campaign about via Skype and also innovative?Mail has been co-ordinated, so Damian Granados, brand manager of Cosentino group. Once again, Silestone is therefore pioneer in design and this new commercial shows that Silestone represents the motto of authentic life.

Senior Executive

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Brilliant movement of Microsoft in the controversy unleashed by Google. A few hours of that, in a corporate blog, the Vice President of Legal Affairs, David Drummond, Google, ensure that Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and some others are United in a hostile campaign against Android and used, among others, as an argument the coalition that formed these and other companies for the joint purchase of Nortel and Microsoft Novell patents has refuted this thesis from Twitter. The company has released a Google mail of October 2010 in which a Senior Executive of the search engine company declined the invitation by Microsoft to join the coalition. In the message, it was argued that, after discussing internally the proposal, did not seem advisable Google join the same. The Microsoft representative advised to Drummond, from Twitter, which corporate emails are read before writing on the blog. Source of the news:: Microsoft refutes the idea of Google about a “hostile campaign”.

The Sensation Of Amplitude

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

This perhaps is one of the aspects most to keep in mind when decorating, since we do not always have a space in our home. A first step to begin to fool the human eye consists of a little trick, place a white curtain along the wall of our classroom, getting the amplitude of the color white and taking advantage of the sunlight. Another aspect to consider is the color of our walls, colors such as green, cream, light blue allow us to provide a great breadth and also colors that apotan are very quiet. We select our decorative pictures, photos, etc. objects. to the strictly necessary.

To the seleeccionar furniture must move away from the large structures of furniture, we can opt for furniture modular trying to leave a space between them, to separate e.g. the living room with the dining room there is the option of the screens or a small glass partition this will provide us a great feeling of spaciousness. We must select a multipurpose furniture, since if we maintain the same style of decoration we can leverage the same objects from one side to another of the different rooms of our home in case of visit for example, coffee table elevating, auxiliary tables, etc in short to enlarge our space need modular furniture, bright colors, polyvalent objects and on all not recharge spaces with unnecessary objects, if we are two at home won’t have six chairs. Ivan Blanco. original author and source of the article

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