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Bollinger Bands

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

This includes collecting information and statistics about anything imaginable that could affect the underlying. A research production, marketing, culture conditions, financial conditions, etc, all you can find information about the underlying. They can even make personal visits to farms, mines, or financial institutions for discussions on the underlying. Then combine this knowledge with what they found credible as dictated by the various reporting agencies. Even with live data, it is not economical to compete with these giants in relation to the amount of basic knowledge they can afford and are able to muster. Ta TECHNIQUES Technical analysis in its purest form it is assumed that all he knows about the markets affecting the markets may be in a price chart.

We believe that to be true. But that's where reality and the kind of technical analysis, we part company today. What we mean is, in general, what are technical indicators that normally can not see with both eyes through reading and graphical analysis of pure? It is true that there are a few things. We have never denied that an indicator like Bollinger Bands can show the location of two standard deviations. Visually we can not know where is the amount of deviation of prices would without the bands. But technical indicators remove the same things we want to see. They take your focus away from what is really happening to the price. By smoothing, which aimed at removing "noise." But is the noise that we, as traders, and especially as day traders, most want to see.

The Experience

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

What do you do in your free time, look like relatives and pets, pofantaziruyte! Footage of your life – the best film for your friend, do not hesitate! If suddenly your buddy sad for some reason, in your power to put it on your feet! How? Very easy! K example, ask friends to shoot you on camera while you swim … winter! And at the camera say, “I am ready to do anything for your smile!” Not everyone on this will be resolved, but one estimate, believe me! Or think something else is in this spirit! Shock treatment guaranteed to work! One option is suitable greeting or simply wish a good morning on the radio, TV or in newspapers, but it requires precision and to warn his friend to tune in to a wave or channel … and a lot of money is worth. The main desire! So why not try it, if possible? And the easiest option: write a letter or send a postcard, but not by e-mail, via email usual, in an envelope with stamps. And if you want you can visit and invite! He’s on the other end of the country or even overseas? So there are airplanes, trains, cars! As soon learn that a comrade has at least a week free – run for a ticket for him! It will not just be happy, and HAPPY! Sometimes, of course, people are afraid of the first meeting … but in vain! There is nothing better it! Believe me the experience! And while my friend enjoys traveling, get rid of jim-jams will march on shopping! Or run off to the hairdresser! Or play a favorite computer game! Or simply relax in the bath! Or see your favorite movie! And then stand in front of a mirror, smile and say loudly: “I am beautiful, smart and interesting people! I can not help but like it! “That’s it! Are you ready for a meeting! We must not forget that remote friends also have holidays, important dates, event shooting:) Coley complain about memory – write it in ten places! Put avtonapominatel in the mobile phone, calendars hang everywhere, with red circles his holidays! But do not forget, be sure to congratulate. As you see, give virtual friends may not only postcards via email:) And if you think – so many interesting things in my head come be surprised! In general, strikes, striking, amazing, impressive! The main thing – learn to hear (see) through the phrase! Think of the words your friend, and he, without knowing it, will give you all their secrets and desires.

Marked Good

Monday, September 7th, 2015

The bad news is he who gives hope to receive and when you give something you do with a marked price. The bad news is manipulative and deceptive. The bad does not respect your taste and what you value. There is a good person, very innocent and defenseless. For good thing happened that happened. It is too good that’s why I always scrub.

With these findings do not relate to skills is clear the subjectivity when it comes to separate the good people from bad people. You may wonder who the bad then? I think the answer has to do with point of view or put more clearly that from time to time in the pants of the other. It is easier to brand a good person and innocent fool that bad. For that reason we must study the issue thoroughly and at all costs dispel doubts about the behavior that we will judge. I always advise seeking second opinions and you may see this right when their views coincide with the majority, there is nothing wrong with questions and queries. Check whether the conduct of that person communicates with our values or not before making judgments is another way to differentiate. Check if the person has acted honestly, respectfully and consistently. Of course sometimes you will find areas that I personally call “gray” or that are not between bad and good.

That’s the time to think about in life because someone always loses someone wins and better when you both win. There are also problems generated by behavior that we consider extremely bad or good and make us think that these are problems psychological, and recommend when they are attacked by a doctor and specialist. Unfortunately there are people with bad behaviors that attract other group and thus harming the interests not only an individual but collective. But fortunately there are good people whose behaviors are imitated by others and achieving excellent results with the benefit of the many good deeds and the conviction to the group that if it is worth doing well under all points of view. Generally, these good people create a solid foundation and their behavior will be imitated by others provided they receive the recognition of others.

Karl Buhler

Monday, September 7th, 2015

We will now examine the role of language in the development of the spiritual dimension of being. What is the role of language in human spiritual experience? A simple way to try to address this concern is to direct our attention to the uses that we give this gift. The ways we use language have been studied for a long time, scholars have demonstrated in many studies and examples in practice are many and varied the functions it performs. In the literature on functionalism and language, there are several theories and terms that we can use to reflect on language and spirituality, in this brief study we will use only some few of these concepts to show that the growth of spirituality and the solid foundation of faith, the language is an ever present element. Functions of language in the Bible.

Which of the uses of human language are given the structure of the biblical message? Reference referential capacity of man, unmistakable stamp of its origin Divine In the middle of last century introduced Karl Buhler in his “Theory of Language” (1934) an outline of the basic functions of language, another contribution in this regard made by the researcher, Roman Jakobson (1960). One of them is the Benchmark, also known as Representative or cognitive, it has been the subject of many studies from the philosophical, linguistic and psychological. Investigations are very interesting and profitable, but the analyzer is a task that exceeds the purpose and scope of this essay..

The Order

Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Also, is the individuality of each issuer by the way he uses personal resources as well knowing what benefit or harm to the ultimate goal. There are companies speeches, which are the only posts made under the pattern of the above rules and distribute them so that only certain people can make use of them. This brings us to the next point that touches the author, who refers to the time that the real effect of discourse is not its writer, but in its issuer. It is more important for the listener the way that the message is transmitted to the message yes. This rule is the foundation of society today, in this based advertising campaigns, media and even some aspects of culture and the arts. The goal is to sell the product, no matter what really, but your public buy the idea and accept it, involved in your process every day. Here is a clear illustration of the extent of political or social power that can have a speech well spent. When speaking of knowing what the message is issued and how, also the failure to meet the recipients of your message.

Knowledge of education that has both poles of the process, the issue will be discussed, influences how well the message is directed and that much ability to change into their ultimate purpose. All elements are linked, since they are basic guidelines for discourse. In this case, the most important thing is that discourse acquires a power itself, which frequently do not issuers or receiver are aware exists. The speech also has its structure and determined, while the manner in which it is made. You need to be based on tradition or culture of this and a little old, as this will ensure the public understanding of it. It is also good that his background is only for the sender, because if everything can be seen behind the speech to recipients will likely lose power over them, and not just the message but the person himself.

It should be clear what is intended to achieve, especially with the issuer of the speech, since this also involves other guidelines simpler but equally important to apply the power that gives it the right way. It is a simple communication process if it is seen merely as the end is that the message reaches a certain way to your receiver, but once he studied as an influential factor of change is much more elaborate the process must be followed to properly implement the method of discourse, also increases the awareness needed to know in what way can more easily reach specific individuals, to know who the right person to execute the action. As I said earlier, is a factor of change and as such, expect this reaction to society, as all applications of power they have, but not always expected, and that’s the main point in the study of art speech, know how to use that power and what to use, ideally obtaining social purposes, but in reality are the most individualistic nature of the man and the world in which we coexist.

The Label

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Argues that the existing order is composed of the legal and customary rules that the public recognizes and applies power, as well as for “generic precepts that form the binding jurisprudence and individual norms (judicial and administrative decisions, contracts, wills, etc). ” Natural law is “intrinsically fair order, which exists alongside or above the positive law …” The difference between the two “takes the form of the foundation of its validity. The natural stands on its own as intrinsically fair. The positive is characterized according to their formal value, without regard to justice or injustice of their content. The validity of the second is conditioned by the occurrence of certain conditions, determine its validity. All existing provision is formally valid.

The force and effect expressions have the same meaning in our terminology. … Faced with such precepts of natural law are rules whose value depends on factors extrinsic … ” On the other hand, continues GARCIA Maynas “Idioms current law and positive law often used as synonyms. It seems to us improper alignment.

Existing law is not all positive nor all positive law is valid law. The effect is purely formal attribute, the label that the state gives to the rules legal, customary, judicial or legislative sanctioned by him. THE POSITIVE FACT lies in the PRECEPT ENFORCEMENT OF ANY CURRENT OR NOT VALID … The fact that a law is not obeyed, do not remove this in effect …

The Profit Of The Banks

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Any person who observes the result of the referring rocking to the last trimester divulged for the private banks Ita and Bradesco, if admires when seeing how much these financial institutions get of profit. The Ita informed a profit of R$ 1,8 billion in the three months passed with an accumulation of 5,9 billion January the September; the Bradesco presented the cipher of R$ 1,9 billion totalizing a balance of 6 billion in the year. In fact an astronomical profit for these institutions that are part of the financial sector, where not being the only one in the country, it would not have to concentrate as much accumulation in this way, being able to exist then certain ' ' distribution of profits, counting that it has other economic activities as industry, commerce and agriculture. But as a bank it obtains to profit in such a way thus? Valley before to remember that Brazil privileges the private companies, mainly the banks, since the times of the FHC administration, that also created a program of recovery of the banks that if found in critical situation, the PROER (Program of Stimulaton to the Reorganization and the Reinforcement of the National Financial System), which the government gave to all the necessary aid they with the justification that the preservation of its functioning was necessary to the economic stability of the country. Interesting it is to see the State to give only helps to a sector of the economy placing it as responsible for the economic health of the country. the other sectors do not represent nothing then for the country? Would not have they the same right to receive aid from the government? At the same time of FHC many banks had been privatized under the allegation to be being a damage to the public coffers and therefore the State would have to be gotten rid of them, beyond that the sales of state-owned companies are part of the programs of government of the tucanas administrations.

The interesting one is that these same banks that as much burdened the State, after to be delivers the banana price to the foreign capital had started to present one high profitability, demonstrating that, or it did not have a good administration of them for the government or its damages were a humbug, used as strategy to justify its sales. Already profits gotten for them mainly come of the collection of taxes the possible account holders of the most varied as maintenance of accounts, transferences, coupon stubs of checks, extract emission, contract renewal, etc. using to advantage itself of that they are using ' ' benefcios' ' offered for the banks as loans or limits of guaranteed check. By the way, it is in these negotiations that the banks gain much money, therefore those that use the credits or of the loans offered for the banks, go to pay high taxes of interests, as the limit of the guaranteed check that arrives to be of 8 15% to the month, while the paid tax for them to an application as the matching-fund saving account is well inferior, being in the house of monthly 0.6%. It is easy to understand then why each time more the banking network, mainly the private one, in Brazil if expands and increases its profits. It has all the conditions that guarantee good results to it.

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