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Future Offer

Friday, January 29th, 2016

How to do it? Very simple! Talk and offer an alternative in the form of a more traditional gift, which may well be anything, depending on your capabilities and tastes of your counterpart. Dreams, learn, ask, offers … Perhaps the person you intend to present a gift, an offer to see the front of any valuable or not, the thing's eyes light up more than the offer to have a puppy or kitten. In this case, you can no doubt that the campaign for a living gift must be postponed. It is better to present to an inanimate object, the one thing that really really will appreciate your friend.

In addition, you can be sure that after a while you will not asked to pick up a gift back, and everything will be completely satisfied and happy, because to get rid of unnecessary or annoying things a lot easier than from a living being, which, moreover, quickly gets used to his master. Well, If, despite all your efforts and persuasion, however, still continue to expect a gift is the caudate or feathered friend, then so be it. But in this case, be very persistent, and precise try to find out how the future should look like a gift, not limited to platitudes. Requirements for the appearance of a pet, perhaps, the most important point. Remember that your negligence in this matter may be worth nothing essentially blameless life. After all, not knowing what we want and the inability to articulate their desires – they are different things, and often have to deal with his inability to tell what you want.

History Brewing

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Among the many historians and beer drinkers are still fierce debate: when and where was first brewed this noble drink? These disputes caused by the high level of confidence the first handwritten mention of the foam beverage and differences in the composition of beer in different cultures. We will stick version of the famous orientalist Sumerologist and Samuel Kramer (1897-1990gg), which is considered the first written mention of beer Sumerian Epic Tale of Gilgamesh, dated to 2080 m year before Christmas. Obsessed with the Babylonian Empire, Schumer revealed many of his inventions, including the brewing of beer. In Babylon, beer was considered fully democratic drink, and Sumerian brewers were respectable people, are exempt from many restrictions, and even from military service. In the famous code of laws Hamurappi even mention penalties for profiteering and dilution of beer. As a result, the campaigns of Alexander Macedonian Sumerian brewing secrets learned first in ancient Egypt, and then in Ethiopia, Greece, Rome and Persia. Since the beginning of the rising Roman Empire, barbarians, regularly entering the empire to trade, much replenished from the fast-Romans, including the art of brewing. From this moment begins the modern history of beer, the beer began to add hops (which is allowed at times to increase the shelf life of beer, become accessible transport beer, even in neighboring countries). The question of who first made a revolutionary discovery remains unanswered, according to one version of the first in beer hops added Lithuanians and Belarusians, on the other – Oriental Tatars.

Advertising Materials

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Booklets, leaflets, brochures, flyers and publications, memos – all of which should be accessible to the audience. Currently popular spread of print advertising with the help of postal services. Such a method different low cost, the possibility of a broad outreach, a variety used in the design of creative techniques. If we talk about mass distribution, that is about all of the promotional information, which daily delivered by mail, it is worth noting that it is directed rather to inform potential customers about the existence of a proposal on the market. Entirely different qualitative role of direct marketing – targeted mailing services. Direct marketing serves as an intermediary between the seller and buy, establishing feedback that in turn creates an effective two-way communication. All this contributes to the creation long-term and sustainable partnerships. The main advantage of targeted mailing list is selective and concerted action.

In other words, aimed directly at its audience of direct marketing to minimize costs, while receiving the maximum return on the advertising campaign. The main secret of success derekt marketing is personified supplied information: it creates the impression that the advertising message is addressed to you. In the present situation of developing market relations by one of the pillars of success is the availability of information. Under these conditions, the popularity of distribution of print advertising with the help of postal services, as well as the effectiveness of direct marketing is constantly growing as meet all the requirements of effective communication. Advertising mail postal services – is the act or activities for receiving, processing, transporting, delivering mail, as well as the implementation of postal remittances.

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