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Piagetiana Development

Friday, July 29th, 2016

Inside propositions in the learning process of Piaget can find that balance this mediated by three levels of hierarchically organised which entail consecutively to more complex levels, proposes that the balance between assimilation and accommodation this mediated by the balance between the constructs of the subject and its external world, as second level proposes that it establishes between the own constructs of the subject and finally balance between integration hierarchical differentiated schemes that demarcate a mental stability (well, 1996). According to Marti (2005) Piaget establishes that the first step for the development begins with the internalization generated from external reality, which generates the passage of sensorio-motora intelligence to the intelligence representative. The passage of the sensorio-motora intelligence intelligence representative has large implications according to the theory of Piaget (Marti, 2005). When interpreting the polarities extrapolated from some more recent interpretations as described by Uribe, V. & Lopez, H. (2008) where the internalization and externalization is reflected in the dilemma ambiente-naturaleza, understanding nature in the conceptions of Piaget as the biological structures which are in the foreground and make representations of external through the internal cognitive mechanisms (Piaget, 1964) reality. Thus mediated by learning development is constituted on the basis of the biological mechanisms in direction in-out (Marti, 2005). According to this, the biological is not modified by the context and the construction of the learning part of the individual mediated conditions specific, this internalization of learning and all its implications in interpreting the Piagetiana theory of development has a big impact, for which Piaget conceives of development as an ongoing process where thought is derived from the action which is born the interiorized action that goes to General aspects of the human being. Key concepts for understanding the concept of development proposed by Piaget is necessary to interpret some of the key concepts of his theory: assimilation refers to the way how a subject reacts to a stimulus, an example of this is when a baby begins to breastfeed directly from his mother, here incorporates a representative schema; the accommodation is the schema as is modification in response to the environment, which is mediated by assimilation, for example when the baby is fed through a feeding bottle perceives that it requires another different technique to the suck the breast of his mother; in the balance is seen as the subjected ago assimilated information organization, the balance comes after the baby has already incorporated a new scheme and has no difficulties to suck from the bottle; schema are representable and repetitive actions that set up images and become a fixed pattern of behavior, an example of this is found in the mental representation that infante’s meaning has amantar a bottle or breast of its progenitor (Piaget, 1964).

Psychology Promotion

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Lednalva Oliveira Lamb Baptist Summary the present Project of psychopedagogic research is part of the estimated one of that the action of would parceiria psicopedaggica fonoaudiolgica carried through in the school it is determined by different profiles of performance, amongst them what it aims at to the promotion of the physical and mental health. Of this form, objective of this work is to verify which is the actions carried through for the fonoaudilogos, in order to inquire the relation (or not) with the assessorship proposal entailed pertaining to school to the idea of promotion of the learning inside of the boarding of the arteterapia. For in such a way, three fonoaudilogas had been interviewed, and the analysis of data promoted the verification of different atreladas actions the distinct profiles of performance. The gotten results point with respect to the existence of some entailed proposals to the notion of promotion of the learning. Word-key: Fonoaudiologia; Psicopedagogia, arteterapia and learning.

promoting learning within the art therapyapproach.You this end, we interviewed three speech therapists, and dates analysispromoted the verification of different actions tied you distinct profiles of action.Several The results obtained indicate the existence of proposals related you the notion of promoting learning. Keywords:Speech Therapy, Psychology, Art Therapy and learning. Introduction. The objective of the research was to analyze the relevancy of the use of the arteterapia in> fonoaudiolgico work, with sights to the communicative whitewashing and the rescue of the pupils as interlocutors capable to circulate for some situations and contexts discursivos, over all if heard in its necessities and validated in the condition of citizens. The arteterapia operates by means of the aesthetic expression as device to help the citizens in the elaboration, the expression and the equacionamento of its conflicts. Its joint with the fonoaudiologia, in the handling with relationary and subjective dimensions, potencializou the work with the language and the communication of the participants of the research, extending dialgicas and interacionais possibilities.

Finanzgericht Hamburg

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Editorial titled ‘ Foundation as a savings model ‘ 2009 914 new charitable foundations were established in spite of the economic crisis in Germany. That is the third highest increase in history. Thus, the total rises to 17.372. The boom comes not from about. Tax support for foundations increased significantly from 2007. Each donor as special editions of the income tax can deduct up to one million euros. Moreover due to a recent law change the extension on the EU area. The domestic Treasury supports now also grants to foreign charitable foundations.

The primary motive of the donor but not the tax savings, but the preservation of assets, what appears to be unavailable due to lack of qualified successors with the conventional succession is the most. The legacy lives and then multiplied through a foundation in the long run according to your personal preferences. The capital is retained, the purpose of the Foundation is supported only from the income. But all worth the effort with each use, only from 300,000 euros seed capital, a founding makes sense. Also the privileges of the Treasury participate in this magnitude. Tax exemption during the duration of the Administration and a high special edition print with formation and subsequent deposits attracting facilities, which have non-profit or charitable goals such as promoting environmental protection, art and research.

The money must go at least in one of the beneficiary uses and the actions of the Foundation must be selfless. There is a pattern phrase, as has the Statute of a foundation to look by the financial management. An informal application to the IRS for recognition of the public interest is the first step to the tax exemption for the newly formed Foundation. Then passes the ownership without the burden of inheritance or gift tax even after the reform from 2009 and can then be used in full for the desired pumping applications. Unless citizens as part of their estate planning the alternative of a foundation dealing with,. should note the date of the transfer. Because the special deduction of up to one million euros no longer succeed, if bank deposits, real estate or assets due to the testamentary instructions just to flow after the death to a nonprofit foundation. The Finanzgericht Hamburg now made it clear, that at the special deduction the flow principle, whereby funds until tax count in the year in which they actually transferred (case No. 3 K 242/08). The special deduction fails at the Foundation donation on the occasion of the death as the deceased in this case itself provides no output and is thus not economically burdened. The assets shall only pass with the succession to the Foundation, so no longer drains during his lifetime. This applies regardless of whether the nonprofit foundation already exists or is newly founded on the occasion of the death of the deceased so the judges. Find more interested in the band titled the exemplary articles in establishing a non-profit limited liability company Gemeinnutzige GmbH”by Dr. Andreas Rohde and Dr. Lutz Engelsing, 2010 published by VSRW-Verlag, Bonn. The band can be for 19.80 Tel. 0228 95124-0 or be ordered at.

Brgida City

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Jose de Alencar in its romance ‘ ‘ Iracema’ ‘ it describes as Auricuri, a palm that shelters birds that sing. It also has the version on the origin of the name of the town attributed to the Goulart couple of century XIX, that it bought part of lands of the farm of cattle of Brgida of the Virgins Alencar and that after to fix residence in the place, of a it name of ‘ ‘ Aricuri’ ‘ , aboriginal term, that means ‘ ‘ two mountain ranges juntas’ ‘. The Dictionary of Orlando Bordini brings the meaning of Ouricuri as: Auri (clusters of palm fruits) curi (abundance) species of palm that of the clusters of fruits with abundncia. The city of Ouricuri was desmembrada of the city of Ex and originated from a cattle farm, in century XIX, that Alencar belonged to this Brgida farmer, proprietor of sesmarias of so vast lands that they were extended since the edges of the River San Francisco, in the immediacy of Cabrob, until the hillsides of the Mountain range of the Araripe. Brgida de Alencar age of Cabrob, descendant of Leonel Pear tree Alencar I water that she came to Brazil in the first General Government, together with the family Garci’a d? Avila.

Its family had great religious influence and politics in the old Village of Santana, the city of Leopoldina that if became Parnamirim. With the death of Brgida de Alencar, its heirs venderam lands of that soil for the Goulart family who called it farm in 05 of April of 1841. Later, in 1844, the priest Francisco Peter Da Silva bought of widower D. Goulart Maria the ownership of the land with intention to raise a church under the invocation of Is Sebastio. From then on Ouricuri started to be town, being that in the outskirts of the chapel, she is inserted in the hidrogrfica basin of the river Brgida, had developed diverse farming activities. The proper founding father of the town of the o name of Ouricuri to those lands. Into 1893, Ouricuri was transformed into independent city and had as its first mayor lieutenant-colonel Elias Gomes de Souza.

Its foundation, however, happens in 1939, when Alexander Bernardino, judge of the Judicial district of the Boa Vista, arrives at the city running away from a fever epidemic, which was called at the time of ‘ ‘ carneirada’ ‘. The commemorative party of the emancipation of the city occurs in day 14 of May. Today, this city is formed by the districts of Bar of Is Peter and Santa Filomena. Km2 approximately possesss an area of 2,423 and a population of 58.653 inhabitants (IBGE). Its main economic activity is agriculture and its main products: the beans, cotton, cassava, maize, onion, tomatoe; still it has the creation of bovines and birds, beyond the mining. It is important that if it says that 40% of the crude gypsum reserves of the world are located in the region of the Araripe of which Ouricuri is part. This region is known as polar region plasterer and withholds 95% of the national plaster production, that if characterized for the creation of an industrial park in the region, that generates about 12.000 jobs right-handers and 60,000 indirect ones. (Data of the Wikipdia, 2009).

Winter Garden

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Country house, giving an opportunity to forget about the bustle of the city, take a break from work – the dream of many residents of large cities, but special highlight of any home or cottage will be a winter garden. Particularly popular in recent years becomes a winter garden in St. Petersburg and Moscow, it is justified high pace of life in these cities and as a consequence – nervousness and depression among residents. The draft of the winter garden at the initial stage of creating a designer, if there is no desire to use ready-made solution, then, engineers have carefully designed structure. This stage – one of the most critical, since it loads are calculated snow cover, exposure to weather conditions, selected material for construction and glazing. Types of materials used in the manufacture of the winter garden: PVC main and perhaps the only advantage of this material – low cost. Cons – fragility, as Rossi has not yet developed the technical requirements for the composition of plastic profiles, satisfying the climatic conditions, and have not been confirmed at the official level guarantees Chemical safety in the use of the material. Aluminum Profile Economy option: use a profile with a minimum thickness of the walls – the cost is accordingly lower.

And the use of systems without condensate – this option is recommended only for vertical stained-glass windows. Recommended option: the use of required safety and comfort materials. Detailed recommendations described below. Recommendations for the use of aluminum in the manufacture of the winter garden: A profile should be used strictly intended for a particular design. Among the Russian firms the proposed system can distinguish kondensatootvodom "Agrisovgaz" and "Tatprof" as well as quality system proposed by the Polish company Metalplast. In cases where the design has large dimensions and must be avoided strain should be used metal frame. Despite the seeming ease, the construction of the conservatory can be a message from a few hundred kilograms to several tons, and therefore in its construction can not do without a foundation. Type of foundation is solid or strip will depend on soil type, weight and configuration of the structure.

By the choice of glass is necessary to approach very seriously. On the roof is usually made tempered glass, with a minimum thickness of 6 mm. But at an angle slope of less than 40 degrees is recommended to use laminated glass (two fused glass, the thickness of each of at least 4 mm.). The choice of glass is also directly dependent on the pitch rack crossbars and design. Double-glazed windows with electric can get rid of long-term snow loads on the roof and thus provide an overview of the upper and natural lighting. In the initial design stage is necessary to provide heating of the winter garden (standard heating or underfloor heating) and ventilation (ventilation shutter or). During the construction of the conservatory, as well as any buildings, do not forget about safety, even at the stage of project approval – the customer can ask the contractor documentation with the calculations of loads or to carry out an independent examination of the involvement of specialists. Sure, the winter garden will decorate the country house, which will be happy to spend their free time.

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