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Fixing Aid Facilitates

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Informationesportal of the VM stainless steel technology company launched no slipping and twisting: the new anti-twist VM stainless steel technology GmbH in Plettenberg enormously simplifies the installation of module support structures. The sophisticated locking device is simply attached to the hammer head screw and by a slight pressure between profile and screw head pushed after their turn in the aluminium profile. So the screw attaches easily to your position and can be repositioned in hard to reach places by pushing it blind. Once the locking device is engaged, it ensures a full seat of the hammer head screw. A further Visual inspection is no longer necessary. Our locking device is first and foremost a mounting aid saves also a lot of time”, so Karsten Thiel, sales manager of VM stainless steel technology GmbH.

where conventional way often hammer-head bolt painfully had to be fixed in the correct position in the profile and held their position by hand, the patented anti-twist ensures now tight fit. A slipping or falling out of the screw from the profile is thus impossible. In addition, the bolt against turning back is secured in the profile. We can ensure at all times the best fit of the screws in the aluminium profile”, Karsten Thiel is mentioned. The Assembly can perform now much more comfortable, faster and safer”, so next Thiel. This time savings, and the safety is pleased assemblers such as customer alike. For more information about VM stainless steel technology GmbH and the innovative fixing help, visit. Contact: VM stainless steel technology GmbH Bannewerthstrasse 6 58840 Plettenberg Tel: + 49 (2391) 60 16 63-0 fax: + 49 (2391) 60 16 63 50 E-mail: Internet: press contact: advertising + design Office for communication and marketing Lothar Hanke at the ancient monastery of 55 59823 Arnsberg Tel: + 49 (2931) 16676 fax: + 49 (2931) 530276 eMail: Web:

Common Construction

Friday, August 12th, 2016

What risks will need the Builder of wooden constructions in the inventory, roofs built up and building trusses and what advantage has a timely opinion of wood protection? All those involved in the building know this: must be saved for the benefit of a higher profit. Save then finally says in extreme cases (which is however not uncommon): an architect or engineer is not charged, the construction manager is completely branchenfremd, instead of specialist companies working on the building site only “independent” construction workers from Eastern Europe. As a result, there is no detailed design, and mostly concern construction States, without at all the causes are to eliminate or to take over the attempt of a professional restoration. Also the DIN standards have apparently ever better times has seen, namely, built after them than anyone else. It is to see that probably at above States also the inventory, control and damage documentation on the wooden structures and the obtaining of wood protection opinion will, often with fatal consequences for Because an infestation by wood-damaging organisms undetected owner and purchaser, or plattenbau, so if not constitutes at least a major deficiency – even a fraud, or at least a gross negligence. What are now typical dangers that may go undetected and be to the time bomb? Here are some examples, sorted by type of building: here is 1 Unsanierte objects in the inventory (purchase intention, before renovation) mostly about historical trusses, ceiling, stairs etc.

leaking roofs, capillary damp masonry, damaged rain gutters or domestic installations provide a moisture, which can lead to ideal living conditions for House rot fungi together at the right temperature. The real rot, the Brown Kellerschwamm (which is to find whole and not just in the basement) and the pore sponges are the most representative, the unnamed other mushrooms are no less dangerous. Humidity also favors the infestation with wood-destroying insects, such as the Common furniture beetle, the House block or the combed Anobiidae.

Special Structures

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

You can use any type of facade coatings, which are designed for use on mineral substrates, what is the Thermo-Lite. As a rule, acrylic, silicate paints, but the optimal – PAINT FOR SILICONE BASIS. Silicone paint are composed of silicone emulsion, which increases water vapor permeability of coating, as compared to conventional water-dispersion paints from two to eight times, with increasing water and stain-resistant properties. Paint dries with a smaller surface tension than acrylic exterior paint, and therefore does not form microcracks. Unlike acrylic copolymers, silicone resins are not thermoplastic, ie, not soften pripovyshenii temperature.

In combination with high water-repellent properties, this means that the surface is painted with silicone paint, is practically not contaminated by that particular important in modern cities. For application to the surface, cover with plaster insulation Thermo-Lite, the application of silicone paints foreign production: operating characteristics coatings depend on many factors, but most important is their chemical composition. Paint contains many components, which include pigments, fillers and special additives, but overriding elements are, of course, film-forming material (binder). After applying to the surface of film former (as a result of chemical and physical processes) should form continuous film that has sufficient adhesion to the substrate and provide the protective and decorative functions. Typically, as film-forming substance use synthetic or natural (the corresponding properly modified) high-molecular compounds. In the production of paints and varnishes, these compounds transform into a form suitable for application to the surface (solutions or dispersions of film-forming substances in organic solvents or water). There are also film-forming solvent-free – on the basis of monomer and powder compounds. There are two basic ways to get the film-forming compounds: polymerization and polycondensation.

The first group includes polyacrylates and polystyrene, the second – polyesters, epoxies, polyamides, and silicone oligomers. Oil paint is undoubtedly among the most old and well-known finishing materials. The oils act as a binder in its ability to dry out in a thin layer can be divided into drying, poluvysyhayuschie and non-drying. To include drying tung, flaxseed and hempseed oil to poluvysyhayuschim – sunflower, corn and soy, and to nondrying – castor. The highest degree of filling and low flow have on the linseed oil paint. Alkyd resins Alkyd resins are produced by the synthesis of plant oils with polyols, organic acids and anhydrides. The higher the fat content (oil content) in the alkyd resin, the elastic alkyd enamel, and the more time it drying. Compared with oil paints alkyd based paint much faster drying, and characterized by high hardness and resistance to weathering.

The Development

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Well, it’s the same thing with your mind. If the only thing you care to do is transmit, transmit and transmit to the universe that tries to answer you do not are allowing to provide what you because you don’t you space to receive. Therefore, have confidence in yourself and stop exhaust you to go from person to person a begging, and then ask yourself why nobody dropped a coin in your cup (track: because you’re running too fast until even they can get their wallets). Simply think of your wishes and leave them there, disappears, and trust that your Cup will be filled with gold coins (or whatever you’ve asked) when is the right time. 2. Be patient with yourself unfortunately, many people surrender only a couple of steps before the finish line, because they have decided that if it is not working now, is never going to work at all.

Worse still are those who throw more and more energy because they think that with more resources, the results will come faster. This is like waiting for that a mother can conceive and give birth in a month. Neither can be biscuits in half the time, doubling the temperature. Simply burning. In simple terms: everything in this world has a natural development time, and this fact will not change, no matter what resource you use. So relax and be patient. Remember that you too, as part of the universe, you riges by its laws and you may not change the development time. If you remember this, less likely to have frustrated you, or worse yet, entering a spiral of negativity.

3 Advise and educate yourself like the child who is learning to walk, you need support. You also need guidance on how to do this and the models to follow. Many people surrendered because they believe that the secret is the entire solution. Well, it isn’t. The secret is only a small part. It was never the intention, and has never been, be the answer full. Coming to the conclusion that the law of attraction doesn’t work when what you’ve done to educate yourself was to see the secret 195 times (without looking at changing the habits of other areas of your life), is like concluding that the exercise is not an effective way of losing weight because all you did is run for 2 hours a day (but you are still eating fried foods and sweets). So search and ten hungry for new knowledge. Also make an effort to be between individuals or communities that can support each other, learn from each other and share new knowledge that have found. The law of attraction is not a service that happens overnight overnight, but you will receive, if it is that you do your part also! Original author and source of the article.

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