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5 Star Hotels In Berlin

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

Berlin – one of the most modern and progressive cities in Europe, but lovers of old there is something to see. City miraculously combines a respect for the monuments of history with the ability to comply with the spirit of our time. Berlin is also renowned as a perfect venue for trade fairs and various conferences. To accommodate guests of Berlin offers more than 400 hotels. . Hotels in Berlin differ in their size and level of luxury, but some of them are of interest not only as a place to stay during the trip, but as monuments of architecture and history. Hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin is one of the landmark Berlin places – at Potsdamer Platz.

This is the real heart of the city and an excellent starting point to see the most interesting things in the German capital. The hotel has 302 rooms of different categories, a number of fine restaurants and a luxury spa. In the elegant surroundings of Tea Lounge to enjoy cocktails and snacks. The restaurant will offer guests Vitrum European menu, the main ingredients of which are fish and fresh herbs. Desbrosses & Desbrosses Terrace – present French cafes. Hotel interiors were created by the Cologne by .

Walls are decorated with watercolor Marcus Lyuperttsa – known representative of the school neo-impressionism of the twentieth century. Berlin became a true legend in the hotel Adlon . His history is closely connected with the history of the country. The hotel opened in 1907, and by early 1930 was already one of the symbols of Berlin. In subsequent years the hotel has become a place where important policy decisions. Even during the war the building was survive, and it turned into a hospital. After the division of Germany and Berlin, Adlon was on the territory of the gdr. First, the government opened it again, but in 70 years shut down, and then completely demolished the building. The second birth of the hotel took place after the unification of Germany, in August 1997. Thus, this year at the Adlon entire two anniversaries – the century since the first discovery and 10 years – with the second. Today the hotel 304 rooms and 78 suites. In 30 of the suites have a living room, bedroom, kitchen and an office with a spacious desk and fax machine. The hotel has excellent spa – a swimming pool, gym and many other services. Quarre Restaurant offers international cuisine that will satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. Restaurant Lorenz Adlon famous French cuisine and elegant view of the Brandenburg Gate. Another luxury five-star Located in the heart of Berlin – Swissotel Berlin. He stands on the famous shopping street Kurfurstendamm. Contemporary design and traditional Swiss hospitality joined here by creating both a luxurious and cozy place. Seven floors of hotel rooms occupied, and the ninth and tenth – Swiss Executive – a special part of the hotel with wider choice of services and amenities. Restaurant 44 offers a creative and innovative cuisine. The hotel also has a bar, gallery and 3 private dining rooms. Amrita Fitness Center offers the most modern equipment for training. Those who arrived in Berlin on business, may opt for a meeting or banquet is one of 11 meeting rooms accommodating up to 350 people.

Eugen Bismarck

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

'Bismarck' opened fire on the 'Hoodoo'. Immediately after the first salvo of the German battleship, the 'Hoodoo' opened fire and 'Prinz Eugen'. Before it reached the enemy's shells fell into the sea. After that, the commander of mine and torpedo armament of German heavy cruiser was given orders: prepare to volley torpedo on the port side and opened fire on the battle cruiser "Hood" when the distance of a torpedo attack. 'The Prince of Wales' had already made five volleys of 'Bismarck', but did not hit on him. It is unknown whether he came sixth in one gulp, but the British did not record a hit. At this time, 'Bismarck' return fire striking 'Hood' shells hit the area of the mainmast. The British battle cruiser began a terrible fire reached second chimney.

But the German battleship was damaged: the fuel tank was pierced through overflying shell, and began leaking fuel. At the same time the order was given: 'Prinz Eugen' move fire on the 'Prince of Wales', and support the guns 'Bismarck' to support the fire of the heavy cruiser. 06:00 'Hood' and 'Prince of Wales' went on to turn 20 degrees to enter into combat turret guns of the main fire. At this point, shells fifth salvo 'Bismarck' was covered by a direct hit unfolding 'Hood'. One projectile caliber 380 mm punched through three layers of armor protection of the British battle cruiser. Detonated ammunition on board, and the 'Hood' flew into the air, dying in an instant, almost the entire crew.

Strategic Partnership

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Including international, such as "JSC" RZD "in the transport market: cooperation and partnership" or "1520 Strategic Partnership". At the same time the company logos partners (sponsors) are placed on advertising modules in the media, informing readers about relevant activities. Such sponsorship adware often go out, for example, in the magazine "RZD-Partner". A special place in the promotional film is December – Christmas Eve and Christmas holidays. This month the publication of modules, which congratulated the company's advertisers are our partners and clients a Happy 2008. Thus, in addition to large Advertisers ("Transcontainer", "Transoil"), in the magazine "RZD-Partner" also appeared in modules of companies that advertise in other publications investigated practically do not give. This, for example, "FosAgro trans-, John Nurminen, Irtrans." In addition to the Christmas holidays the reason for branding and are other notable dates and events. For example, a professional railroader or feast day is such an important nation-wide date as Day Victory.

The companies were not averse to reiterate myself in the pages of industry journals, on the occasion of awarding honorary "Partner of JSC" RZD ". So how did "Transgarant" and the Finnish freighter VR Cargo. That As business and socio-political publications, in their main and almost the only advertiser among the studied companies performed in 2007, the International freight forwarder DHL. In its advertising, which was of reminding or image character, were such as an advertiser it provides customer convenience in the organization of import transportation and effective delivery of cargo and mail at domestic directions.

Gift Baskets

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

If someone decided to survey their friends and loved ones that they like most holidays, it certainly would have heard in response: "Gifts!". Someone put them in the first place, someone will receive gifts in the first three most favorite holiday moments, someone loves bestow around and see the joy on their faces. Surely only one thing: the world is hardly a man who would not like gifts. Until now, delivery of gifts remains the most effective way to express his sympathy and respect, to create a festive mood, and leave lasting memories from the event. But to accomplish all this, one must take into account the passion of someone Promotional intended.

What if a person you do not taste well known? Or it is a gift for a family in which all the different polar tastes and your budget does not allow to endow each properly? Or just happen to the crisis of imagination? Yes, and financial crisis since the count is reset not But the answer to all these questions, as they say, lies on the surface. In all these situations, we can restrict donation of things that need each, and never will be superfluous in an economy, such as cosmetics. Do not rush to hem disappointed and give up this idea! Modern technology offers you a variety of products so that it is unlikely anyone can call such a gift banal. Of course, the main consumers of cosmetic products are representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

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