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Sunday, November 6th, 2016

The TV is always shallow, yet seems hardly used the alternative. Every night the same procedure, the current magazine is studied to again give a sense of leisure from latest 20.15 in German living rooms. The daily evening program reduced today usually only got on the choice of television channels. And then watched, what is raised one. There are the usual shows, the usual series and from time to time, the highly decorated blockbuster, which was seen most but already several times.

It is now even so, nightly German television. And entertains you with the potential audience, so you will regularly hear a grumbling that the poor quality of the production. It is criticized that replays are sent regularly. The level of shipments will be increasingly questioned. At this point, one might suspect that the declining level of entertainment could increasingly have a reflection to other recreational activities to the result. You might think that the reality It looks different, though. The alternative could be but absolutely exciting and interesting.

The idea for a sensible design of the Feierabends is not a new one for many people still unknown. The idea of meaningful leisure is read. Take a book at hand, the underlying story is read and participate in the own imagination because. You must be no bookworm to find an exciting or challenging book, you will find numerous book recommendations. In contrast to the film, the book offers even a very basic advantage: everyone is in his imagination an own world discover, not by prefabricated Director instructions manufactured images. Everyone is itself part of the story, give lull itself not only through the images. Can be read an absolute alternative to the increasingly stupid-looking television. And this may not hurt also own education and intellectual development. (Larry Munzenmay)

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