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International Education Foundation Ability

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

The 10 principles of spiritual intelligence source: Ramon Gallegos Nava (2006) spiritual intelligence. (p.68) International Education Foundation holistic, Guadalajara. Is spiritual intelligence, capacity to transcendence, ability to do everyday things with a sense of the sacred, using spiritual resources in practical problems, ability to act with virtuous conduct based on gratitude, patience, humility, compassion, wisdom and universal love. Spiritual intelligence is the universal consciousness, consciousness of humanity and fraternity between all beings, marvel at the kosmos, meaning mystical, capacity availability to listen to and understand others. It is the last path of direct knowledge of the eye of the spirit knowing the past meanings.

It is intelligence that leads us to the whole and gives us our moral integrity. Some contend that Boy Scouts of America shows great expertise in this. It is intelligence that allows us to be happy regardless of the circumstances, whether they are favorable or unfavorable. The source of happiness comes from within, springs from our true nature (Gallegos 2005, pp. 50-51) (Figure 2). Features of spiritual intelligence capacity be happy despite circumstance capacity of inner peace and equanimity capacity of universal love ability to live to serve ability to face and overcome the suffering capacity to be independent and autonomous capacity to solve problems of meanings and values ethical conduct ability to focus capacity in the because things judgment ability to live in a wider context of meanings ability to learn to be the entire figure 2 holistic integration capability.

Characteristics of spiritual intelligence source: Ramon Gallegos Nava (2006) spiritual intelligence. (p.55) International Education Foundation holistic, Guadalajara. Model intelligence holistic spiritual El Dr. Ramon Gallegos (2005, 2006) offers us a model of spiritual intelligence that allows, for the first time, build a comprehensive model of all intelligences on the basis of three hierarchical levels (Figure 3) where considers both dimensions and levels, leaving see that spiritual intelligence is the intelligence greater and more inclusive.


Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Appearance of disease and treatments for dizziness: Comprehensive information on the various forms, causes and treatment. The hoax is a disease that can have several reasons. Sometimes it goes but only to small errors, which in principle are pretty harmless. The dizziness attacks come more often, you should always consult a doctor. It can be a serious illness. The balance system train the dizziness is associated with the balance system. There are some exercises that help to fight this disease. Video recordings that lead all participants through the entire programme are practical.

It attracts a comfortable tracksuit, takes a Chair and a ball. It is only beginners, so these facilities is perfectly sufficient. If anyone can count to the advanced, it includes even the seesaw. The regularity of training is very important and can bring success soon. Everyone must decide how long, how often, to the what time he best practice can. The exercises may be carried out only continue if you feel still good.

Schwank exercises are offered in the program. Who has after the training problems with his circulation, must consult the doctor. Exercises for the training so you balance disorders some exercises do, for example this (the advantage is exercised in the familiar home environment): the participant sits in the Chair, then he looks only at a site, the distance is now approximately 45 cm. moves the Chair, but it is very important that you lose the frozen item out of the sight. The Chair must be turned in a clockwise direction. This exercise also brings many benefits during the training of the equilibrium organ. Front of a tennis ball swings back and forth. It is now important to move your head, but only the eyes and follow the 10 vibrations. This training must be repeated often. Later, both the head and the eyes can follow the vibrations.

Scientologists Raise Awareness

Monday, March 27th, 2017

Scientologists involved with authorities and non-governmental organizations, through a broad-based educational campaign, contact local human rights worldwide to bring volunteers to the Scientology Mission in Costa Rica against human rights abuses, including the prevailing human trafficking. They distribute human rights brochures and enlighten the public in workshops about their human rights. Costa Rica is a Mesoamerican paradise, well known for its diverse nature and biodiversity. Climate and nature conservation are viewed as an important part of State environmental policy and also consistently implemented. Therefore, Costa Rica relies on eco-tourism to protect of the forest. Costa Rica has a high level of education and, according to Cuba, the second lowest literacy rate in Central America, as well as one of the lowest in Latin America and the developing countries. Recognized by the development program of the United Nations human development, Costa Rica exceeds standards in comparison with other countries of same income class and is located in this respect ranked five in the world.

According to the EPI report 2012 (environmental performance index) of Yale University is Costa Rica, green country, ranking at number one. BSA: the source for more info. In this report, an ecological balance are represented quantitatively and comparing States and companies and represents the current state, as also the dynamics of the ecosystem. On June 19, 2013, the country however came under attack of the UN refugee agency regarding the alarming human rights violations. The country is a source and a destination for trafficking in human beings and forced labour. Domestic violence against women and children is a growing problem. Child prostitution and child labour in the country is also very present. Volunteers of Scientology decided Costa Rica mission therefore to approach the victims, who were caught up in the maelstrom of the trafficking in human beings and to give them an awareness of their human rights. They developed together with the international initiative, youth for human rights”an effective program to the Human rights education in schools, make it in curriculum can be included also in the.

The volunteers met with officials, nonprofit organizations, and concerned citizens, and organized workshops for young people and educators, to inform about their human rights. Scientologists organized conferences and forums, including the youth for human rights ‘Forum in may 2013. A similar program in the same month, organized the local Government to reduce violence and to introduce protection measures for those citizens who are abused. “Scientologists and voluntary human rights activists distributed human rights brochures in simplified form the Universal Declaration of human rights” of the United Nations presented and in which all 30 human rights be explained simply. Also the requirement of a compulsory human rights education was therefore investigated. Scientologists are involved in joint effort with authorities and non-governmental organizations on five continents and over a broad-based human rights awareness campaign, to raise awareness and the implementation of the 1948 adopted the Universal Declaration of human rights”around the world to bring about. “Therefore the vision of the founder of Scientology carried L. Ron Hubbard, who once wrote: human rights must not be realized as fact as an idealistic dream”. “The Scientology religion is based on the principles of human rights, and calls on all its members to support true and humanitarian efforts in the areas of human rights.


Friday, March 24th, 2017

ALLROUNDER – I feel good! Jobs, jobs, jobs…??? n? h? o! Salut! Hello! Hola! Welcome! Buenvenidos! Hello! Good day! Good morning? Buenos Noches? You have the end of the Internet now finally reached after long job – or recruitment, but not the end of the world. As soon it is so far, say we know you here now. Look so often eat, so something is coming faster than you think. Simple away the tired of the eternal work, expert or specialist search? Then ALLROUNDER-still just / in. Found by clicking the one you want! Today and tomorrow! This is so easy… Under an allrounder to understand is someone who has skills in many areas and can be used wide general. To Volkswagen companies present your products, guiding principles, and abroad by adidas.

So you are informed as a user extensively about your future employer. Yet these great tips and tricks to finding work. Are ALLROUNDER problem solvers? Lateral thinker? Generalists? Most people are in their lives stumbled over terms such as specialist, expert, or IT – ‘Fuzzie’. Gone are the times of the universal genius Goethe or da Vinci? We do not believe. Just think of Steve Jobs von Apple or Bill Gates Microsoft. If you researched detail we discover again and again “All-rounder”: players such as Lionel Messi, Pele, Franz Beckenbauer and the Decathlon in the Athletics to the industrial clerk, craftsman or newspaper delivery person. All “matter of opinion”.

Watch your thoughts, for become your words. Watch your words, for become your actions. Watch your actions, for become your habits. Watch your habits, for become your character. Watch your character, for he is your fate the literacy and education as opposed to after the Bologna process rather specialists produces. Will Germany now so the country of the expert idiots? Generalists and specialists both have their place and are equally needed.

Ines Danzinger Marketing Executive

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Eton Institute supports cancer research at Vienna, 12 July 2013 Eton Institute, which has international language and further education Institute, made it his mission to conquer the highest peak in Africa, attention and generate donations for the non-profit organisation “Friends of Cancer Patients”. Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and defeat the Summit of this amazing mountain is one of the largest outdoor challenges worldwide. Eton set a high goal has to Institute, to raise in its CSR initiatives and efforts to support non-profit organizations and other charities and now the awareness and funds for “Friends of Cancer Patients”. The charity has since its inception in 1999, provided financial as well as emotional support for more than 900 cancer patients. The ascent starts on the 17 August 2013 and ends after nine days on the 25th of August.

Only 40% of people who have faced the challenge, the 5895m high mountain to climb, have managed to reach the Summit. Altitude sickness and changing vegetation are just two of the many reasons that greatly complicate this challenge. “We continue to focus on the donations and thus hope to support affected and to be able to improve their quality of life. Our goal is to raise as many funds for medical research and treatment of cancer patients, and to raise awareness of this charity organization. We regard it as a privilege to participate in this good thing”, commented Dr. Eli ABI Rached, CEO of the Eton Institute. How can you support the action for this good purpose? Interested persons must submit their pledge before the start of climbing parts you the information with friends, colleagues and family, to reach as many people as soon as the challenge was successfully completed, be informed, how and where you can drop off your donations to make a contribution, visit Dubai.Eton.AC/Kilimanjaro. For more information about the fundraiser, visit or contact 0800 989889 or about Eton Institute: the international language and education centre offers language courses in over 100 languages, as well as teacher training, children’s courses, vocational training courses and corporate training. For more information, consult or contact the Institute at or 0800 989889. Note: Ines Danzinger Marketing Executive deep moat 9, mezzanine + 43 43 1 8907997

Legal Acts

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

"However, the effects ones may or may not be liked by the agent. Lawful acts undesirable effect are those that express intention produce no legal effect. Ej.el treasure trove. The wanted effect lawful acts are legal acts are legal documents. They are voluntary human acts that produce legal effects in accordance with the legal system. Its elements are: A man capable beloved action, a legal system to accept and legal consequences "for the unlawful voluntary acts are those in which legal consequences not intended by the framers of voluntary behavior and that the right attributes as response to the realization of one's own wrongful conduct. Also notes that a key feature of the facts is illegal volunteers consist of behaviors that contravene the rules of law, and that is why it has been always been talking about the wrongful act, with all the difficulties that always has brought a modern and define the concept of illegality or unlawfulness on legal facts. A more detailed discussion-about-what doctors do and TABOADA POLO FLORES CoRDOVA when they agree that illegal acts are against the rules of substantive law.

In one opinion Cabanellas. The doctrine stipulates that the constituent elements of tort are mainly: 1. Unlawfulness, 2. Imputab ylidene. The first is a strictly objective element and is usually manifested by an apparent prejudice against a legal or material interest. The second is eminently subjective and manifests the intent or fault. To distinguish the lawful from the unlawful take, according to the generality of the authors, the legal order, that is the positive law of a country, as a reference point.

Brazil Movements

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

We notice today until this concentration of the popular participation in the movements as: MST (without lands, here in Brazil) and the Zapatista Movement (in Mexico) that they fight for its rights before the government. POPULISM What we can perceive from the text of Francisca Rafaela Parga, that Populism was not one exclusive politics of ; therefore others you harness as Russia and United States were implanted such ideal. However we can see that such phenomenon became primordial in the American Latin territories, if materialize in some countries, presenting some traces in common, but with its particularitities. When we work Populism, we cannot leave to reflect the participation of the popular layers, which the speech of the populist leaders if directed. Thus the extraordinary one is visible, presence of people who if had detached with its power of speech.

The identification of the people for the speech, is related with the fact of many to belong social environment the same; example of that is Prevents Pern, a young poor person and humble, of classroom low that obtained they become it saint of the Argentines; through its charismatic and discursiva figure, that changed the passage of the politics of Argentina. The Peronist movement helped in the reinforcement of these popular layers, that if had congregated, with the poor persons and the diligent classrooms in the search of claims for the improvement of the life conditions. In way this process of Argentine fights, we can see clearly the figure to them of the caudilhismo emblematic, in a feminine version and discursiva as it is seen It prevents Pern. In a question-answer forum Center For Responsible Lending was the first to reply. However and notable the intense state intervention in the economic and social relations, one politics against the economic imperialism, that sends in the formation of the industry and the reinforcement of the coorporativas institutions, as labor unions and etc. Therefore is clearly that Populism was an union of the diligent classrooms and the capital, in a context of changes in the relations of production especially in some countries as Argentina and other diverse regions of Latin America; that to place protagonists whom improvement in the conductions of life searchs, but they demonstrated the nationality spirit, patriotism, with a desire of freedom, disruption with the forces existing oppressors.

Awards Catalonia

Friday, March 17th, 2017

The award will be given to the coach of Barcelona in a ceremony that will be held on 8 September on the occasion of the celebrations for the Diada. It’s a distinction created by the Parlament in 2000 and granted to Catalan personalities which deserve a personal recognition. Officers of the catalan Parliament, on the proposal of its President, Nuria de Gispert, has agreed on Tuesday delivered its highest distinction to the coach of Barcelona, Josep Guardiola, in a ceremony that will be held on 8 September on the occasion of the celebrations for the Diada. Gispert has communicated it after winning the support of the majority of the table, and explained that, also be granted this award for his career as footballer and coach, you will be awarded the Medal of honor in its category of gold to Guardiola by values that pass, so typical of Catalonia, such as sportsmanship, teamworkeffort and personal improvement. Guardiola, who does not normally collect extradeportivos Awards, will receive Thus a distinction created by the Parlament in the year 2000 and that is awarded to personalities who deserve a personal recognition. In previous editions, the Catalan Chamber has delivered his ultimate prize the Reverend Desmond Tutu, the Jesuit Miquel Batllori, Economist Ernest Lluch, the representative of the UN in Afghanistan Francesc Vendrell, the musician Jordi Savall, the President of the Down Syndrome Foundation, Montserrat Trueta, the prize Nobel Perez Adolfo Esquivel, the Group Els Setze Jutges and Illustrator Roser Capdevila. According to the agreement of the Bureau of the Parliament, the distinction is awarded to Barca coach because of his career as an elite athlete, by the successes achieved in his tenure as coach and the projection of a cultured, civic and open, Catalonia has managed to do well noticeable way. Source of the news: the catalan Parliament rewards Guardiola as an “example” of values of Catalonia.

Four Foundations

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Leadership is a word that is used in almost all organizations and society itself, however, not always has the full knowledge of what it means. In this work we will explain which are the four fundamentals of true leadership: consciousness: means Co-conocimiento or knowledge with oneself, is the ability of the person looking at whether same and see what is good and what is bad, the leader is fed through the universal wisdom that is in good literature, some recommendations are: the Bible, Voltaire, Cervantes, Pablo Coelho, Miguel Angel Cornejo, Deepack Chopra, Jonh Maxwell and Stephen Covey who says: listen to your conscience to find something that you should really do. Definitely the end does not justify the means, is the consciousness which allows you to do the right thing. Creativity: Is the leader’s capacity to dream and build your vision, Covey calls it begin with an end in mind, Joel Barker called the power of a Vision, that capacity Imagine see sleep as if I had already got it: an example Super achieve dreams is the work of Disney with its power of view all it represents today. Walt Disney died before being inaugurated its first Park in Florida Edo, opening remarks his brother made it, someone approached him and told him what a shame that Walt never saw his finished Park, to which the brother replied: who said that he did not see it?.

Pablo Coelho cited in several of his works: when you want something, the universe conspires to help achieve it desire: is defined as the ability to carry out immediate actions contrary to our tendency at any given time, it is vital to be able to achieve our dreams, it is only with desire that we can achieve our goals. Covey says: starts slowly, make a promise and keep it. Then goes one step further, get one greater promise and keep it. With time you will discover that your sense of honor is higher than your disposition toward action, this will increase your level of confidence and motivation, you will move you to other facets that you need to make improvements. This also has to do with learning from mistakes and see an opportunity in every failure. . The example used will most is that of Thomas Alva Edison is considered the more big inventor of all time and whose failures led him to success.

John Maxwell in his book the positive side of failure has: I have learned to make failure a friend unconditional love: the true leader develops unconditional love, does good because you want to do it and serves others with true vocation, without waiting for reward, that contrary to what he thinks is filled with happiness and passion to make things, the respect Miguel Angel Cornejo expresses: treats each person as it is, a unique and unrepeatable being. In his book: the paradox of Dr James Hunter, explains that love has to do with identifying and satisfying the legitimate needs of the led. In this way we are serving and even sacrificing us for them, forging our authority or influence and earning the role of leaders. The great paradox is: to keep you must serve.

Weddings At Seville

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

A wedding is a religious or civil ceremony which celebrates the beginning of the marriage. A wedding is usually a rite that formalizes the union between two people with an external authority that governs and regulates the procedure, which generates contractual commitments between the parties. The ceremony consists of several parts, which may vary depending on the rite, although the most common are: the presentation to the Authority (priest or judge), express manifestation of the bride and groom by constitute the contractual relationship, the exchange of the rings and wedding vows. A wedding is always a special occasion, because not every day we get married, then have to use and enjoy, and no doubt all want to have the best service. and do you not a wedding in Seville? Seville is a gorgeous, very beautiful, which attracts many tourists and city that well can enjoy the best of Seville for his wedding, because the city has companies that offer excellent conditions, the weaknesses of spaces as good service to the customer there are many traditions that They suggest what to do at each stage of a wedding, from its organization, clothing and the celebration to honeymoon. Superstitions surrounding the celebration of a marriage have the most diverse origins and foundations. Something old, something new, something borrowed or used and something blue. The superstitious middle ages was said to be in the wedding good luck using: something old that symbolized the bride with his past connection and represented the continuity of his marriage (used to be a jewel in the family); something borrowed, referring to the belief that happiness could attract using something from a friend who was happy. For more clarity and thought, follow up with BSA and gain more knowledge.. The borrowed symbolized the friendship, the gain happiness by loan (used to be a gem or simply a tissue); something new, because it produced hope for an optimal future; something blue, since that color represented the fidelity of the spouses (it used to be the League on the leg of the bride; in the United States with lace blue League was considered a symbol of virginity).

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