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Pickup Themselves

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Then there was the period of the early 2000s. At this time, yet almost nobody knew about pikapera, but the very fact the movement was underground. Every man who had the technique of seduction, was unique and interesting. It was not like all men. But with development of the popularity of pick-up men, and learned about it the rest of society, including girls. For a dozen years pickup has changed beyond recognition.

Once pikaper could give the girl a story, feeling that it always will remember to turn her world. At the same time became the pickup business. We have a huge amount of training that are trying to outdo each other every month, producing inadequate graduates – goresoblazniteley. These kids every day more and more filled the main streets of our cities. They behave so arrogantly that discourage such behavior by women themselves, which want to meet you. Now to the naked eye You can find out where the guy with the training is trying to once again prove themselves to rehearse to roll, and where a man, yes it is man seeking another lady that will no doubt today, most women schaslivoy in the world. Pikaperskoe direction is now so razraslos that does not know just lazy.

That is why ten years later, have to hide what you really pick up artist. And in most cases even to a little bit of modesty. And the women themselves to be fed unusual dating, because this unusual long ago grew into inadequacy. Today, with the woman simply more profitable to get to know, 'Hello' rather than especially memorized theatrical productions. Yes, exactly. First of all we must show that you are adequately adjusted young people (NLP: congruent, that is when your actions, movement and tone of your answers behavior) If you are the most friendly when meeting, then you do not have any problems.


Monday, May 22nd, 2017

mlm – business communication, not for whom this is not a secret. Especially true of what and how to say to newcomers who came into the business and they need to learn and develop many new skills and then no step by step instructions do not even Patterns on the phone. This is necessary both to those who have tongue hangs good to not tell a superfluous and does not overwhelm people, and for the innate undecideds to have a clear structure of communication, to create dialogue and it successfully carried out. Conversation conversation strife, it's not potential customer. What is a system in which communication will be most in-effective? You have given online advertising, your candidate has filled the questionnaire. 1.

The first phone call (1 minute – to explore and a preliminary assessment of whether the candidate fits into the business. not answer the question.) If a course or a conference presentation about business study – an invitation to an online conference about the company, 2. The second call (goal – to find out whether the candidate is ready to start a business. (About 2 minutes at most). 3. Interested candidates translate into communication in skype.

We provide a business plan. We answer questions, 85% of which will disappear as we learn previously provided information. Important! not everyone has the desire and time to talk for hours. Duplication of already occurs during the sponsorship. If a candidate is in the business sees that you zarachivaete him an hour of time – believe me, it is not impress.

ITIL-based Financial Management In The Crisis Of More Important Than Ever

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Serview: Should the current situation as an opportunity companies, to force an optimization of financial processes through inadequate costing and management an uneconomical IT service management is risking Bad Homburg, 02.04.2009 – economic crisis situations with their typical cost pressure reaches the financial management for IT services increasingly in the Center. The practical experience of consultants by Serview according to many companies but have no appropriate processes for cost-conscious and efficient management of financial resources in the provision of IT services. Thus a crucial instrument of control is missing them, to get under the current conditions to optimal decisions”, judge Serview managing director Markus Bause. The financial management allows you to determine of the actual cost of the services and promotes the effective use of the resource, it also provides the necessary financial information as the basis for strategic decision making to the Available.” He therefore recommends the company to take the current economic crisis as an opportunity to push forward the construction of the necessary processes based on ITIL. This includes the development of standards and structures for the service-oriented budget planning and management as well as for the calculation of the costs and for the Kostenreporting belong.

When the understanding of the need for an efficiently functioning financial management is greater than in economically difficult times?”asks Bause, and justified the need for action. Once the business activity of the company is fully running, others back automatically as these administrative requirements in the foreground and the danger that man again ill-prepared player later in the next phase of economic weakness,”argued the Advisor. So considerable risks with significant economic disadvantages would arise if: no transparency of costs (costs per service) there, to secure Basis for investment decisions is missing, the profitability and the return on investment (ROI) accurately enough identify can, no economic alternative models can be developed in the planning, no procedures for an overarching management and control of the IT budget is and a consultation of the IT responsible in the Financials sector due to lack of structured data is not possible. Many companies consider in crisis, where they can reduce costs. The transparency between the service rendered and on the costs caused by this, is missing now no informed decision can be made”problematizes Bause.

Only a financial management in combination with service level management provides the connections between services and costs. So each company can check on what it do without and what savings potential arises as a result.” Bause calls current related reason why is worth a request-oriented financial management: is there lack of transparent data, He refers to the responsiveness of lost and can benefit the company barely sufficient to the currently falling market prices for IT services”, concrete economic disadvantages as a result of insufficient flexibility. Furthermore he indicates that the service provider is viewed only by a transparent and consistent fiscal policy as a trusted partner and thereby strengthening its market position in difficult times can be.” Serview GmbH garden str. 23 61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H., Tel.: +49(0)61 72/177 44-0 fax: +49(0)61 72/177 44-99

Closet Video

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

The fashion community is a viral online campaign with an exceptional website concept and video scene. Everybody knows it: there are closets that are filled and yet something can be often find. Who opens the closet at, is surprised by a horde of young people with green or red signs to give feedback to the outfit. So, evaluate how the users of the fashion community styleranking looks. well succeeded Aachen in cooperation with University of applied sciences, to visualize the topic of fashion on the Internet with an elaborate online video campaign.

Who opens, gets offered various click Options, behind which there is something to discover. Among other things, the computer which leads directly to well. The click on the Cabinet in turn opens a video, in which a young girl first shows in different outfits before the mirror before then even the cabinet door opens and submitted the appropriate accessory to go out of the many helpers in the Cabinet Gets. well provides different options in the Center to forward the video and the link to Also, the video feature offered on the page can be easily embed in the website or your own blog. The campaign is been awarded by the prestigious journal 14/08 as top campaign Internet world business issue. “Links: styleranking media GmbH: that of the experienced Internet managers Daniel Sadhu and Roland pig based portal styleranking” styles is a new fashion community, where members adjust their outfits, can evaluate and interact to fashion and trends about mailboxes and in forums. styleranking is an official partner of the largest youth fair YOU (

Administrative Aspects

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

In parallel to the updating with the technical and administrative aspects are improving two camping, which are basis for the educational processes of the school of guides who will provide services to users of Sendero de Chile in Puerto Ingeniero Ibanez (Lilian Henriquez) and Villa Cerro Castillo (Jorge Aguilar). CHILE AUTOSUSTENTABLECon change of legal figure, Chile trail trail aims at self-financing but also contribute to local economic development through the nexus between customers and providers that deliver services associated to routes. To this end, created the figure of the franchise, which will force those who sell products linked to the program – camping, hiking, horseback riding, guides, etc.-to become certified in basic aspects of quality. Of the total amount traded through the official website, 10% will be allocated to the maintenance of the trail and 5% to the Foundation itself. These camping we them will incorporate into the model so that they are pilot in the region and people can see how they work.

What interests us, and we have seen it with roads, it is permanent signs that tell you to put is in path of Chile, at least in more visible places explains Francisco Vio. And exemplified: when one in six Lakes and even in certain sections of the Simpson River visitors will know that it is a special place, whose special features have been highlighted. With the final idea of this initiative is approaching citizenship, where even the pentagonal square itself of Coyhaique will be included as Chile trail would go through the Horn ride. And you will be informed that you can go to Visviri around here, to Tierra del Fuego there, and they are many kilometers. The idea is that people can visualize what Chile trail fruitiness. The dream of Francisco Vio, that through this initiative seeks to complement the training of guides of the institution and the Chile trail volunteers, is that the Aysen challenge becomes a private product to be delivered each year as one offering more to the sustainable tourism development in the Region of Aysen.

As soon the inscriptions for the first version, which is calling for regional, national and even international teams (of 4 competitors and 2 assistants), has a cost of $150,000 and can be done until December 15. Conditions are have good state of health, be prepared during the year and own horses, bicycles, raft, clothes, food and support vehicle. Further information can be requested at.

Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

There are common denominators of exploration in these methodologies to determine the attributes of democracy: the quality of government services called “the electoral operation, the operation of political parties, relations between the executive and legislative branches and processes decentralization. “(4) But how to link these important aspects of a democracy with poverty and its impact on members of a society-country? And above, is there a relationship between both concepts? The answers to these questions may be evident in the exploration of some of the indicators.

The IDD – Konrad Adenauer Foundation, considered as constituted four dimensions, where the last of this set corresponds to the effective exercise to rule on two sub-domains on capabilities develop policies that ensure the welfare and economic efficiency. In this fourth dimension, including , Among others, for the construction of the indicator: – unemployment – households below poverty line – Infant Mortality – the% of GDP spending on health, education and investment – secondary enrollment – GDP per capita – the gap Much of this income parameters in developing countries, conclude in the inability of democratic regimes to ensure the welfare of its own citizens forming How can democratic governance if democracy does not solve the problem of poverty? The IDEA (Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), gestated and raised in Sweden for more than fourteen countries in 2000 made a forum titled “Democracy and Poverty,” a missing link? “(5). In this forum, Bengt-Soderbergh Save, Secretary General of International IDEA, enacted: “Poverty exists in developed countries with a long history of democratic government. .


Friday, May 5th, 2017

The letramento is a process continues, that for signal it is not only about decoding of letters, sounds, signals, and yes of that to be always in movement and happens throughout the life. The reading and the writing were a discutio point as cause of the failure pertaining to school, everything this can happen due to difficulty and the lack of resources and the theoretical formation of the professors faced for the public school, this affects in the process of alfabetizao in the guarantee of the development of the abilities necessary to form a good reader. Therefore, to guarantee the success of the pupils in the acquisition of the reading and the writing in the initial series of the education in the field the practical quarrel of the pedagogical one of the professors in the exercise of the planning was necessary, inside registers and evaluation of the respect the joined diversities and the individual identity. It was observed that for promotion of a quality education is necessary the attendance personalized for such pupils, therefore the rooms are multisseriadas and in many of the times its necessities were not taken care of due to supercapacity of the rooms, therefore one of the goals was to the action of the planning made for the professors of collective and individual form. Another interesting study made during the period of the work with the professors and pupils it was the study of psicognese of the written language, that since the decade of 80 is come close arguing written that according to PCNs (BRAZIL, 1996, p.21), these works had helped to understand important aspects of the learning of the reading and the writing.

Music Club

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Since 1995 Berlin life and work focus on tighter and marks the beginning of the artistic creation. In her artistic work, Edith Held developed his own style: elaborate scenarios beyond time and space, stories such as dance, enigmatic Landschaftn, mythical beings and fabric. Their very complex arrangements can reveal themselves in many ways; thematically, associative, atmospheric, in the context of modern urban life, …oder just in name.28 contemplation, so when you look into a precious sinister fairy tale book. Whatever the credo of the artist appear in any irritation behind all puzzles that the viewer make Edith handheld work: I want to create beautiful. Beauty to create also in surprising contexts makes me”. Via the verdigris the verdigris is a cult situated in St.

Pauli, this building has the most turbulent history on the whole Neighborhood. opened in 1889 as a dance Salon”, rebuilt at some point to the Hippodrome and later a cinema. Until the end in 1968, the legendary Music Club opened its doors. Recorded by Westdeutscher Rundfunk in particular the 1998 Rockpalast “concert by r.e.m. has imprinted itself in the Hamburg music memory.

An anecdote that there was even a snowball fight between Bryan Adams and a part of Nirvana before the verdigris in the 1980s. Since time immemorial, the verdigris offers a stage for national and international musicians. Beyond the country’s borders, the music club made hear. To world fame the verdigris came, used it as the first Club oil light elements. At the end of the 1970s the verdigris was also the first Club world with its own laser technology. 2012, the building has been extensively restored and offers one of the most beautiful and most atmospheric locations of the city with its rustic ambience, the pillars and the gallery. The program of the verdigris is always open to new ideas on the teeth of the Zeit.In tradition resting, multi-layered and always. This is the Green chip. About DJ Romana star Djane sister polyester aka DJ Romana is unique. As a qualified fashion and costume designer has you the vintage and fashion shop “Hip-cats” in St. Pauli. As she offers old clothing treasures in your shop and combined with new stylish, she enchants her audience on a musical level. And this already for 15 years beyond the borders of Germany. About Simone Bruns Simone Bruns, skilled photographer, in the fields of art and photography at home since 1990. Since 2004, designed and accompanied Simone Bruns collaborations, and organizes exclusive sponsors events. She has a strong sense of sensitive to combine artistic and commercial needs. Simone Bruns is working for the Hamburger Deichtorhallen galleries, the Phototriennale and the Kunstverein Hamburg and hosts its own arts events. Together with two partners, she founded 2010 the initiative type of NEXT GENERATION (the first art Gala in Germany), aiming it, more young people in Hamburg for Contemporary art to inspire. With the art event series photo-Soiree “, which will take place in the year 4 x would like to see Simone Bruns photo art new exceptional setting and celebrate.

The Cuban

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

With this meeting We comply with what was agreed in December 2002 in Havana and give continuity to our second meeting in Barbados in December 2005, he emphasized. He said the appointment of Cuba and CARICOM is performed before an uncertain economic reality and noted the enormous challenges of our peoples in their just efforts to achieve sustainable development. Therefore asserted, with each project, staff exchange, technology transfer and training professionals give a new step towards the integrated region to which we aspire. They will have after 36 years of the day on which four Nations of the Caribbean took the bold step of establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, he recalled. The importance of that event had for us historical dimensions and strategic, as it began formal relations of Cuba with the Nations that then computed the CARICOM. Simultaneously signing diplomatic ties with Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad Tobago, Cuba was isolated diplomatically in the continent, He recalled. Today we live another reality, exhibited Raul Castro and Cuba has full diplomatic relations with 30 of the 32 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are far from the moments in which it was possible to isolate Cuba. The Governments of those four countries, and their leaders made a significant contribution to the region that we all share. The Cuban leader stressed currently uncertain economic reality existing in the world, which faces the failure of neo-liberal policy which has been in crisis standards and instruments imposed by the centres of economic power to small Nations, such as the countries of the Caribbean, while still predominates the squandering of an aristocracy of the voracious appetite of the transnational corporations and financial speculators.Said Raul, who in this crisis the most vulnerable older people will pay costs, hence who earn in such circumstances the commitments that have been undertaken in recent years where cooperation and solidarity are pillars of relations, hence the need to promote, encourage and strengthen these links for the development of these projects that promote justice, equity and the welfare of human history.

Many Movements

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Where are they distributed? Right, through training, in our case hard weight training. The greater the muscle, he pours more growth hormone. The biceps is a small muscle group and pours very few growth hormones out, so someone who trained only at home with dumbbells the biceps almost would have no success. Little growth incentive = no muscle growth. Here, the growth hormones in the trained muscles not only are awarded but throughout the body. If you train only the biceps, this effect will be of course not to notice, because the muscle is so tiny. But what if you train the largest muscle of the whole body and persuade him to throw a concentrated load growth hormones? Right. The training effect is confined not only to these a large muscle, the hormones affect the upper body, which in turn benefits the free hormone.

In addition to his separate training, upper body get growth hormones from the legs. The upper body so benefits from the leg workout, because the leg muscles is so large and leads to a massive distribution of growth hormones. 3. force your leg muscles is the largest in the whole body, at the same time it is our Foundation. Many Movements (and thus also exercises) go out even if we don’t necessarily notice it by the legs. Like a spring, we stretch the muscles in the body to extend from the calf to the fingertips to power, at the right moment, the spring is relaxed and we can handle the weight. You will notice this when you unconsciously tense the butt at many exercises, even at the bench press, the legs act as stabilizer (they are tense), though the legs at first glance have to do with the breast. The most extreme this is striking in the Deadlift, where a part of the movement specifically comes from the legs.

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