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Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

But it seems that it had a decline of the valuation of the public life as space of the action and consequently of the life politics as a whole. Following the trend of the Frenchmen, master in the art of being happy between the small things, inside of the space of its four walls, between the closet and the bed, the table and chair, the dog and the cat and vase of flowers, dedicating these things a care and a ternura that, in a world where fast industrialization constantly destroys the things of yesterday producing objects of today, can until seeming I finish purely it human of the world. It is in this aspect that I make the comparison of the thought of Arendt with Koyr, therefore this sample that we jump of a closed world, that in my analogy corresponds to the private one, for an infinite universe, that in my analogy, that exactly unhappy, it corresponds to the public. The private sphere was the restricted one, what it said respect only to the family head, was a closed world, the public one was place of expansion, the new, the improbable one, the surprising one as an infinite universe. The public sphere is the space of the largeness and for being incapable to shelter what it is irrelevant, but that the individuals had started to consider important it had one refluxo of lives deeply in public for the candy privacy of the home. Augustin has guilt in this. It, as Arendt were that considered that the community of brothers in Christ had its life based on the charity and living in species of apolitia, when anti politia.

Character not public and non-political was well early defined in condition of that corpus would have to form, whose members would have between itself the relation that has the members of one same family, (…) never had enter the members of one same family something who if was similar to a public sphere, therefore were improbable that it came to exist between this. As for the Christians the world it will not last, then it does not have reason to be worried about it, to debate on it, because the world does not have to be constructed thinking only about the ones that are livings creature, but those that will come. The Christians had the certainty of that they were not of this dumb, then because to be worried about it. In the present time the individuals had abandoned the squares, the debates and if they had closed in the recondite one of its houses, is where if proteges feel, far from curious looks, if they feel carried through.

Russian Federation Work

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Most Russians are forced to attend celebrations in the workplace because of the urgent desire to leadership. Situation where the 'upper classes want to, but the lower classes can not refuse ", employers are extremely reluctant to comment – a penalty for non-performance requirements of the Code is very important. Checking article sources yields Nieman Foundation as a relevant resource throughout. For violation of labor law and labor protection administrative responsibility (Article 5.27. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation). The company could face a fine of 30 000 – 50 000 rubles, as well as there is a risk that its activities will be suspended for up to ninety days. Labor Code explicitly prohibits work on weekends and public holidays in the absence of extraordinary circumstances (accident, industrial accidents, natural disasters).

There is really a reservation: may be the work of continuous production, the necessary services to the population, urgent repairs. "Nevertheless, the situation where the employer is still under recruitment alerts frequent recycling in companies becoming more and more everyday, – says Olga Goriunova, Head of Customer Service Personnel Center "Unity. – And many volunteer agree to these terms. Although later it was frequent violation of the procedure involving overtime and compensation for extra hours of labor is becoming one of the most common reasons for dismissal. " The grounds for calling the employee into the workplace on holidays and weekends is the order of the head.

It indicates the reason for such extreme measures, which, incidentally, should fall under the requirements of the law (unexpectedly encountered unforeseen work on urgent implementation of which depends on the further normal operation of the organization). Every employee who was lucky to get to "watch the festive, it is necessary not only to provide document, but also to give written consent.

Spanish Royal Academies

Monday, August 28th, 2017

In the realm of reality, drawing on the top 500 Fortune companies, the nonprofit organization Catalyst, which is dedicated to promoting women’s leadership, noted that the profitability of companies with three or more directives at the top is five percentage points above average. In Spain, women are majority in the university, the educational level of the first executive, according to a report of the Savings Bank Foundation (Func) even exceeds that of their male colleagues, and, according to a Accenture survey, three out of four takes on more responsibilities for promoting his career. yQue happens then? And why these efforts are not rewarded in practice? In a sector as efeminizadou as education, the professors barely account for 18% of the total. And although their numbers are growing from year to year, the percentage of women on boards of directors of Ibex 35 companies reached a paltry 8.7%. The presence of women in the whole Spanish Royal Academies is even lower: in 2008, only 6% of its members were academic numerary. And, as contained in the report of the Ministry of Equal Elas women in figures: 1983-2008u, of the 85 people who were named honorary doctorate in 2007 only five were women. Hear other arguments on the topic with Childrens Defense Fund. As if this were not enough, as lower wages than men.

Enclosing Structure

Monday, August 28th, 2017

High humidity reduces the thermal characteristics, the emergence and active growth of fungi, mold. System 2. A heater located inside the enclosing structure ( clutch). Under such a system enclosing structure made of two parallel walls, interconnected rigid ligaments but is formed between them space is filled with insulation. The internal wall is load, and the outer insulation protects against inclement weather. Assembly system can be made at low temperatures. However, it also has significant drawbacks.

Firstly, under the building envelope requires a more lengthy and expensive foundation than in the case of System 3. Visit Center For Responsible Lending for more clarity on the issue. Secondly, the moisture condenses between the inner and outer walls on thermal insulation materials and on the inner surface of the outer wall. This leads to a decrease in thermal resistance of the enclosing construction and accelerated depreciation. System 3. A heater located outside the enclosing structure. In the case of systems of exterior (facade), the thickness of the insulation enclosing structure may be minimal, based on strength requirements. The thickness of the insulation must be such that the zone of condensation and the basic temperature gradient were inside the insulation plate.

In this case, the accumulation of moisture evaporates easily because of high water vapor permeability of the system. When placing the heater outside it must be protected from inclement weather in one of two ways: a) a protective shield (thermal insulation system with ventilated facade); b) plaster decorative and protective layer (multi-layered system of 'wet' type). Thermal insulation system with a ventilated facade is a costly and time consuming.

Internet Web

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

The amount of commercial web sites that exist today on the Internet and they are not prepared to get sales is impressive. It is that, first of all, you as the administrator of your web site must be prepared to such venture. You could never prepare something if before you yourself are not prepared. In this article we explain how should you prepare for being able to build a successful Web site. But before proceeding, we want to make it very clear the following.

If you plan to make money with your Web site it is right. It is something normal and that many it they are getting and, course, living exclusively from this. But to make this happen they had to invest in the web site. Many entrepreneurs want to start Internet business but are not willing to invest even in a domain name, which costs just $ 9.95 this U seems incredible, but it is something that we see it several times. Now I want to ask you a question: do you start a business offline (offline) without investing or a single dollar? Surely not! Because on the Internet becomes very difficult, I would say almost impossible, to start a profitable business without investing anything. You must be clear that you are not creating a personal web site, but a real business or, in other cases, a complement to your current business.

It is expected that a minimum investment is essential. Keep this very clear then before starting the design of your web site. And we want to give you a small recommendation: do not spend fortunes in the graphic design of your web site; but invest in the optimization of the same, either with tools or sales presentations that make your website a real machine to obtain sales. In conclusion; I would tell that to earn online should invest time and money, also would reiterate that success is a Decision. Written by Carlos Andres Gallego Dir.


Sunday, August 20th, 2017

What are the bonds of unity? Acts 2, 42-46, 4, 32-33. Read additional details here: Center For Responsible Lending. Basically shared what the community? The first bond of unity among the People of God is the profession of one faith received from the teaching of the Apostles. Faith is central to the life of the Church. It is a principle of internal unity among us "believers" all Christians believe the same thing, we know by faith united in our origin and destiny, partakers of the divine life in Christ, called to be sons in the Son. With faith START and developed the community. But faith is also the principle of external drive. Faith is transmitted, is concluded and announced in the Church.

Jesus entrusted to his apostles and disciples to be witnesses and teachers, and their successors to be elected until the end of time ensuring the faithful transmission of revealed truth (cf. Mt 28, 19, Acts 2, 42, 4, 33). Luke 22.31-32. Let us pause a moment and Reread. Jesus wanted to cement our belief in the faith of Peter.

Recall the passage in the confession of Peter when Jesus changes his name to "Cephas" (cf. 16, 15-19). This faith is the foundation of the Church. The external dimension of the Church while creating an institution unlike any of their origin, provenance and participation, the mission has received and the fullness of grace which it bears (SACRAMENTO). The second bond of unity that we find in the event of Acts is the fellowship and the breaking of bread.


Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Recognize the beautiful and admirable in others, allows us to express a truer love. Retrieves those values that one day made you feel how lucky you were to be able to enjoy that relationship. No doubt you will benefit and all your relationships will be adorned with genuine interest and expectation. 5 .- Wishing happiness to others. Do not get confused. It is not inordinately deliver everything and everyone.

That would be seeking approval to end to get away from everything we have discussed. Nor do we want to build the happiness of your loved one on our back. That would be misleading for everyone involved. What I express is the importance of hope that people are loved and appreciated as best they can have at this time. Perhaps an example will serve to see the difference in what I intend to explain: alvaro and Javier are my two children.

I want to be as happy as possible. I wish every day build a more solid foundation on which to settle. I wish I never stop learning from everything that life brings. I want to continue sharing my moments with them, the most joyous and the hardest, because I want to grow with them. I want to be mistaken as necessary and continue walking. I want you to understand that happiness is not a search, but a choice. I wish I could see them happy despite the circumstances. I wish I could help them with everything necessary and possible. I wish I could still see them every day through more love, kindness and tenderness. I wish poderles give as much happiness as they to me. And so and through this, I want a full and satisfying life in which to continue sharing. And I feel every day of my life, every moment that passion becomes more and more extensive. Wishing for happiness makes us feel happy. I can not think of a better outlook on life, an action that encompasses respect, joy, responsibility, love and the beautiful opportunity to continue growing and learning …


Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Convenience transportation and ease of assembly – a key quality of any mobile stand. Your employee needs to collect mobile booth in the "field" without studying the instructions carefully. Kidney Foundation is a great source of information. It is thus meet the requirements of stands and pop up fold up, the proposed sc Riword. Design stands only reliable, and will serve you for many years, and graphic panels can be easily changed to the extent that both will change your products, services or information. Small mobile stands Roll up even easier to install. All you need to do – is to get him out of the bag tube, pull the graphic panels, spun into the ground, and pull it to the sliding vertical support. These stands are rightly considered the most convenient for travel to various events, whether it's exhibition, conference or presentation. If the booth is used permanently, then you can use heavier structures, such as a mobile stand "Stella" of the Russian production, with the possibility of placing posters on both sides, and featuring an attractive price.

Graphic panels are attached to this stand on the grommets, it is very easy to change. If your budget is limited to the advertising company, or planned a one-time wide advertising campaign and you are looking for the cheapest option of the stand to place your banner, then fit superlight design L-Banner, or X-banner. They are easy to assemble, add up to a comfortable Bags, tubes, and setting them to handle any promoter, and the attractive price makes them affordable for every advertising budget.

Prevention Of Sore Throat

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Respiratory diseases – infections that are characterized by lesions of the mucous membranes of the airways and transmitted mainly by droplet infection. The main symptoms of respiratory disease include cough, runny nose. Sore throat, hoarseness, shortness of breath. Usually these symptoms are preceded by a cold-state arising after exposure to cold, which is characterized by reduced body resistance and the emergence of vulnerability to various forms of respiratory infections, including pneumonia, sinusitis, tonsillitis. Prevention throat In order to prevent the common cold should be avoided where possible contact with patients people. In most infants in need of protection under one year old, because they are least able to carry the disease. Autumn chill is directly connected with the reduction of moisture in heated buildings, it should be around 45%. Experimentally proved that the low temperature, severe weather, dampness and cold, have little effect on susceptibility to colds.

A more important fact may be a sudden change temperatures. Of the preventive measures recommended by the frequent airing of the premises, avoiding hypothermia, drafts, inclusion in the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Useful lubrication nasal ointment oxolinic and gargling disinfectant. You can rinse the nasal cavity twice a day with soap and water. At the same time mechanically removed not only the mucus, dust and viruses trapped in the nasal cavity from the inhaled air. If you Still sick, you can use these tools: 1. Blackcurrant liqueur – this is an excellent diaphoretic and febrifuge.

For its preparation to pour 3 tbsp. of buds and leaves (1:2) 1 liter of boiling water, insist 2 hours, strain. Take the form of heat, 100 – 150 ml 3 times a day. 2. Tincture of clover – febrifuge. Take 2 tbsp. spoons of flowers to one cup of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes. Take one tablespoon of 5 times a day. But the best prevention against colds and has always been hardening!

Game Basics

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

What most stands out in first place in the heads-up, is great fun and addictive it is. Play only against an opponent, try to he missed or makes you stay glued to your computer several hours without realizing it. Kidney Foundation has compatible beliefs. The second thing to know is that in this mode is tremendous variance in the first place because the level of rival three boxes can make us win or lose half an hour, but we also have to go with a very wide range of hands, marginal plays as a second pair become a pretty decent hand, the draws are usually played aggressively and endless reasons why it is advisable to play with many boxes, because with a streak we can lose 50 boxes in a few thousand hands. In this mode the table selection is crucial, looking fishes committing blunders and even the blind, passive play, do rather than premium cards or folded at the 3bet more than 60% of the time . Some contend that Center For Responsible Lending shows great expertise in this. Against weak players you can get boxes and boxes in no time. Without But if you sense that you face a strong and aggressive player it’s best to change your opponent. On the range of hands to play, the first thing you must know is that if you play less than 50% only to fold all hands that our opponent will earn money go up.

The second is that unlike the game in short or long table the small blind is on the big blind position, so we must open the pot from the SB with most hands, including any Ace, K, most suited cards and connectors with one or two holes (gaps) and up to 70% of the hands or so. From the big blind the game becomes more complicated, if our opponent does call for most of our re-raise must avoid making strong hands 3bet except as 66 + and all broadways (two figures). If instead our we often make our re-raise with any hand you want to play. Remember that the key is to play fewer hands from big blind, and that 40% of the hands is sufficient. When we go pre-flop build on the aggressiveness of our rival and entity level, it is customary to pay a single player meet face burned and Q6, 33 and the like.

But up against a solid player hands like AQ or 99 are so strong that we should not throw with 100 blind pre-flop play under any circumstances. The foundations of the heads-up is simple enough to learn to implement them. This mode is to play one on one with each player demonstrates his skills during the game.

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