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Independent Communities

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

The 2011 have supposed for the pharmacy offices, a year of swings, entrance in force of new Decrees, slope of margins or publication of the new agreement of Offices of Pharmacy. However, it has been a year of goings and comings, but mainly, and as we see from Asefarma ( the 2011 it has been, and thus it must be considered, a year of reinforcing of ideas like the necessity to impel the dynamic management, 12 months that can serve to us to begin to glimpse the future of this sector with new horizons being tried to approach our offices from pharmacy Europe. A review to this 2011 Several subjects that worried to the sector have been finding answer and solution throughout the year. An example of it is that the threat of the liberalization has dissipated in 2011, mainly after the large file given by the European Commission to the process abierto in 2006 against the Spanish norm that questioned the criteria of regulation and planning of the Spanish pharmaceutical model. A process that also affected norms of countries like France, Portugal, Cyprus or Greece. At economic and financial level, the 2011 have brought to the lowered new offices of pharmacy in the margins and the own prices of medecines. With the entrance in force of Real Decrees 4/2010 and 8/2010 RD many pharmacies have observed how selling the same number of prescriptions, they invoiced less at the end of the month, explains Patricia Fernandez, Subresponsable of the Department of Accounting of Asefarma. This, together with the restriction of the credit on the part of some financial organizations, or the delay in the payments in some Independent Communities, as well as the fast correction of the market of the transmissions, as Jose Manuel Retamal explains, Person in charge of the Financial Department of Asefarma, has marked the sector throughout the 2011.

Catherine Ponders

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Nature abhors Catherine Ponders empty spaces in his book: laws dynamics of prosperity if you walk by the shore of the beach you’ll see the footprints that you’re leaving behind while you watch as the waves of the sea are determined to erase the footprints, that is a singular form that takes the nature tell us that empty spaces were made so that they were filled with an abundance of creation. This law applies to all facets of everyday life, you must first create and then you see materialized the manifest result of your belief. The law of the vacuum teaches you you’re going to create something for which you create a space. This law is misleading because sometimes we overlook it and to pass the time we don’t have that we accumulate things in truth we don’t need. What you’re not using give away it to others who need it, so you think spaces and new things come to you.

Donate your old furniture, if you want new furniture, clothing and books. Anything that is taking additional space in the House gives it a church to one non-profit organization or someone who can use it. Do not give to other broken objects or things that may cause problems because once you put that energy into circulation you will receive the same. What you offerings, that receive. When you release the place where you live of rills and congestion that you don’t need, you’re lightening your life. Offers without fear of what no longer serves you and replace it by what do you need. This law works everywhere where you relate with the planet and other living beings. When you forgive others you are creating a place for health and harmony to appear in your life. If you want abundance in your life don’t you sonsacaras that married person, because there is too much love surrounding us to foster the unhappiness of others.

Assessment Of Professional Membership Promotion

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Positive feedback on information stands of 94 service GmbH Burgwedel/Hannover by the on fundraising and social marketing specialist company service 94 GmbH operated information booths for public relations of clubs and associations in shopping markets and supermarkets have triggered a positive response. The evaluation of 7,500 surveys of the market responsible for briefings showed that nearly 91 percent of the markets positively assessed the actions. The company successfully working for decades in the area of member management and membership drive for clubs and associations service 94 GmbH, Member of the German fundraising Association, developed campaigns for non profit organizations. The permanent employees and employees implement the briefings then in consultation with the client. In the last 12 months were asked after the actions for public relations for clubs the market and Center Manager after their impressions. In the written submissions expressed over 90 percent positive about the sequence of actions. Only in the rarest of cases, there was criticism. GmbH asked the service 94 since she authorities after completion of briefings, there is on time improve the quality of the actions can be years.

We take very seriously the criticism and respond immediately. Through the involvement of representatives of the landlord, you can quickly eliminate any defects. This is of course an advantage for future events, as the quality can be continuously improved”, Frank Kroll is pleased by the service 94 GmbH. information booths or events of clubs and associations were in the past often criticized. To counter this criticism by quality, the competent authorities at the venues be asked for several years in writing after completing the actions to your review. So, a high standard of quality can be achieved in terms of the clubs and the organizer at the time. The 94 service GmbH with headquarters in Burgwedel employs over 125 employees, of which around a third in the region in the field of promotion, public relations and fundraising. Since the beginning of the company’s more than ten years history is the continuous development of the quality of work and the social commitment of the company and the employees with, in the foreground of the company policy.

Without Borders

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

In one of those balls to raise deep on behalf of the children of Africa, Sarah Nick knows, a doctor who invades the event to the side of an African boy who deferred payment in the village in which he works as voluntary. It is in the supper in order to alert in relation pssima condition of the Etipia and to denounce the attention lack that they receive. Therefore, nobody better to follow it of what the black boy, small esqulido e. But the only sincere attention that it obtains is of Sarah that, made an impression with ' ' invaso' ' of Nick, it decides to join all its economies and to personally take trucks of provisions and vaccines to the African country, that do not last more than what four days. What it sees there is not nothing pretty, people apodrecendo alive literally, are covered of flies while they torram on the hot sun. The government neglecting helps the group of Nick, whereas the volunteers make what they can not to lose less of what 40 people to the day. The doctor, clearly, does not receive the socialite very well.

After all, for it, its intentions are not very true. It does not trust it that, in two days, he goes even so for London. When the film of the one jump of some years, we see that the wealth of the family of Sarah if had been, but its will to help to countries ' ' less favorecidos' ' not. It also works with volunteers who are in the cantos more longes and villains of the world, as a form to continue knowing of the paradeiro of Nick, to who it never more forgot. E, clearly, to prove that its intentions in Africa were true. Nick fights so that its group of volunteers continues receiving aid travels the world to help isolated and desolate villages for illnesses, threatened for the violence of the local governing and for the misery. Sarah fights so that its love for the doctor is consummated and without leaving to make the good, as well as Nick. Love Without Borders is a romance in a drama. The drama is not for the failures in meeting that happen between the couple throughout history, but yes for the situation of the places portraying the atrocities lived for the victims of the hunger, the war, the difficulties in leading it helps to the poor countries and the quandaries lived for the volunteers of the ONGS. But most important of history it is to show the lack of sensitivity of the governing, and that many insist on ignoring.

The Environment

Monday, October 16th, 2017

We understand by medium ambientelo that affects a being I live and is conditioned especially the circumstances of life of individuals or the society on his life. Comprises the set of all values, natural social and cultural that exist in one place and one time, influencing human life and future generations. I.e., it is not only space in which life develops but that also constitute all living beings, objects, water, soil, air and the relationships between them, as well as intangibles like the general culture. We do to protect the environment every day in all the newspapers of the world refers to the protection of the environment, everyone is encouraged to take care of this precious planet that day comes falling into pieces by disinterest and care that man has to take care of where you live. But will be true that the entities which promulgate this situation if they are caring for the environment? Not truth and that we see it daily by logging! indiscriminate tree performed around the world. More than 100 million trees per day for the use and manufacture of paper is being felled daily in all countries of the world.

If this is the main predator of environment-friendly paper, because without the entities may not work. I wonder what happens with the modernization of the States in the world, with the era of information technology, where everything moves through a computer and does not require the use of paper. That is not taken into account since here you will find a list of those which are more they consume and wear out the environment in the use of paper: in the first instance have to State in each nation. Those who daily consume an average of 100 thousand reams of paper on the distribution of documents unnecessary only by maintaining large wineries with this material and thus polluting the environment once.

Latin American Development

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

This information that serves as instrument for a more indigenous development is immersed in the book in the form vigoroza and punctual.Although what exists, in terms of information and knowledge, is the result of continuous changes throughout history, reading this book we can understand that we are living through an era of discontinuity, as Druker pointed out in the 60s. Discontinuity occurs when a series of innovations lead to great leaps social, technological or of any other nature so that the development of societies begins to move in other planes. Of this discontinuity speaks the book when it scans the Internet network, which is its most immediate manifestation and when he says the alternative of an electronic model for information systems which already today are being implemented in various forms, in varying degrees, in different parts of the globe.This phenomenon is leading us to a climax where we questioned whether we are part of the problem or the solution. The reflections of the book on new paradigms to teach a surprisingly new and ever-changing profession, underlies a philosophy of education that responds to all current knowledge based on individual and social empowerment and that here becomes a framework for reflection, a point of invaluable support to chart a course with meaning to the information sciences education. Undoubtedly leads to a punctual decision of conscience about what to do and how to support sustainable development in the Latin American region.Achieving competitiveness with globalization is based on the development of capital human, the book analyzes it to as a sine qua non condition to achieve the empowerment of information professionals. Training to be able to have a voice in this new information environment. From the point of view an epistemological and methodological guide for training new professionals of information is of great richness and consistency and a magnificent intersection between the present and the immediate future, training as an instrument and the diffusion of new ideas.Another element that add practical value to the book and that is at that intersection where the author fights against the degradation of the quality of traditional systems, is teach pioneering projects that take place in other latitudes with many or few resources that I learn from successful experiences, forms of transit through multiple paths and that serve to support actions and imagine ways of doing thingsbased on the already proven. .

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