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Prevents Increases In Contributions Should Be

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

PKV-Verband resists privately in the media often as wealthy contributors with numerous privileges represented, which is beyond any increases in the fees. Association Chief Volker Leienbach private health insurer that’s not entirely true. For a long time he’s strong scoring Association against further increases in contributions for a total of eight million members. The PKV must occur in a timely manner on reducing our cost base and should not excessively burden the insured. The private insurance Portal reported about the demands of the Association.

Compared to patients privately insured benefit from some advantages. You get doctor appointments faster, need to spend less time in the waiting rooms of the practices and receive the newest drugs without problems. However, this justifies not a cost explosion in the private health insurers. Finally, only 13 percent of the Privatversicherten earn more than the limit of the compulsory insurance. With almost 50 per cent comprise the majority of the privately insured officials. Another 14 percent of total contributions come from independent.

These do not necessarily work as professors or doctors. The remainder are pensioners, students and children. While the customers about possible cost reductions, the medical profession criticised the project of the PKV Association. Discount contracts are signed only with reluctance. Leienbach can understand the opinion of doctors. However, the services will not be charged for arbitrariness. In addition to the Government fee schedule needed greater control, to ensure the quality of services. Also from the side of politics, the Association Chief wants more initiative. The reduction of the three-year rule praised during the election campaign of the coalition was not discussed so far. More information:…/ pkv-kampft… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Credit For The Unemployed

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Credit for the unemployed is today still possible unemployed find it difficult to get credit, because usually the income which is limited to the unemployment benefit, is not sufficient to finance living expenses and at the same time raise the monthly instalments on a loan. But it offers can be read again and again, where unemployment despite have the opportunity to take out a loan to bridge financial bottlenecks, or can afford a purchase. Certainly, banks and savings banks that are interested to conclude a credit agreement, but because here, too, responsibility plays a big, a credit for the unemployed only in the rarest of cases will be awarded. Because lending is estimated a minimum charge per person by banks, as regards the financial needs in the month, often is given at the inquiry on a credit the cancellation. The budget of the unemployed do not usually sufficient. But, there are ways to get a loan However, because banks will accept it, for example, if a guarantor in the credit agreement is entered or is there a rental applicants. So also a credit for the unemployed can be completed, because the Bank has a security because it can be used up in the event that the borrower no longer paid to the guarantor or the joint applicants, to bring the claim. Loans for unemployed are typically only with collateral, as given the guarantee. Certainly, unemployment see this as harassment, but often enough could be found already, unemployment benefits can nearly enough and is unlikely to fund a credit of. However, there are loans for the unemployed again, even if these Schufa entries.

Leontis Equity Fund GmbH: Positive Industry Trend For 2010

Friday, November 24th, 2017

Leontis equity fund GmbH informed about private equity forecast BVK Wurzburg in April 2010: more than two-thirds of investors expect, according to private equity forecast 2010 of the BVK, industry association this year with higher investment, so the Handelsblatt in an article dated March 8. One reason for the optimism of the industry is especially the high capital requirements of SMEs. The trend is clearly upwards”, said Association Managing Director Dorte Hoppner the trade journal”. The BVK (Federal Association of German equity) opts for the high capital requirements of SMEs as the entire industry. The companies have a real topic of financing and seek alternatives”, Hoppner justified her optimism. Overall, more than two-thirds of respondents expect a rise in investment in 2010, about one in five expects similarly high levels of investment as in the last year. The Leontis equity fund GmbH is delighted by the positive expectations of the private equity industry. By Leontis offered Leontis equity funds provide SMEs with equity.

A special advantage of the Leontis equity funds is the independent system concept. This means: for new medium-sized investments no debt financed by banks is done inserted funding for the Leontis equity funds only with the help of equity. Thus, Leontis acts independently still difficult conditions of lending by banks. Funds investors of the Leontis equity in addition to the Bank independent plant concept will also benefit from a particularly rigorous assessment of new medium-sized investments. The Leontis management supported when selecting always external investment advisers, which have many years of experience in the market and make recommendations for new investments with high yield potential of Leontis equity fund GmbH. At the beginning of the year premium select Fund could announce to example the Leontis equity I a stake in the biotech company RAPID Pharmaceuticals AG.

This company is planning the 2012 Launch of a treatment against AIDS. Current products of Leontis equity fund investors can participate in those Fund premium select II (one time facility from EUR 5,000), as well as the Leontis equity are the Leontis equity fund easy select II (rates per month EUR 50 system). Both funds have the aim to achieve a strong growth of assets long-term at the same time highest risk reduction. About Leontis equity fund GmbH, the Leontis equity fund GmbH is initiator and provider of high-quality, structured investments in the form of closed-end funds. The company was founded in 2006. “” Since July 2008 Leontis provides already the successor fund Leontis equity fund easy select II “and Leontis equity fund premium select II” on. The Leontis concept allows investors access to exclusive top investments. The management of Leontis equity funds has many years of experience and competence in the design and management of closed funds products. Also bring the star-studded investment and Advisory bodies of the Leontis equity fund GmbH a decades of industry expertise. Learn more about Leontis equity fund GmbH at. Press contact: Leontis equity fund GmbH Marion Countess Wolffskeel Lambert Rottendorfer Street 30 d 97074 Wurzburg phone: 09 31 / 7 97 92 – 11 fax: 09 31 / 7 97 92 – 17 E-Mail: Internet:

Socio-Economic Development

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

This is a question of socio-economic development of . And I think that those positions that is, voices and defends your Mayor Kurylin Alexander, it is just these are the areas that are ultimately supported by the government, the governor, the legislature of the Samara region, for your total support, just create the conditions to minimize the effects of global crisis on the one hand, on the other hand, integrate and optimize resources, will qualitatively improve the efficiency and effectiveness. Alexander Kurylin, starting with the a powerful, almost said pre-election platform, tried to use it fully. Paying little attention to the crisis and its consequences, he said that the biggest challenge to that budget, which in the urban district was adopted, and those socially important objects, which were planned, obtained funding and continued development. Under the stadium "Crystal asked for the current year, 73 million rubles. These funds, taking into account co-financing from local budget, plans to put the building entirely with the finish, as well as the main field.

In 2010 to 100 million rubles.: To run the training field, roads, landscaping, fencing, lighting the main field and the public toilet. These funds will help the city completely finish the construction of the facility. The Mayor emphasized that this stadium will be to carry out various Universiade oblast and regional competitions of the Volga District, as there two storey office building set aside for a hotel. City park along the stadium fits into one architectural ensemble. For its reconstruction should be allocated in 2009 to design and other security expertise of 5 million rubles., and in 2010 already on the building – 82 million rubles.

The Reasons

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Another group of people also fail because they believe that dedicating 24 hours a day they are going to get better and forget that one of the reasons why we chose a work from home online, was to enjoy a little more of our stuff and our family. Not paying attention to this last and leaving personal and family relationships of side, us can lead to serious problems. A good method for starting a working from home over the internet could be the polls. There are companies that sell listings of companies that pay for answering surveys, are totally reliable, it is a matter of choosing which we like most and it is a good way to start a work from home online. Resolve as soon as possible, avoiding in this way that we importunen in our work or desorganicen our things, which will make not us to develop it to the fullest. The majority of people who start a work from home Internet, fail not understanding even when not should accountable to nobody, if we have a duty to ourselves and to our own responsibilities and they forget that they have a monthly salary and that this will be the result of your own work, reason to take it with consciousness and dedication.

Another group of people also fail because they believe that dedicating 24 hours a day they are going to get better and forget that one of the reasons why we chose a work from home online, was to enjoy a little more of our stuff and our family. Not paying attention to this last and leaving personal and family relationships of side, us can lead to serious problems. A good way to start a work from home Internet could be surveys. There are companies that sell listings of companies that pay for answering surveys, are totally reliable, it is a matter of choosing which we like most and it is a good way to start a work from home online. Original author and source of the article.


Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Karlsruhe (September, 2010) can be used in various companies such as image recognition. With the development of innovative software under the name smarter Klaus”, the Karlsruhe optimum GmbH sets new standards in image recognition. The system is able to identify products and components by these are held just before a camera. The crafty Klaus”can not only show what it is the subject-matter and which article number of the product has, but for example also, in which process he is needed, as is his current status and what number in the enterprise still exists. The feature of the new system is mainly to recognize a variety of different products. The novel combination of image and production data eliminates thus the attaching bar codes and labels. “Image recognition helps to identify products and to increase quality of smart Klaus” is a reliable colleague who helps companies, make safer manpower.

The Software supports operational quality management in different areas of usage: in the production of the goods receipt and? output as well as in the distribution. Line lists can be visually support, as for external contract workers or employees who are under time pressure. “At the same time, the system visualizes all manufacturing steps associated with a product: simply hold the device in front of the camera and the employee learns of the cunning Klaus”, what he must do. Even products that are too small or have no flat surface for a bar code that can be identified so efficiently. “And even more: on request the smart Klaus controls” behind even if the production was carried out correctly.

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