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All About Tires Continental

Friday, June 1st, 2018

Among the huge selection of tires, it's hard to pick the best for the car, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. To make an informed choice is a detailed overview of the most well-known and quality brands. This mark dunlop, Continental, nokian, goodyear. Although, of course, there are still plenty of great quality tires. Let's start with an overview of tires Continental, a leading German manufacturer of automobile tires and braking systems of high performance and high quality. We consider only the general characteristics of the tires of the brand, as in some of them will be available when selecting tires for a specific vehicle. The German company Continental is one of the leading places in the world market and the second largest producer of tire supplier in Europe. This company, founded about 130 years ago, it now relies on the safety, quality and long operating life tires.

She specializes in production of tires for different types of vehicles: buses, cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. Continental tires for the winter period have the following advantages: high durability, good traction, minimal effect of hydroplaning. These characteristics are achieved through a special tread pattern. They are also adapted to the conditions of Russian roads, and therefore will last several seasons. Which, of course, well help to save money. They are produced as with thorns, and without them.

Summer tires Continental on the road have high traction qualities, comfort and pleasant handling. With their help, the car achieved an increased flotation and stability on bad roads. It is worth noting that the use of a circular one year can not be rubber. Even the best quality tire designed only for certain weather conditions. There are so called all-season tires that can be used all year round. But they are little adapted for Russian roads and abrupt change in climate. Also, all-season tires are of various kinds, some more suited for riding in the plus temperature, and the other in red. Continental tires are quite popular in Russia, and therefore they can be purchased at almost any automotive store. Now, there is the possibility of buying through the Internet, which is very convenient for busy people, and for those who do not want to spend time on the trip. Usually, online stores and there are more choices, rather than stationary stores, plus you can always possible to arrange a delivery service tires. And of course, buying in Internet will save you, the main use only proven shops. In fact, it is important to pick up tires to suit the individual of any car. A consumer reviews of tires Continental brands are good. So when selection should take into account the brand, because more than century-old history of Continental once again proves the quality and confidence in the acquired rubber.

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