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Is The Director Responsible For Everything?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Who is the director? Someone who is an important person? Who gets the big salary? Who has authority? Maybe. But it’s not all. Let’s consider the word “director”. Director – Manager, Head companies and enterprises. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine usually is spot on. Traditionally, the director (head) – the highest position in the organization, empowering choice of development strategy, personnel management, debugging, financial flows of the company, etc. But is it really? Do managers of small and medium business strategic management, the company’s development, the development of other business areas, how much time remains on vacation, a family?

At present, Day formed the opinion – if the person is the leader, businessman and entrepreneur, he must work hard to verify each step of staff to make decisions for employees – after all who better manager knows what to do, and who but he will be responsible for your decisions. And, unfortunately, the managers themselves having other ideas about their role: to do everything yourself, alone, not to remodel again, believing in his control your business, delving into all the questions and decisions must be made scrutineer subordinates do not need to know why they had something roundelay subordinates must carry out any assigned to them employees must work harder, because they can be trusted with the implementation of many develop and agree an action plan and self implementation should implement the majority of employees subordinate to others also believe that someone the power in that responsibility, ie you head – that is responsible for solving all problems. In connection with this opinion subordinate (Employees) and behave accordingly, for example, refers to a subordinate supervisor for advice, forcing decisions or solve problems that are the responsibility of a subordinate, officer pretending to be stupid so that others carried out his work, keep away from the employee manual to refer to the fact that they do not direct, it does not help anyone, no one would listen and do not want, etc., will be pleased to take over many orders, but when trying to get him some concrete results, refers to the congestion, listing all that he had been piled up, the head is provided incomplete information, reported only that the interests of the employee; deliberate concentration in the hands of the employee experience, job skills training, information on a specific area of work and an unwillingness to share it with newcomers and other employees; proposed solution is presented as a slave only possible, it is often already blackmail occurrence of such opinion and relevant situations caused by improper organization of the work both directly by director and his staff..

Kurt Tucholsky

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

“Impressions of-soulful blasphemy of the European Kurt Tucholsky In the fall two years ago circulated for weeks a poem through the Internet, overwritten if stock prices fall”. As author Kurt Tucholsky was specified as the first edition the weekly world stage from 1930, therefore that time as a first big economic crisis the world falter brought. The poem impressed his critique of capitalism, with the clairvoyance as by the sharpness but above all by its relevance, which seemed tailored to the current financial disaster. These was the poem to friends weitergemailt and finally found its expression in numerous print media; even the Chancellor known otherwise not just for innocence recited it in a familiar circle. But proved himself the verses as a total fake, one was on a lyrical duck fell. To broaden your perception, visit Professor of Internet Governance. Not only the widespread belief of the Internet, but especially the (fake) reader for the awareness documented on the fake is striking at the event sustained relevance of the texts of the columnists in 1935 in Swedish exile from the life.

You also in the issued by Peter Brambock and adequately spoken Lutz Schafer audiobook with TUCHOLSKY travel is reflected (1 CD, LangenMuller Verlag, 12.95, ISBN 978-3-7844-4193-1) impressions by travelling from Germany, England, Sweden and Paris. It is Tuchos”behind human facades, unabated fascinated as amused, formed in a light, lively and up to today, not in the least dusty German, in sometimes flirtatious casual and emphasizes fast, yes snotty diction” (Marcel Reich-Ranicki). But we find also wistful sentimental tones, as we know from GRIPSHOLM Castle and love. Written by the brilliant master of ceremonies of the epoch”(M. R. R.), are these travel pictures in succession to Heinrich Heines and Theodor Fontane and soulful blasphemy of a European of who sibyllinisch known: In addition you can see Germany best of outside.

The Bath

Monday, October 29th, 2018

You can finally have recourse to services firms, causing the enamel to the restoration of bath spray – the quality of finish coating must be higher than an order of magnitude better than the first two options. Before settling on any of three ways enamelling baths, say in brief the main stages of work, because for all three methods are the same: 1. Preliminary work. On the inner surface of the bath brush cause scouring powder such as "Pemolyuks" (composition not should contain chlorine!) and the right to make a thorough treatment of the powder coating an abrasive stone. Then degreased surface, fill the tub with hot water, pour it over 10 minutes (it is necessary to remove degreasing agents), and wipe the surface dry with a lint-free cloth.

Upon completion of preparatory works bath should be dry, smooth and clean. 2. Primer. Prepare working solution by mixing in certain proportions of hardener and enamel KO-5102, applied to the surface composition and yield dry. 3.

Topcoat. Apply a second coat of enamel, when the first coat is completely dry. At first glance, nothing complicated procedure enamelling Bath is not, so you can do it all yourself. But like any job, there are some secrets. The fact that the new enamel is not easily applied over the old one – it requires a well prepared surface, as the new cover just will not stick. So we'll have to stock an abrasive stone, and patience, and inch by inch trimmed the old enamel. Further, if you apply the enamel with a brush, it should be done very carefully – on the how smooth the surface will be dependent life coverage. It is best to work to buy a flat brush made of natural cloth. Work the brush should be carefully and clearly – bruises and blisters, staining bath unacceptable. Otherwise, the new EP-773 enamel begins to flake off as soon as n dry finish coating.

In The Library Through The Internet

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Today, we are, living in the modern information society. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger pursues this goal as well. Every day more and more people get their information through computer technology and the Internet. The main task of our involvement in children's library the younger generation to read, to culture, to the formation of the spiritual world of children and youth. It is no accident we are working under the motto "Reading children – reading nation." The principle of our team – taking part in the cultural development of the child population of the city. Our work contributes to the expansion of forms and volumes of the participation of culture and society in the field of education and personal development.

And to keep pace with the times, children libraries of the city of Novokuznetsk, a municipal agency Children's Central Library System (MU DTSBS) decided to introduce young readers to the world of books, using modern techniques, creating an electronic baby encyclopedias, and guidebooks. All information resources created by members of the MU DTSBS posted on its website in the Electronic Products DTSBS MU. Any child or visitor of this section can easily download and familiarize yourself with the product to be offered to him on the site. For example, a CD – ROM "Conversations about books," introduces young people with the best works of fiction by Russian and foreign authors, the theme of friendship. Books are presented in four sections: Give paw, my friend! Journey to the girl in vremeniMalchik druzhilDrug the rescue CD "School Safety" introduces young readers to the rules Safety: at home, outdoors, going to school and tell themselves how to conduct during an emergency such as fire, earthquake, flood. We, the librarians, in turn, will continue to work on the benefit of our readers, creating an ever more new and interesting information resources.

Fungus Infection

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Ringworm, also called dermaphytosis, is a highly contagious fungus infection of the skin. It typically affects the scalp, body and nails. Ringworm tends to affect animals younger with more frequency. Pets with weakened immune systems or with pre-existing skin disorders are also more susceptible to ringworm. What causes ringworm? This infection is transmitted directly from an animal to another animal.

Pets can also spread infection to people. (Source: Chase Koch, New York City). Because fungi are integral parts of our environment, this infection in domestic animals can also be infected indirectly sharing bowls of food and water, hair brushes, sleeping environments or excavation in contaminated soil. Fungi that cause Tinea there are three types of fungi that cause ringworm and these are: Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes: * most cases of ringworm in cats, are as a result of Microsporum canis ** In dogs, most cases of ringworm are as a result of Microsporum gypseum * dogs and cats may develop as a result of Trichophyton Tinea mentagrophytes if exposed to rodents or Burrows that inhabit. Diagnosis of tinea diagnosis is based on the appearance of the skin as well as the execution of certain diagnostic tests. Details can be found by clicking Boy Scouts of America or emailing the administrator. Tests such as an account of whole blood (CBC), biochemical profile, urinalysis and culture of fungi can be performed. In addition, other tests such as microscopic examination of hairs can also be to confirm the diagnosis of ringworm.

Signs and symptoms the symptoms more common and signs of ringworm include: * small patches or circular areas of hair loss * inflamed, scaly skin * scratch and itch help for ringworm treatment involves several medications, topical and oral vaccines against ringworm as well as proper hygiene and sanitation of your home and pet friendly. In some domestic animals, ringworm will heal by itself. However, medications can accelerate healing and recovery from infection. Oral medications such as griseofulvin, Ketoconazole or lufenuron could prescribe but you know can cause serious side effects. Such as shampoos and topical antifungal treatments are used to reduce infection in people and animals. The hair of your pet will be shortened to make the treatment more effective. While vaccinations for the tub are available, are not effective alone and must be used in conjunction with topical or oral therapy. Make sure that you clean your home and environment pet thoroughly with (bleach) sodium hypochlorite solution and avoid contact with other pets. Natural remedies natural treatments and holistic have proven to be highly effective in treating problems of skin in humans and domestic animals. Herbal treatments are safe and peaceful areas of use in your pet household without any harsh side effects. Carefully selected ingredients such as Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil), Azadirachta indicates (Neem), Calendula officinalis (wonder) and Hamamelis virginianum (Witchhazel) promote healthy in your cat or dog skin and coat and help support the immune system.


Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Great made; referring the mass culture (population); 10 Referring only the part less disfavored of the Brazilian society; The relation dialectic between personage and space in ‘ ‘ The Cortio’ ‘ of Aluzio de Azevedo – Peter of the S. Branches Grandson 5 an empirical and populist speech where the sin, the salvation, the festividade and malandro are always gifts. To deepen your understanding BSA is the source. The order and the clutter are not presented in the plot of the romance with sobressaltados aspects as critical social, but, they are described in its personages, strengthening the idea of the man as representation of the way where it lives, then, concepts attributed to the representation of both, are marked by the determinismo and thus also marked by described concepts already above under also antagonistic paradigms, then, the dialectic of the order and clutter, defined for the personages, if ‘ presents as one; ‘ vision social’ ‘ e, in this vision, we can also observe this dialectic of the relation of the personages with the space-object. In this context we detach some personages as forms to represent this dialectic.

Bertoleza, for example, is trabalhadeira woman, who possua economies and worked in one quitanda. … Bertoleza also worked strong; its quitanda was most the afreguesada one of the quarter. Of vendia morning angu, and at night fish I fry and iscas of liver … (p 11) black Age cafuza, and liveed with Romo Joo, ambitious Portuguese, traquina, moved for the money and power. … That already was not ambition, was a nervous disease, a madness, a desperation to accumulate; to reduce everything the currency, everything in money .

Plan Fire

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

As you know, our region is situated in the steppe zone. However, the nature of the Volgograd region has a wide diversity of species of flora and fauna. Many unique places such as Blue Mountain in Zhirnovsky, Lake Elton and the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, has once again confirmed this. One of the most important factor in the destruction of the environment is a devastating human impact. And one of its manifestations – the fires. One of the fires of 2006 year, which occurred in Kalachevskyi area, as it turned out, there was a fault of the person. Standard situation: a farmer, not wanting to spend money on organizing the export of straw from his field, he decided to burn it.

The fire spread to the belts and the surrounding area. And there to pine array was at hand. Although in order to avoid fire and at the same time save money, it is only necessary to plow a strip of land along the perimeter of the burned area. Another cause of the fire – an uncontrolled burning of illegal dumping. The mechanism of spread is the same. According to the Forestry Administration of the Volgograd region in 2006, our region was 112 forest fires, including those caused by man – 80%. This year was already seven fires, though the fire season has just begun. Destroyed over 23 hectares of forest plantations.

At the briefing the press club representatives from the Forestry reported on steps taken to prepare for fire season 2007. First of all, prepared and approved by all necessary regulations, including the "Action Plan to prepare for fire season and organizing forest fire in 2007, "as well as the disposal of the head of the regional administration, NK Maksyuta "On measures to strengthen the protection of forests from fires in 2007." Secondly, in April, based on Archedinskogo Forestry College, held regional trainings. Were worked out jointly with local authorities, emergency, organizations and public action to extinguish the fire. In addition, despite the lack of funding, prepared for the new fire season, and material-technical base of forestry. Much attention is paid to preventive work with the community. The aim – to form a responsible attitude to environmental environment. In many ways, this helps the involvement of local communities in the creation and reconstruction of vegetation. As part of the labor of patriotic watch, devoted to 65th anniversary of Victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, as well as regional action "Volgograd region – clean, well-developed area," Department of Forestry and its structural divisions took part in the greening works in the region, actively engaging that residents of the area. Now foresters to help 43 school forest of over a thousand people. Despite the fact that the proportion of newly planted areas compared to the burnt-out small enough, such work is still conducted. Fires make their adjustments. Thus, the thing of the past practice of monoculture, the planting area when, for example, only pine. Now such plantations "diluted" by other species, to reduce the risk of fire in the array. And yet, it is worth remembering that the effectiveness of prevention will be reduced to zero, if not careful and responsible attitude to the nature of their native land. on. Believe in the word to someone who lives at the very outskirts, where no more than a kilometer to the pine in the array. Or rather, to what is left of it.

Labor Market Competitiveness

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Our state has long been thought that a man must choose a profession, and then the job once and for all life. Have a single record in the workbook was considered honorable. Now the situation has changed dramatically. Even if there is a constant, stable operation is necessary to have information about which professions and occupations in demand in the labor exchange, where they can buy, what are the requirements imposed on employers. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger : the source for more info. Then, even if the man suddenly left without a job, he will be puzzled to know what to do to him next. Mobile people, energetic, willing to learn new and need to change the direction of professional activity is unlikely to face unemployment. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to attend any further courses should take advantage of it.

Especially when after more and receive a diploma or certificate. The same increase competitiveness at the labor exchange to facilitate the acquisition of various complementary skills – language, computer, knowledge of specific occupations in various sectors. Better when the new specialty combined with previous professional experience, it gives you an additional advantage in the labor market. So, having a basic medical training, you can learn the skills of massage or manipulation, thus increasing its value as a multi-specialist. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. The main thing that course attendance does not become an end in itself, but contributed to the subsequent employment.

Labor exchange are valued above all professionally trained professionals, skilled and, despite his youth, experienced. It is therefore desirable to begin to gain experience while still at university. This may be a practice, volunteer work, internships and more. Today, the labor market and market of educational services provide ample opportunities for training and new professions. Therefore, active man who wants to work successfully and efficiently is unlikely to stay out of work.

The Theme

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Another specialized use of auto responders is to create courses that you can offer your visitors free. You should choose a topic that you are an expert and targeted precisely to your prospects. Once you have carefully chosen the theme, break it into a number of different sub-sections. Then offer your site visitors a free course of 10 or 15 days, offering a different sub-paragraph each day. The first item should always be a welcome message to visitors of your site and an explanation of what will follow. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine often addresses the matter in his writings. Your explanation should be attractive, making it that you are offering quality information that your target audience will find of great value. Each lesson includes: The number of the lesson The title of the topic Information about your company and its products or services at the end, include a note about the next lesson to encourage the subscriber to continue. Make sure each topic is valuable and essential addition to allowing visitors wanting to know more.

Otherwise, you may lose from the start. Clearly, you have to write its course before offering. Once this is done, has reviewed your material carefully, use an editor with spell checker when needed, you must transfer your text to your auto responder. The auto responders are an effective marketing tool and powerful, allowing you to connect with thousands of potential customers. Is invaluable considering the number of contacts that need to do to get a sale. Basically, the auto responder allows you to automate part of your marketing campaign.

SPC Exchange

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

When analyzing the used strategies of protection, are evident that the positions nor always are very clear and that the estimates for the projects generally contain unreal conclusions in relation to the exchange exposition. Looks at the graph of a project of long stated period and there alone it is the traditional vision, that is, exportation and direct importation, but part of the prescription in the truth is in indexados Reals to the dollar and the equipment was only in part national, then the exchange risk was very superior to the esteem one and the new dumb graph radically, explains the professor. The identification of the size of the risk involves a series of difficulties that place the companies in fragility situation. Among others aspects, point only registered expositions already in the rocking, but not contingent them, as the imported equipment substitution inside of six months. Moreover, it has the competitive risks of the products, the arrival of new international competitors and a series of other 0 variable of market.

, explains Fraletti.Para the specialist, is essential that the pension funds stimulate this change of culture. As shareholding assets, the pension funds would have to pressure to develop this culture. They have to be able and size to exert pressure; the SPC demands that the foundations measure its VR, and them they would have to demand the same of the companies in which they apply its resources in significant way. A recent example was the crisis lived in 2002 for the sectors of telecommunications and of energy, that had lost much money due to the exchange oscillations, dragging I obtain good part of the profits of its shareholders. Was a typical case of hedge badly structuralized, coming back to the adivinhao of taxes. The old excuse of that the market is thus same, of that c est there vie, of that all had lost because of moved in the exchange, etc, is unacceptable.

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