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Friday, November 30th, 2018

Wear and avoid a relationship with a partner, not an easy task. There are a host of factors not considered because we are very in love with our partners. And that is very well. Falling in love is a process which can not escape. Speaking candidly Nieman Foundation told us the story. If not there, we could never establish a partner.

In this journey of love in couple mix. Our feelings, our beliefs, the ways in which we were raised, expectations, sexual attraction, the myths we tell about what love is. In general both men and women, we know and are able to sense when our relationship is at its best, or when suddenly, we are assailed by suffering or fear. Fear of what: to feel alone, to feel satisfied, to feel frustrated, and also to recognize that our partners give us beyond a feeling of love, takes us through the vicissitudes of pain and suffering. The relationship partner is not the same as loving our partner. Our feelings will soon merge with our actions. We love, but we can not be together, because every time we share, there is always: aggression, the claim, instability, turbulence and even feelings of aggression.

There are many reasons why we can stay with a partner, love, pleasure, pain, suffering and even destructive relationships that provide adrenaline … It seems incredible, but it is a common rule, that a large number of partners, joined more suffering in love and sharing. Things and circumstances change a couple's love, to live with a partner, then the fat, the claim, demand, occupations and all it entails an individual life, which must now be shared, becomes a problem.

Hilly Fifth Stage

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

The stage has been full of falls, including the counter. In recent months, Nieman Foundation has been very successful. Thor Hushovd retained the yellow jersey of leader in the general classification. The Rojas Spanish was penalized and lost the Green Jersey. The British Mark Cavendish (HTC High Road) once again became the largest between the ride and won the fifth stage race held between Carhaix and Frehel, 164 kilometers in a day marked by multiple falls in which the Norwegian Thor Hushovd (Garmin) retained the yellow Jersey. Reappeared Cavendish, of whom little was known since his double victory in the Giro of Italy, and did so to impose dramatically in a very disputed Sprint in which raised her arms with clarity ahead of the Belgian Philippe Gilbert (Omega), the number one global seeking double that denied him the wall of Brittany, and of the Spanish Jose Joaquin Rojas (Movistar), back in the fight. The murcian corridor became outraged with Italian Alessandro Petachi (Lampre), who, as he commented in goal, is a dirty, since I cramped and punched at 1,500 m from the banner. This time the controversy had no Cav as the protagonist, but the own Rojas, disqualified for misuse manoeuvre in the Sprint by pushing Boonen, intermediate which cost him the Green Jersey, which passed to Gilbert.

Within the main group and in a time of 3h.38.32 entered all the favourites, putting an end a journey that covered more than 45 kilometres per hour. And Thor Hushovd front, he fought for the stage, but it fell to Gilbert and Cavendish, who came flying from the back. The Norwegian retained the yellow jersey with the same differences: 1 second to Cadel Evans and 4 to Frank Schleck. Thus ended a stage in principle open to another kind of outcome, but the ride teams led to the mass arrival. A day of falls that Alberto Contador, paid to the difficulties since leaving in the Gois passage became involved.

Mendoza Cabalgar

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

The region of Whose she is the one that has best lugarl to enjoy activities outdoors. From which the amount of excursions in Mendoza so abundant and is varied. For that they outdoors adore the strolls with a little physical exigency, a cavalcade in the mountain can be an attractive proposal. To mount to horse can be one of the activities during our vacations in Mendoza. Boy Scouts of America contains valuable tech resources. Since the horses journey tranquilamentepor the rivers and mountains, the landscape can be contemplated during the cavalcade, to the point to consider to mountains, hills and the rivers as fellow travelers.

The planned excursions to mount to horse can be short or more extensive trips, like the expedition to the Mountain range of the sand. Some of these trips include the crossing of the sand towards Chile. To be part of the crossing of the mountain range to horse is one of the strolls more exciting than it can be experienced in the region of Whose. With a duration of one week or more, the group of riders enters itself in the heart of the Mountain range.

The Mass

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

The Mass has been simple and without sermon and once finished, the officiating has brought together all pilgrims at the altar and in different languages, we had shared her blessing and wished us all good road, and then finished the Mass, I have written to the bar of the nearby hostel and accompanied by a wine and I have no desire dinner, I started to write these lines. After taking the wine, I reach the shelter to wash up a bit and then if I have wanted write a little more if I have them, go to bed because tomorrow I leave the hostel at 06:30 hours to stop for breakfast at Burguete . I left the bar and have been for a while enjoying the scenery, the whole environment is surrounded by hills which are full of beeches and oaks, the collegiate church and the world in its vicinity look twenty yews with its greenery, contrasted with pulling yellow to light green of early spring that look beech and oak trees, including birch attempt to highlight some barely get in the majesty of those, which by its size and abundance minimize any other species that thrive among them. Dr. Neal Barnard oftentimes addresses this issue. The evening light, warm and gray, still looks white in some lazy clouds, the skies often barely cover the valley blue sky gradually loses color while on it, begin to highlight the stars of greater magnitude in a I presume sky will be cloudy most of the night. Tomorrow is another day and at the end of the stage, I look forward to telling my journey. .

World Tree

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

We just remember that the drum represents a microcosm, with its three realms – sky, Earth and the Underworld – and simultaneously shows the means by which the shaman breaks through the levels and establishes a link with upper and lower worlds. Indeed, as we have seen, the sacrificial image of birch (= the World Tree) do not is the only one, and we also met the Rainbow: the shaman ascends into the higher spheres, climbing over the rainbow. Extended to image the bridge over which the shaman moves from one space to another country. In the iconography of the drums dominated by the symbolism of ecstatic journey, that is, travel, implying a breakthrough levels, and therefore a breakthrough to 'Center of the World'. Beats a tambourine at the beginning of the session, pursuing the goal of convening the spirits and 'imprisoned' in their tambourine, represent an overture to the ecstatic journey. That's why diamonds are called 'shaman horse' (Yakut, Buryat). The horse is depicted in the Altai tambourine, it is believed that the shaman strikes the drum, he goes to heaven on his horse. Such a phenomenon we encounter and Buryatia: drum made from a horse's skin and is an animal. According Monch-Helfenu, tambourine Soyot shaman is considered a horse and called hamyn am, literally 'horse shamana'122, and if skin peeled off with a goat – 'goat shaman' (Karagas, Soyots). Yakut legends told in detail about how the shaman with his drum flies through the seven heavens. 'I travel on a wild goat! " – Singing shamans Karagas (Tofalars) and Soyots.

Secret Goals

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Many words that the people use to determine their goals they are ligatures to negative mental images. It has listened to this before? It has read about the power of the words used in his goals? Probably no. The unique author who treats east subject is Andrew Corentt. In its book the secret of the power of the goals, presents/displays powerful methods to him to cause that their goals only generate good luck to him to his life. Determining goals following these methods you will become a lucky person. When a person would consider lucky person? With luck? When what wishes, or better things, they appear in its life without realising an apparent conscious effort. When all good and the desirable one is appearing in the life of a person and appropriate conditions to remove the maximum benefit to them, then that person is lucky. The luck is when the opportunity and the mental disposition is joined, and you obtain, then, everything what wishes, of easy form, or things the many best ones.

If you settle down powerful goals, following the lineamientos presented/displayed in the secret of the power of the goals, it will obtain all the things that wish of automatic and easy form. You will become a person with very good luck, will become a lucky person. A powerful goal is not only a goal any. A goal so that she is powerful, must follow a procedure precise to be formulated and to fulfill certain fundamental requirements. Once established a powerful goal, following the procedures appropriate, the luck begins to smile to him.

Everything what you wish you will be appearing insofar as wish you it or she needs to continue journeying the way of the success, the wealth and the happiness. The Secret Of the Power Of the Goals, programs his vocabulary of the success, you modify his inner monologue and begins to construct a full life of beautiful things. You only must think about which wishes, to establish powerful goals and to enjoy its life. Its luck will begin to bring everything to him what you wish. The good luck begins with the first step. The success begins when you take the first step. Those that takes the first step are those that constructs great and the new thing and those that enjoy beautiful and the pleasant thing. Those that takes the first step are the great ones that expresses their greatness. It really wishes to be a millionaire person? It really wishes to fulfill his more intimate dreams of fast, easy and honest form? You deserve to have everything what wishes, that is his right. He learns to demand all that it wishes. It reads the book, he is happy, he is rich.

Publio Siro Italy

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

A companion cheers serves to you almost as vehicle during the trip. Publio Siro Italy you have beautiful, cosy cities, that one cannot ignore in its passage by this extraordinary country that locks up much cultural heap historical. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nieman Foundation. For the second time, in this opportunity, quite the opposite of first, was called on to me to return to Florence, to enjoy it, but this time in winter, especially, in this 2010 that has done much I entrust in Italy with a temperature in 10 degrees Celsius, when to 11 I did it years ago with 37 degrees in its summer. Their summers are very warm and droughts, with the 40 the 35 sometimes temperatures that surpass C and even C. His invier to us however they are fresh and humid, being able to lower the temperature below 0 C. The small amount of rain that falls in summer is of type convection, whereas most of the precipitations take place throughout the spring and of the autumn, in this second especially abundant station Florence can doubtless be, has been seed plot of the arts in the Renaissance, is an extraordinary city with a colossal Duomo, besides wonderful landscapes, much dynamisms, tourism. In the personnel I arrived at her by train to its beautiful central station, and from its arrival and journeys to its center, its monuments, the forced places to know, to its majesty, dice to its surroundings, to its mobility, that it animates to enjoy it and their results generate emotions that they are never possible to be forgotten. There is much to speak of Florence and to do it to the race probably it is an error, because it is not perceived to him and one feels widely everything what it locks up, lamentably, often we are limited the time factors that we grant for this visit, nevertheless, the form looks for to enjoy it remembers intensely Us on Florence, Wikipedia of an assertive form, that Florence (Florence in Italian) is a city located to the north of the central region of Italy, capital and city more populated with the homonymous province and the region of Tuscan, of that is its historical center, artistic, economic and administrative. .

Cosmic Tree

Monday, November 19th, 2018

Voice of the shaman pet tells the story of his birth, his parents, his childhood and throughout his life until the time when it was killed by a hunter. Finishes it reassuring that the shaman will many services. In another Altaic tribe, the Tubalars (black Tatars), inherits the shaman's voice and gait of the animal, so lively. As shown by A. Potapov and G. Boy Scouts of America brings even more insight to the discussion.

Budruss, an animal shaman 'revives', is his alter ego, the most powerful spirit helper; when it comes to the shaman, he turns into teriomorfnogo mythical ancestor. Thus it becomes clear why during the ceremony of 'revival' shaman must tell you about the animal's life-drum: he sings about his model, the sample primary animal is the beginning of his tribe. In mythical times, every man of the tribe could turn into an animal, that is, one could take the state of his ancestor. Today, such an intimate connection with the mythical ancestors are available exclusively shamans. Remember the following facts: during the session, the shaman returns for himself the situation, which initially was the situation for all. Deeper meaning of this return of primary human state becomes more clear to us when we explore other similar examples. In the meantime, it suffices to show that both the rim and the drum skin is a magico-religious tool by which shaman can take an ecstatic journey to the 'Centre for Peace'. In many mythic traditions teriomorfichesky ancestor lived in an underground world, close to the root of the Cosmic Tree, the tip of which touches the sky.


Monday, November 19th, 2018

Has begun an experiment to bring man to Mars conducted by researchers and scientists around the world. It is carrying a crew of six members on board a spacecraft to the red planet, and will be at least in the test to be done before the final journey. Details can be found by clicking Viktor Mayer-Schönberger or emailing the administrator. The trip can last between 500 and 700 days, including round-trip travel and length of stay on Mars. The experiment was carried out with a simulation that faithfully reproduces interplanetary travel in a Russian facilities given to the smallest detail. It presented many obstacles but scientists are optimistic given the impressive progress has meant the launch of satellites that have gone over there and the information we have provided the robots installed there.

The crew of four Russians will test a German and a Frenchman, although not definitive because they also plan to test the Chinese and Americans. Out the experiment with positive results would launch the most ambitious trip space after the trip to the moon. They all look with great expectation this trial, but given all the failures of experiments carried out to go to the Red Planet crew can not say that this mission will be the definitive leading man to Mars. Although Russians, Americans, Europeans and Chinese are behind the project, it is not enough to succeed, as there are tensions among all and this could cause problems. Scientists bring all their intelligence and effort into the project but if conflicts arise between their national leaders as usual always, this can be an enormous delay in interplanetary travel. Hopefully this essay has no problems and the man is able to overcome his own ego and show everyone that we are capable of everything that we propose leaving silly questions that do not reach anywhere. If so, we would travel to the most anticipated of man, which gives us the chance to know secrets of the universe as far away from us.

FMI Countries

Friday, November 16th, 2018

it soon affirmed the president after the meeting. – ' ' In my youth carregeui bands in So Paulo that said ' ' It are FMI' ' , but Brazil not pequeno&#039 wants more if to hold as a country; ' , it explained to if to remember that in the past, the government asked for aid to the financial institution and that the conditions which were sumetido they were unpopular. – ' ' Now we go to put money in the FMI. It is not chic? ' ' Impagvel.Mas we go to come back to our main subject. In fact, the FMI also gained multiples papers in the combat to the crisis. The G-20 requested that the institution monitors the implementation of the tax policies adopted by the countries; that it emits you alert previous against new turbulences (in set with the Frum de Financial Estabilidade); is partner of the countries in the quarrel on which politics must be adopted. Beyond, it is clearly, to use its resources to increase the world-wide liquidity and to help the emergent countries affected by the crisis, especially of lesser relative development.

' ' ressurreio' ' of the FMI already a little before the meeting of the G-20 had started, when nations as Hungria, the Ukraine, Pakistan and Iceland had appealed to the deep one in search of an emergency aid to balance its balance of payments. It made time that the deep one did not have as many customers. In the period daily pay-crisis of abundance of capital and fluidity of the credit, the developing countries had made reforms, accumulated reserves and left the FMI to the flies. Moreover, the institution still fight against a strong stigma. The countries prevent to all appeal to the deep a cost, therefore to accept its heavy condicionalidades sends to the market the signal to be to the side of the bankruptcy.

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