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Adrian Mac Liman

Monday, December 31st, 2018

A modernization that passes through the reform of economic structures, the fight against inflation, which reaches record of 20% per year, against unemployment, against the accentuation of the gap between rich and poor. Presumably, therefore, internal problems to focus future discussion national. Not confrontation interested to the inhabitants of the Persian country both with the West over the nuclear program, as the broken promises of Ahmadinejad, who Center their presidential campaign in defence of the interests of the poor. But if criticism of questionable economic management of the President have abandoned streets of the Souk for meeting its due echo in the pages of major newspapers, his handling of the nuclear crisis has, strangely, the almost unconditional support of the classes more disadvantaged, little prone to forget the old nationalist cliches, that loan to Iran, cradle of an ancient civilization, that owns and defends values much higher than those of the West. While the military seem willing to support the current conservative turn, students show their total indifference before the results of the elections. Remember that the reforms announced in the 1990s by the team led by the liberal Mohamed Jatami stayed in water of Borage. The University not only unknown to the candidates, but rather just feel curious about them. You know beforehand, like the rest of the Iranian population, the current conservative will feature more than 70% of the seats in the new Majlis (Parliament) and that the struggle for instead is limited to a few veiled criticisms of governmental action, that hidden, in fact, large maneuvers devised by the promoters of the generational change. Apparently, all attempts of Washington promote or impose the establishment of a democratic system (i.e., pro-Western) have failed. Adrian Mac Liman policy analyst international original author and source of the article.

Santa Cruz

Saturday, December 29th, 2018

Behavior that can be learned. He says, that it is difficult to establish a conclusive definition of NLP, it has characteristics that would define it as art and the ‘science’ of personal excellence. Derived from the study of how best people in different fields obtain their outstanding results. It is about ideas and people, understand and organize their own successes so that you can enjoy many more successful moments. A goal is the build new learning options. It should be noted also, that NLP is based essentially on the following channels: the body, the visual and kinesthetic.

The visuals are those preferencian, of everything that happens in the inner and outer world which is seen. They need to be regarded when you are talking or when they do that is must see that is them is paying attention. The corporal for its part include the message body. The kinestesicos have much capacity of concentration, are that more physical contact needed, are those that give us a pat on the back and wonder how these?, focus more on emotions, everything is focused through the sensations. Definitely, NLP is based on improved efficiency both personal and professional. Taken into account, that NLP had its origins in the 1970s at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA, where Richard Bandler (mathematician, gestalt psychologist and expert in computer science) and John Grinder (linguist) studied the patterns of conduct of human beings to develop models and techniques that could explain the magic and the illusion of the behavior and human communication. The origin of his research was his curiosity for understanding through communication and language changes occurred in people’s behavior. Object his research were successful people such as: the family therapist Virginia Satir, the father of the modern medical hipnologia Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls gestalt creator. They also had great theoretical influence of Gregory Bateson.

Didactic Development

Friday, December 28th, 2018

Objective of the activity: To reflect critically on the relevance of the Didactic-Pedagogical Production for the reality of the public school. With the done reading of the suggested text, they will have a better idea of what really I wait to reach with these activities. Being thus elaborates at least a text with 15 lines on what you found on the elaborated activities and what would give as suggestion or criticizes? These activities will be able to assist in the development of the pupil in the School? Analyzing the thematic one presented to work with the games, Lady, Memory, Track, Ludo, It remains one, Breaking Head and Chess, intercalating for activities which each one of them will have its horria load to be developed and after the learning of the games, to carry through a festival where all the involved pupils will participate. I believe that accomplishment of this work is also justified for the fact of the activities, memory, track, ludo, it remains one, it breaks head and chess. Being that the practical one of these activities, accepted and it always values the differences with two distinct wills and ideas, assisting in the development of educating collaborating mainly in the concentration, beyond working the imagination and the creativity, becoming possible to make relation between the diverse ones you discipline and to its estruturantes contents, making with that the pupil understands with bigger easiness, increased thus its auto one they esteem, what it will make to diminish its deficit of learning and concentration. These activities are an excellent desinibidor and increase the potentiality of the child in the search of the auto overcoming, that is of utmost importance, therefore it restores and it motivates making with that the auto confidence that the pupil had lost, either retaken.

This study it is of great importance for showing the benefits that it provides in relation to the diverse aspects that are on to the development of our pupils. physical education of the country, sample that these activities are really an excellent exercise for the brain and demands very of the emotions. The person acquires a practical sense very of organization, concentration and very develop of special form the memory. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Chase Koch. It works the imagination, memorization, planning and patience. In the schools of the first world, the chess already is practised has decades, where the pupils beyond all this cited development, improve its very discipline, relationship with the people, respect to the laws, the rules. It fits to also detach the importance of the professional of Physical Education in attempting against itself so that the cognitivo aspect equally is worked in its lessons and thus assisting in the improvement of the pertaining to school environment and in the quality of the public schools.

International Foundation

Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Spiritual intelligence is the voice of conscience that calls for its own awakening. Only spiritual intelligence can ensure survival and well-being before the serious problems of destruction of our planet and the violence and intolerance in the local and global relationships. When we are free from violence, the corruptions, etc, then there is spiritual intelligence, and this is what we need before that nothing in the 21st century. Spiritual intelligence is the access and use of the direction, vision and values to think and make responsible decisions, is the ability to have in balance the material purposes and the emotional, intellectual and spiritual development in such a way that we can be happy despite the circumstances and not because of them. Ramon Gallegos tells us that although spiritual intelligence is innate can be developed, we can educate and evaluate qualitatively. This is where comes the great work of education holistic, more associated with wisdom, with a meaningful and happy life and is about being. BIBLIOGRAPHY.

-Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) in unity with the self. Trilogy of spiritual intelligence i. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) the illuminated consciousness. Trilogy of spiritual intelligence II. Boy Scouts of America does not necessarily agree. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara.

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Burning Fat

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

When you are trying to burn fat, the best way to do this is to find a perfect balance of healthy eating and exercise. If you try to do one without the other, you won’t get the results that you expect. In the following article, the focus is on the stage of the exercise to burn fat. Continue reading for some tips that may be of some use for you. You have to make your best effort to make exercise a priority.

If you see it as an option and is not something good, won’t have the motivation to do so. Be sure to dedicate some specific time to do exercise and tries to create a routine. When you do things as routine, you going to do without thinking about it too. While you must take very seriously the exercise, you should also try to have fun with him. BSA is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For a tiring and strenuous workout will help you burn fat, but it will reduce their motivation. That will make it less likely to continue doing it on a regular basis. Find fun activities, like playing in the pool with their children. The exercise alone is something that many people do not, but do not give account that sometimes helps to have a partner.

When working with others, they tend to work longer, since no one wants to be seen as lazy. Will also be so involved in the interaction with the other person that you distraera and will make your workout time passes much more quickly. Find a gym that not this too far from where you live. A good idea would be to choose one that is between one and two miles. This is an ideal location because you can walk to the gym, do your workout and then walk up to your House. This will help you burn more calories and fat that you burn. Write down your plan to burn fat and make every effort to stay glued to it. There will be moments that comply with the plan will be difficult, but do your best to follow it. Despite the difficult thing that feels that it is, you must have in mind the fact that in the long term it will be a great help for you and your overall well-being. The article has pointed out several ways in which you can do exercise a large part of his plan to burn fat. You have to exercise in order to burn the calories you eat. You, you’re trying to burn fat and not hit it? Review the following information to achieve this once and for all! Ideas to burn body fat.


Thursday, December 20th, 2018

A negligible amount of money but around 200 or 300 dollars.! In short, the original vehicle price: 10,000 Price U $ S the vehicle on offer: 4000 U $ S Advance fees: U $ S 200 Scam topped with a gain of 200 U $ S and you are the victim of "Phishing" Car "The page also includes many other users" bidders "for the article. What users are usually false. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted as being for or against this. The seller has a high number of sales and comments on their behalf. Thus we imagine that a person of trust. It was recently discovered what many scams that have been used this method had been used a number of software programs that sock puppets created within the auction system. They created five users and put on sale a "screensaver" or "wallpaper." After creating five other users who are engaged in buying those intangibles.

And so users were piling up selling a higher profile in the system. This is also untrue added to them, they appreciated the dealer by the speed of the sale and proper treatment. When the fake user accumulates a high level in the system, the perpetrators of scams use these accounts for real people scams. As we see, in most cases presented, always looking to catch fools, with very low prices, gift, incredible prices, which are irresistible to those around the world seeking to purchase services and products a bargain, bargain. A year in northern Iraq offered a bargain education systems, to documents obtained even in 24 hrs., Which ended with the plight of hundreds of customers who bought titles and finished expelled by their institutions. Many of them were members of the national police, who were duped with false certifications.

The same goes for appliances cheapie, gift prices after three months of use spoil. Motorcycle precious sandbox, with no spares. It also happens with computers, software, printers, etc. For these reasons, I think I can advise you not to seek the cheapest, because end up costing you dearly. It is better to pay a little more, for something of quality, which pay less take anything home to the office, at the mouth, with disastrous consequences as detailed above. Smile and be happy, but do not look so cheap, pay for a product or service the cost, because get what you pay.

Speaker Phone

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

The people when they speak on the telephone do, it of a way very different from when they talk against in front. The telephone is impersonal. There is visual contact, nor opportunity no to express with gestures which means. This puts an excessive load in its voice to make arrive the message at the other end of the line. Firstly he considers the tone typical whereupon you answer a telephone call: stop, moderate or smooth.

The one that describes you better you do not have almost any importance, as long as their vocal quality is pleasant. It is prepared. A high voice that suggests vigor and health generally is expressed in a seductive tone but a high voice, sprinkled of irritation, impatience, or with acute or gaudy shouts it is, with complete certainty, a signal of shutdown for positive a telephone conversation. The rapidity in the greeting when offing-hook the earpiece is also important. An express " diga" as if it was barking is almost equivalent to like a to say: " What is what wants? " This is also applied to the simple and protocolic greeting " yes? " or " who speech? " Much more attractive it is a smooth, slow and full greeting of heat as if outside a greeting against in front. After this the subject of its conversation will depend on whom is the person with whom it is speaking (a stranger, a friend or enamoring). Also it depends on the nature of the subject. It supposes that it wishes to meet with a group of his friendships. Technical what would use in their conversation so that it does not seem a plea or persuacin? For the friend who does not interest another thing more to him than the food, you must say to him, something as well as: " By the way, Alfredo, between the things that fodder to serve is your stuffed lobster favorita".

Free Hair Cut By Udo Walz

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Free hair cut by Udo Walz for forget AIDS not e.V. AIDS concerns all of us. It’s not some disease somewhere in Africa. AIDS is in our midst. Although infection rates are stable in the past three years, and sometimes even declining, but still long time no all-clear can be given. In Germany, approximately 67 000 people with HIV live according to RKI, each year 3,000 people newly infected in Germany. Cutting hair for a good cause, the project of Udo is rolling for the benefit of the non-profit association “don’t forget AIDS”, which helps HIV-positive and AIDS sufferers who have come through their illness in emergency for over 10 years, provides reconnaissance, and indicates through nationwide awareness-raising campaigns on the dangers of AIDS.

Are the year 1981 where the disease was discovered in AIDS worldwide, about 25 million people to the disease are dead and daily 2.7 million infected themselves 2008 worldwide with the human immunodeficiency virus. Although the threat of AIDS is high, which hardly anyone is aware of. Especially younger People think AIDS treatable. Today, only 29 percent of the total population and 38 percent of 16-up 20-year AIDS call as a dangerous disease. This impact on thinking and acting: people protect themselves not because they underestimate the risk of infection – and have just forget about AIDS. So AIDS does not oblivion, a long-term commitment is essential. But especially teenagers and young adults between 16 and 25 years old, first sexual experience. Close the eyes to the risk of infection and the dangers of the disease, out of ignorance or naivety.

You still think AIDS is curable or exclusively a disease of homosexuals or drug addicts. Or worse, that AIDS in Africa was a problem. That also in Germany per day 8 people newly infected, she forgot. Udo Walz would like to contribute that this dangerous disease will not be forgotten and point out it is important to protect and above all explain how you have to protect. Udo Walz supported the Club forget AIDS continue to allow non e.V., to people who are infected or are already ill from AIDS, active part of society to stay and to be recognized. People with HIV / AIDS should not be excluded. Furthermore, it is important that further reconnaissance work can be carried out by nationwide prevention campaigns, information sessions and prevention work. Help us, that this people is still so important help and the AIDS disease and its dangers not forget! Udo was rolling 2009 inactive to forget AIDS in TV spots for the campaign. The project haircut for charity”with the Udo Walz until the 01.12.2010 so 20,000 euros would collect the World AIDS Day, is a special action! Udo is rolling, if this donation comes together until the 01.12.2010, one day women in his Salon free style the hair. Every penny counts! The payment on the Web site is SSL secured and your Sent to receive a donation receipt on request.

The Annihilator

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

From this day, the things had gotten worse for we, already not Where I am that look of love of the times of the warehouse of the father? or reflected that our marriage did not pass of a favor for an old friend (my father). Then my pride of woman reflected in my soul, and everything that I could give the Osvaldo was my disdain, for that it represented: The annihilator of my dreams of love. Why it did not leave me alone, why he did not leave me to on account turn me proper, why a stranger had to make this so cruel charity when marrying, it only not to be alone in the world. I woke up per the morning I sing with it of the rooster, already it had forgotten me this sound and it smiles when remembering of this, however the smile died soon when remembering of where it was. Some contend that Boy Scouts of America shows great expertise in this. I felt I smell of coffee and with this lode the hunger, I took courage and I went down for the kitchen, waiting to find Osvaldo, but it was in go, was all quiet one.

I sat down in the table and soon the woman of the previous night entered, to this occurred me thought that we did not have legally in the separate one. Then it was this ordered to search me to legalize the situation with that one another one. He made me badly to this, will be that he had forgotten me, well nobody wait a woman, whom he does not love, during ten years. Exactly thus my heart estremeceu, when remembering as it could have been happy, if kneads reads me, but it did not love, never loved. –The girl already was for school, its Osvaldo does not go to go down another time for the coffee.

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Autographed poster from the Disney / Pixar recently work above ‘ is auctioned for the benefit of the Ark Berlin, 08 September 2009 Tamundo wants to top up, just in time for the theatrical release of the new Disney/Pixar film on September 17, the online auction house auctioned off a poster for the film, hand signed by the filmmakers, as well as by the voice actor Dirk Bach. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted as being for or against this. As more auction on behalf of the charity program, organized by Tamundo, this time to the child project Ark e. V all proceeds go. Professor of Internet Governance takes a slightly different approach. With a trip to the Amazon, the 78 year old Carl Fredricksen fulfils a lifelong dream. Only he does not fly the plane: the former balloon seller makes along with his house, supported by thousands of balloons and a stowaway, Boy Scout Russell, on the way to heaven. “” After his great successes the MONSTER AG “(Director) and TOY STORY” (co-writer) presents an unlikely Duo on the canvas Director Pete Docter along with Bob Peterson (film finding NEMO”) and accompanied on a wonderfully comic trip through the Jungle.

The Christian children’s and youth movement-Arche e. V. was founded in 1995 in Berlin and since then fights against child poverty in Germany. At five locations, the Ark makes the task to put children at the Center. In their facilities, they offer a full, warm meal, homework help, meaningful pastimes, sports and music, and above all attention. The work of the Ark”is funded 100% from donations. With the proceeds of the auction, the Association will take more measures to combat child poverty. For more information and pictures see: auction autographed movie poster…

Tamundo is a market place & community for special things. These include rare and unique collectibles. Anonymous mass and new goods must, however, “remain outside”. Thus, Tamundo is a meeting place for people with a passion for special. Here you can discover things, bid, Act and interact.

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