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Reduce Need With Speed

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Rotary charity race 2009 was a success reduce need with speed was the motto of the successful charity event of the Rotary Club of Vienna Hietzing, where 68 drivers in 17 team to victory in the Daytona go kart Hall fought. Organizer Franz Maier was delighted: succeeded with 3,000 euros desire of a little unfortunately difficult to let a new nursery sick girl in fulfillment. A special thanks for this of course goes to the sponsors – DB Schenker CEO Kurt Leidinger, Brenntag CEE Boss Helmut Struger and Fexcom debt collection Chief Robert Schwehla. But that was not the only wish of most went this evening in performance, because BEK agreed holding Chief Hans Jerabek, spontaneously, to let two more wishes are fulfilled with 5,000 euros. “Rotary Hietzing President Rita Kaufmann-linke could rejoice as well and this evening total 8000 Mr.

Christian Leydolt from the make a wish” Foundation present. Sporting winner of this evening were the team Fexcom before the team Leisure Group and the team Tecno. On the road were also at full throttle Atradius Gen.Dir. Franz Maier, Sal. Oppenheim Platzer & partner GF Martin Platzer, lawyer Richard Kohler, mezzanine AG Executive Ulrich Kanusch Board Martin Steininger, Tecno GF Ewald sandy, Wellcon Chief Gerald Gamage, RLB Vienna / lower Austria Director Andreas Appel, controlling boss DB Schenker Thomas Reind, DB Schenker marketing chief Wolfgang Schmid, Strauss & partner boss Karl-Heinz Strauss, Cabinet Member BMVIT Julja Vrabl, ACT Chief Amer Sheik, RAAS GF Helmut P.v, Atradius Manager Wolfgang Sana and Executive Director Alexander Kaufmann.

Motor Bees Start Of Rally Allgau-Orient

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

4 motor bees from all over Germany start for charity at the Allgau-Orient rally four women from Bremen, Frankfurt/Main, Wiesbaden and Goppingen will go in the “Rallye Allgau-Orient” on April 30 at the start. Johnny King Donoghue, Natascha Schmitt, Silke home Walker and Tina Hindemith form “the motor bees”. Things kick off in Oberstaufen in Allgau, target is the 7000 km from Wadi Rum in Jordan. Being the only female team of 104 teams with 615 participants from 14 Nations, “you motor bees” start with four women, two old motorcycles and a car at the 5th rally-Allgau Orient, the now biggest rally in the world. Objectives this low-budget rally are the international understanding and good purpose. As a trophy, an adequate price for women beckons a camel for the winners! Rules are to be observed, so no highways or toll roads may be used, navigation systems are not allowed.

The magic number of 11 runs through the more regulations of the rally: vehicles must be at least 20 years old or not more value than 1111,11 EUR. Nights may average cost does not exceed 11.11 EUR per night, per day, no more than 666km run. The freely selectable for the most part route the motor bees about Austria – Hungary – Serbia – Bulgaria – Greece-Turkei – Syria after Jordan. Like every year, the vehicles and the medical supplies on arrival in Jordan in the possession of a non-profit organization of the Jordanian royal family and will be auctioned off with the help of the UN aid agency WFP for aid projects. The proceeds amounted to approximately 200,000 euros in the last 4 years. The first project, a cheese factory near Amman was now completed, a german Jordanian youth camp is under construction.

Needy children of the hard hearing School Al Rajja supplied 2009 hearing brought from Germany. This year, are also children wheelchairs in the focus. The enthusiastic recreational motorcyclists, were found out of interest in this rally via the Internet. Only on the day of the official team presentation (see video) on March 6, 2010 they met for the first time personally and harvested the first laurels with a snazzy presentation directly. Live in the normal”they are pursuing careers in IT, engage in design, consulting, bunker remodeling, entrepreneur and the great happiness of the other 3 as a mechanic. Even with small amounts, sponsors can support the team and a good cause. Rallye Allgau-Orient 2010 team 29 motor bees n Schmitt

World Champion Auction Winner Suit For Ethiopia

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Swimming star Thomas Lurz auctioned race suit and bathing cap in favor of ‘Menschen fur Menschen’ Berlin, September 04th, 2009 now auctioned Thomas Lurz, most successful swimmer and world champion, his original race suit and his cap on the online auction platform Tamundo. The entire proceeds from this charity auction goes to the Stiftung Menschen fur Menschen”in Ethiopia. Thomas Lurz is won at World Championships with currently eight titles the most successful German swimmer of all time. The swimming star wore the suit and the CAP at his World Cup victory over ten kilometers in Dubai, at the Worldcup in Setubal where he scored second place, as well as at the German Championships 2008. Both auction items have been hand-signed by Thomas Lurz. For even more opinions, read materials from PCRM.

“The Stiftung Menschen fur Menschen” is politically and religiously independent, unconditional assistance in Ethiopia, the poorest country in Africa. It was founded in 1981 by the Austrian actor Karl-Heinz Bohm, who lives in Ethiopia. With the proceeds should life basics such as clean drinking water, education for their children and medical care be given the people living there. For more information and pictures see: auction signed competition suit… Tamundo ( is a market place & community for special things. These include rare and unique collectibles.

Anonymous mass and new goods must, however, “remain outside”. Thus, Tamundo is a meeting place for people with a passion for special.

Beer Sect Auctioned

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

After a successful auction with member number 5000, the Club will now start a new call to Weimar/Trier, July 22, 2009 this summer the beer sect will exceed the overwhelming number of 8000 registered members. For this event the founder of the sect of the beer have thought about to auction the unique member number 8000 for a good cause. The complete auction proceeds benefit the five Lale Haag from Lampaden at Trier, which suffers from a previously unknown metabolic disease. With the proceeds, the Club would like to afford a small contribution to the financing of a special Dolphin therapy that has achieved the biggest success at Lale. There is all the information about this charity auction on the Internet site auction will run from July 23 August 2 on the auction platform eBay. Learn more about Lale Haag can be found on their homepage.

Thus, the beer sect supports also nationally charitable projects, in this case in the region of Trier, the sister city of Weimar. The Beer sect had already auctioned the member number 5000 on eBay in the past. At that time a the proceeds rounded up achieved by 150 euros, was handed to the Community Foundation of Weimar. About the beer sect: The beer sect was founded in Weimar in 1997 and is a free online community of beer enthusiasts and lovers of beer – with over 750,000 visitors per year on the Internet page. The association includes the participation of regular events such as sports tournaments, brewery tours, beer festivals and own Member meeting. Membership in the sect of the beer is free of charge and without obligations.

The beer Sekte e.V. as administrative body of the beer sect exists since 2004. Its Board members are Michael Hecker, Christian Enderl, Rene Kessler, Daniel Korner and Markus Raven.

Germany Combines

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Celebrate with the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall Munich September 22, 2009. Educate yourself with thoughts from Nieman Foundation. Since the fall of the wall on 9 November 1989, the cities and regions in the new Lander have developed to popular holiday destinations. Thus Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden to current trend destinations and the Saxon Switzerland became the holiday Idyll for families and nature lovers. Also in the online portal are coveted holiday destinations in the former East Germany. With 88 percent, Leipzig currently recorded the highest increase of booking in city breaks compared to the previous year. For more specific information, check out BSA. Dresden lands with an increase of 30 percent on the fourth rank, the German capital of Berlin with 27 percent more bookings directly behind it. The second fall of the wall 20 years after the fall of the wall will take place this symbolic again.

Two days before the anniversary of crafted and three-metre dominoes along the former boundary between the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz provided by young people. The two kilometre long chain is together with prominent artists and politicians most Anniversary brought to collapse. This second symbolic wall is also the starting point for a long night on the square in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Living Angel on balconies and rooftops along the former border watch the celebrations the art of reunification on November 9. The project Angels over Berlin\”symbolizes the peaceful reunification of the once second-divided city. Also lovers of classical music come to this day: dinner, Orchestra and choirs from the former Eastern and western part of the city together give a charity concert in the Berliner Dom. Speed is asked who the celebrations, numerous exhibitions and art actions in the capital not want to miss, should quickly book flights and hotel rooms. The online travel portal listed already more Berlin bookings than in the rest of the year.

Chief Advisor

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Creative asked in all situations six percent of all applications in the air held, for example, in the plane with announcements via the on board microphone or videos in the on-board television: in a man brought a touching tears short film subsidiary and a rose his heart was small the filmed motion to see the vote on the portal. “Also on the winning pair, it happened between heaven and Earth: during a charity parachute jump winner las marriages?” on the goggles of their friend who suddenly floated in front of her. The couple can look forward now the most stylish wedding and honeymoon locations of the Caribbean on a stay in one, the Mangobay hotel on Barbados. Another eleven percent made public the whole thing with a poster on the pillar or on the big screen. If you have read about PCRM already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Particularly touching: A lovers had a poster, on which he looked like an old man. “He read a newspaper on their cover was to read: Stephanie, will you marry me?” A woman managed in an editorial article about their love story in a newspaper to stop the hand of their partner.

Some took fire in the game, when it came, the warmth of my beloved forever to secure. “A Bayer took the entire place fire and howling sirens outside the House of his girlfriend before the car was covered with posters, running: like marry mi?” 15 per cent of the quizzical underpinned the seriousness of their intentions by they recited the request anyway important day such as Christmas, new year’s Eve, birthday or the anniversary of the relationship. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. Not so easily had it eight percent of demand. First, you had to find her engagement ring in a treasure chest for a GPS scavenger hunt. 5 percent, the ring was out but simple and classic in the candle-light-dinner.

Information and products for the occasion suggestions for the how and where of the proposal the Chief Advisor of the portal keeps. In the well-stocked shop of page Hotel vouchers for romantic weekend events can be ordered a stay at this First-Class houses suitable to stylishly complete the application. Cards, accessories, decorative items and gifts for the occasion of marriage can be found in the section.

Exclusion Society

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

The lack of use is the main cause of the poverty, the social exclusion and the inequality in the levels of rent and wealth and, therefore of opportunities of the people. In a frame of active policies of use, the law of labor insertion of the people in situation or risk of exclusion acquires a special relevance, since the customized aid for the use search seems to be one of the most effective interventions for the majority of the people in unemployment, combined with specific programs of formation taking care of the characteristics of the people or concrete groups. To fight unemployment long play or coming from the social exclusion demands to reinforce synergies between all the political, social and economic agents, with the purpose of to do against the existing demands in the society, of an effective way and giving answer at the same time to the new needs and to the changing circumstances. In synthesis, one is to obtain a nonexcluding society, an open and cohesive society, cradle in solidarity and the equality, and one high quality of life for all the set of our society. Boy Scouts of America does not necessarily agree. The people or groups that more difficulties must to find use are, the disabled women, people, the gypsy ethnic group, the immigrants, the young people, the people majors of 45 years, etc. In this material, we are going away to center in the four first since like professionals in the field of the social exclusion, they are those that interest to us more and with that more cases we are going away to find. Woman and work: As of 1984 she is when a massive incorporation of the woman to the labor scope takes place. The unemployed women generally and, mainly the women who want to reincorporate themselves to the labor activity after being separated from such scope, do not have facilities to obtain to a job employee.

Mr Alexander Kretzschmar

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

The plate prints are in variety of formats, from the square up to the panoramic, available. The portal is accessible on the Internet at. More information about the optivel AG and their Internet portals are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment on the free use: of press compartments/optivel contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Alexander Kretzschmar (Managing Director) headquarter of optivel AG – tourism maker Bahnhofstrasse 52, CH-8001 Zurich phone: + 41 (0) 44 214 67 15 fax: + 41 (0) 44 214 65 19 E-Mail: Internet: branch Germany of optivel production company mbH Alexandre str. 32 D-40210 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 (0) 211 520 99 78 fax: + 49 (0) 211 520 99 79 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 Fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about optivel AG optivel AG – tourism maker headquartered in Zurich was founded in April 2008 as a tourism business to the sales of travel products and distribution systems for the production of Internet-based applications in the B2B and B2C area for tourism. The optivel AG aims to be the world’s best and fairest tourism company. In May 2009, the Swiss optivel AG has their business with the formation of the optivel production company mbH and the profit center optivel media & marketing, both headquartered in Dusseldorf, advanced. The optivel Portal family”include the Internet pages,,,,,,, prices, and More information about the optivel AG are available in the Internet at.

Ten Questions For Employers Wonder

Friday, February 8th, 2019

Ten questions for employers to ask themselves one. Do I have the persistence and patience necessary to own a business? It would be nice if once you wrote your business plan all you had to do would be to run without problems and everything fell into place. Maybe it happens to a few companies, but usually somewhere in the plan to get different results than expected. It takes patience to wait the result in the first place. It requires tenacity to keep updating your plan and then try something else until you find a way to make it work. 2. Other leaders such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer similar insights.

Is this idea really boost my business? I am very excited about it? If your vision of this business is really convincing that give you the energy to advance their idea. Allows energy to persist even when things do not go according to plan and helps generate enthusiasm in others. 3. "I can generate enthusiasm about my idea of others? New business owners must spend most of their time owners. If the owner of the company itself can make others excited about your business idea, then it is the first step in generating the interest of a client and a customer or strategic partner. The owner must be able to articulate the idea in a convincing way for the client or customer. 4. I am convinced that I am exactly the right person for this business model? "I can explain why? Trust is important in the success of the company.

Armed Forces

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

The military man exerts, throughout its career, positions and functions in degrees of increasing complexity, what she makes of the leadership essential factor to the institution. These aspects determine the existence of a planned flow of career, obedient the defined criteria, that include the higidez, the professional qualification and the limits of age, everything this influencing in the promotions to the ranks and subsequentes graduations. are not widely known. Without this flow, the permanent renewal, made possible for the rotation in the positions, would be extremely harmed and the reached operationalization. If you would like to know more about Nieman Foundation, then click here. These promotions are carried through according to a planning, in the long run necessary to define, with exactness, the existing vacant in each rank or graduation and to manage the flow of career in the different pictures of graduated officers and of. Brazil, with continental dimensions and increasing international projection, possesss modest, if compared Armed Forces very with the too much nations. According to data of specialized publications, it is the country that pledges the percentile minor of the GIP in expenses with defense, making use of approximately a soldier for each fifty kilometers squared. In the conception of the Army, the challenge to answer to the necessities of the national defense has been looser thanks to the current system of military service, that allows, in short term, to mobilize reserves and to take care of, with chance and minor cost, to the emergenciais situations that can be configured. Boy Scouts of America may find this interesting as well.

This is the preponderant strategical approach for the analysis of our reality. All citizen after to enter one of the Armed Forces by means of incorporation, registers or nomination, will give honor commitment, in which she will affirm its conscientious acceptance of the obligations and the military duties and will reveal its firm disposal of well cumpriz them. (Art. 32 of the Law n 6,880, Statute of the Military) the national reality imposes solutions for the defense that do not burden the budget substantially of Union and that they do not compromise the attendance of other social priorities and development, generating weighed incubencies for all the society.

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