Albert Einstein

The hostess began to pick up the detritus and address some “repechage”-never missing, was more Travel an hour!, after a pause, rest my feel and sleep, I thought, the lights and good night … good?, emerged the agents do not know how martyrdom is the sweet voice was heard the hostess was now proyectadota-movie-“now I will spend the film: … spell,” saw the pictures, with artists who seemed to be in a screaming contest, appeared explosions, cars crashing in the midst of infernal noise, I think a few of the 60 passengers saw the film …. and the rest? — Rest of wallowing in their’m trying to sleep, some managed to sleep in the Middle chubby snoring, wheezing and periods of apnea until the function ended had spent about three hours (more than 30% of travel) and not could sleep, I thought it’s not like before the bus stopped to eat at places … If you would like to know more then you should visit Boy Scouts of America. known to the Chauffeurs, damn criminals! because of the thieves and lost that tradition.

But better I stopped thinking that reason will not occur thieves drive up, read my thoughts and I planted a couple of bummer … Uufff, marketing.serpor serpor the competition (total, so is the competition … knight more), have conducted surveys to the public (I was never asked … “pineapple because” …) is that as it may, I let my mind sure some will want to get on a bus and with the lights out from the start, go to sleep, Some prefer to eat at home and travel sleeping or going over homework, there are those who have no interest in even more bad movies and noisy … well I think it should be applied to Customer Listening System-SEC-as in the health sector and survey INDECOPI officers in charge or other bodies to defend the consumer, the user and ask the passenger whether he According to this noise and suddenly there are surprises and other forms with less noise and less trauma to ophthalmic offer dinner and a movie, for example creating space for film lovers and wolverines and other spaces for those who want to think and sleep-well was resolved years ago, after complaints and debates The problem with smokers and nonsmokers, or perhaps you most want to keep things as (majority rules), we are in full democracy and this suggestion is that: an opinion … remember that the people are wise, we can awaken to a survey the wisdom of our people travel and improve the quality of a journey that really is a martyrdom, the land should remind employers Albert Einstein who used to say “Anyone who is not careful about small matters” like this that we are discussing, “can not be trusted in important matters …” as providing security, satellite control, drivers etc monitored from their base. also know that quality is a moving target, so you have to apply the three rules basic to the Planning, Leadership and Control and in particular this last detail, gives the appearance that they are failing, because it already has generated a current of discontent with these otic and ophthalmic trauma that must be overcome.


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