Armillaria Village

In a small village near Lake Ngami (Botswana) lives a unique young man named Kaombu. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Center For Responsible Lending. Do boys two hearts – one on the right, another left. His internal organs are almost twice larger than that of ordinary young people. But the main phenomenon Kaombu in another: it is as if two people live, conventionally called them day and night. Day person – hardworking and able to successfully learn. Night – a talentless and lazy. The young man was repeatedly examined, scientists from Europe and the U.S., but explanation for this phenomenon are not yet able to find. In the Pakistani city tour amazing artist . He tied his eyes, and volunteers from the audience invited onstage. They took turns reading aloud a text, and the artist then describe in detail the exterior, character, habits and hobbies reader. Even indicates growth, hair and eye color. Scientists believe that this is not the focus, but a real person's ability to subtle tone of Armillaria voices to learn a lot about speaking. another unique person – Pierre Negara, all his 70 years lived in a forest village near the Ghanaian city of Bolgatanga. He possesses some hidden vision. For example, once Pierre Negara excited he ran to the village chiefs, and said that in a distant village in the very thickest jungles, wild buffalo attacked two workers cleaning felling of trees after felling. At that time, the workers fled in different directions, but buffalo chasing one of them. It later emerged that really buffalo chased workers. One he has trampled to death, another managed to escape. The next time Negara told villagers that the southern outskirts of the town of Ba three hundred kilometers from here caught fire. Fire covered the whole street. After some time, eyewitnesses have fully confirmed this fact


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