There may be occasions on which cannot be achieved, failed in the attempt. When the result is positive, they feel happy and content because all efforts that put gave their fruits when they most needed it. But there are times that even though they put the effort cannot achieve the result wishing because faced with difficult situations and this causes them a feeling of frustration. In fact, failure is the key to success. The failure can cause some disappointment and deteriorates our effort, these challenges that we face, we must accept them, give fights and take measures so that you recover control of your life. I’ll give an example so you can see clearly what you try to explain to you, one day a child had an accident where he lost his left hand. He was eager to learn judo.

After much pressure toward their parents, they decided to hire a personal teacher for him. Judo master would teach a single lesson, your race day, the child was devoted champion of the encounter. Then his teacher told him what they had been taught was the only blow that could save your life, because otherwise, it would take his left hand to defend themselves. The boy and his parents, understood that there are moments in the life of a person, the most important thing is turning weaknesses into strength. Not We should underestimate us and follow our inner feelings for personal development. No matter the obstacles we may encounter along the way, but that they must transform into challenges for us, they help us to maintain our self-determination, so that we continue to grow internally.

If you leave that obstacles obstruct your progress on your path, promoting negative thoughts, negative behaviors and bad attitudes, you won’t win anything to be happy in your life. People who choose to have these bad attitudes to the events that happen, unfortunately, do not end well, cause all the time situations that can get them to cause his death. Hatred, doubts, fear, resentment towards people, will not attract success staff, for that reason, you should strengthen your self-determination and continue your development process so that you sobrevivas in this world. Don’t bother trying to fit into the world, but they try to fit into your own shoes and take control of your life.

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