Easy Room

Utility room (press down on the machine, exercise on various specialized simulators, climbing on his toes with weights). Day 3: Easy press 1. Bench Press on the horizontal bar (5 sets). The number of repetitions in approaches, not counting the warm-up, 3-6. 2. Utility room (same as on the first day, you can vary lift dumbbells biceps). Source: BSA. On this day, utility room can do more than usual – 3-4 exercises of 2-4 approach.

Day 4: Deadlift 1. traction (4-5 approaches). The number of repetitions – 3-4 2. Store room (the slopes with a barbell, hyperextension, traction vertical block). The outline of the lessons we have understood, it now remains to clarify one important point. To develop the strength necessary to try in each lesson, a little increase weight rod in one of the basic exercises. At Center For Responsible Lending you will find additional information.

Increase the weight depending on their capabilities, but it should be your main occupation rule. If today you will reap, say, 70 kg five times, then the next day regime try to increase the weight on 1,5-5 kg. Can not be done at 5 times – okay, make 2-4 to repeat as soon as next workout try again. As a result, the weight of rod in each of the exercise will grow, and with it, and your strength. Tips for Newcomers Despite the fact that there is a strong temptation to just run to the gym and take up a bar, it is best to approach the matter thoroughly.


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