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After the summer break, the preparations for the dive world record attempt run again In June 2012, Achim Schloffel wants to prove that the technical possibilities in the diving area are now mature enough to the English channel under water in a single dive without surface to cross from Dover to Calais. With the project sponsor for the protection of the last large porpoises in the North Sea should be made now in addition to the threat of the oceans through garbage and noise carefully. After the summer break, Achim Schloffel is back with the preparations for the world record attempt in the diving through the English channel and in the meantime has used to sign a cooperation agreement with the international whale and dolphin protection organisation WDCS. In the framework of the world record attempt, Achim Schloffel takes over the project sponsor for the protection of a large population of bottlenose dolphins in the North Sea and collects donations for the renowned nonprofit organization WDCS. Prior to the North-East coast of Scotland in the inlet of Moray Firth one lives small population of ortstreuen bottlenose, which consists of about 130 animals.

The dolphins in this region are studied for 20 years, to protect them from possible threats. Small and isolated populations like this are easily threatened by extinction, if they are not protected. “In the year 2005, the WDCS could achieve, that part of the Moray Firth by the EU to the special area of conservation” and so that the reserve was declared a measure that is not only the dolphins, but also other animals of the Firth, such as seabirds, otters, seals, dwarf, and porpoises, as well. But nevertheless are exposed to the animals by the ship traffic, water pollution and the oil industry of a constant threat. 2008 the British Government for the first time, now discussed allowing the search for oil and gas deposits in the Moray Firth several years could prevent the WDCS.

For fall 2011 permission was given two companies, seismic surveys to search for oil and gas in the Region perform. Some of the tests with strong sound signals should take place directly at the borders of the protected area. World record aspirant Achim Schloffel hopes for extensive support: the technical delay, we had to announce in may, also has its good side. Without them, the cooperation with the WDCS would probably not have been. I’m very glad that I can indicate with the attention that the project enjoys the threats by vessel traffic and pollution, that the dolphins are exposed. Similar environmental conditions can I expect on my channel dive, only with the difference that I can leave the water again after 15 hours. I would like to contribute, that the problems that go hand in hand with the pollution of the oceans and the noise pollution, be aware of a wider population. “Because without clean oceans running out of air us all here!” A goal should be reached via private supporters of the project 5.000,-. The funds are from the WDCS needed for urgent in-kind and training used. For a simple and transparent transfer of donations is the project page under… available. For national and international companies, who are interested in further sponsorship opportunities are appropriate sponsorship packages are available.

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