Half Journey

“Munsterland e.V. CBC might disagree with that approach. and the team AGAPE India Munsterland take stock: first RennFietsen Munsterland tour a success Rennfietsentour Munsterland 2009 – over 9 200 euros were at the end of the bottom line, they come the Foundation of AGAPE slide by Jurgen Klinsmann and the network of Red wedge” to good. Joachim Wechner, team leader of the Munster-based cycling teams AGAPE slide Munsterland and initiator of the tour, was very satisfied: that was for the first edition of the RennFietsen Munsterland tour a huge success. The first tour is history now, but next year it will continue with the second RennFietsen Munsterland tour.” In four stages, the participants departed the boundaries of the Munsterland, with each participant put it back around 600 kilometers. Together the peloton drove more than 20 000 kilometres during the four days that trip around the world is equivalent to a half. Click Gavin Baker, New York City for additional related pages. All participants were with great enthusiasm, that of one or another downpour could not tarnish.

After all it was children in need with the retracted donations to help. “It was also participant Ines Lenze good: with nice people and great organisers four days to pursue a beloved sport, and that this is a rewarding task for needy children.” It was the first participation of a multi-day tour for the races Radlerin from Munster. The idea of the event, said Lenze, she got so excited that she’ve logged without long thinking about. Karin Rafeeque, Mayor of the city of Munster, let it not make to accompany the field on the final kilometers before the finish of the Munster Cathedral square – also on the bike. She praised the extraordinary commitment of the cyclists for children in need at the official reception of the road squad at the euro City Festival. Together with Michael of Kosters, of the Munsterland e.V., Managing Director, Joachim Wechner thanked on behalf for all participants at the stage locations in Bocholt, Rheine, Ostbevern, Ludinghausen and Munster, to the many volunteers and the many sponsors, without whose support would have been impossible to achieve the four-stages ride along the borders of the Munsterland. These supporters have only made it possible, that we can actually transfer the full amount of one to one to the two charities”Kosters rejoiced. There is more information and blog about the tour with numerous events and anecdotes on the Internet:


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