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Otherwise, the dictator is subject, but not official, but rather would be expressing the person who benefits from the act. It was said at the beginning of this simple writing, language study is to metalanguage with words define other words, but no infallible and universal definitions. Although the concepts are almost mandatory in the study of grammar, linguistics recognizes the complexity of the definitions gives their tools or terms. For some time now researchers have shown that although the notion of subject is a common tool in grammatical analysis of the languages of the world. There is no universal definition of subject. Having a complete definition, appropriate and applicable to all languages of the world is one of the many goals to reach if you want to establish a universal grammar applied to any human language. There are many studies that the issue has producido.Hacia 1975 N. Charles Li released under the title Subject and Tepic some 18 studies related to the subject matter, these were made using data or corpus of different languages in the world.

It is not possible to detail each of the many semantic and syntactic morphological strategies that occur in languages of different language families, however mentioned as examples some aspects of the content in this work. Morphological Identification of Subject Some believe that if the notion of subject is a syntactic relevance, then it must be associated with morphological categories of languages (Stephen R. Anderson) That means that the subject should be identified morphologically ( Case marking, agreement etc.). Subject Known as Information There are instances where the role of a noun as subject of the sentence is determined by the parameters of information given, old or new information known address, that in the framework of knowledge between speaker and listener.


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