Laboratory Suppliers

Main suppliers: Chemical base, Kristal Products for Laboratory, Lab Camp Products for White Laboratrio.Publico: Planters of sugar cane, agriculturists, Plant. 3.1? LOGISTIC ENTERPRISE: In the application of the interview, one noticed that the structure of the company takes care of the necessities logistic, however it has some deficiencies in its management, that if suggests paradigm in addition and insertion of new looks. It has the absence of you analyze periodic in the organization to diagnosis the effectiveness of processes and procedures, consequentemente, the strategical management of the Lead Teams, become defective, therefore, a presented time divergences in the enterprise methodology and action is not overcome corrective, the same perpassa to all the departments that compose the company. Although concrete partnerships with its main suppliers, the links of the suppliment chain need to be adjusted, therefore the company directs the acquisitions to the usual suppliers, without she develops others, that can take care of them. She still observes yourself, that many times, the suppliers, for having preference of the Ecoquality customer, does not take care of with pontualidade, originating lack to it of substances cousins. How much to the interventions of RH with the collaborators of the company, she has the concern in characterizing the workmanship hand constantly, mainly to motivate them, a time that the company searchs benefits for its area of human resources. The reduction of the routines in administrative and bureaucratic activities is suggested that the Management of Purchases, specifically, must pautar in bigger emphasis in the development of new suppliers and reduction of costs, focando. It must be intent most of the activities in relationship with suppliers partners, really evolving simply to react to the necessities of the user, passing to an proactive boarding, lead integrated the company. It is also suggested to use the LEC (Economic Lot of Purchases), defined as it crowds to be bought by a spare point, including lead teams less the supply in hands.


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