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Selection of injection molding In this paper we consider the following equipment which may be required during the manufacture by injection molding Step 1: To start you need to determine the type of desired product, choose the right material on the various parameters and properties. Develop a design, as well as design and technical documentation for the product, taking into account manufacturability, ask gnezdnost molds and so on. After the initial phase is finished, you can move on. Step 2: Selection of injection molding. First, you need to know how many injection molding machines required. To do this, simply need to know that this production – is manufacturing smooth type that can work round the clock, only occasionally interrupted for maintenance.

Number of equipment are defined as follows as follows: the annual / monthly plan output, as well as range of our products. Without hesitation Gavin Baker, New York City explained all about the problem. Products can be produced at different injection molding machines, and you can just change the mold for one. Thermoplastics are choosing to the following parameters: 1) locking force is calculated by the formula: F = P * S * N, where F-locking force injection molding machine, P-specific pressure of the melt inside the mold, S-area projection products, N-number of nests of the mold . 2) The mass or volume determined by the mass injection of tpa product form a mass of runners, the type of material, screw diameter. Direct dependence of the diameter of the screw on the volume of injection and the theoretical mass. 2) The distance between the columns by information provided, you can easily pick up molding themselves..


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