Use as little makeup, do not abuse the powder and tone cream: they interfere with free breathing and skin transpiration. In addition, excessive make-up on the beach, is misplaced. 4. Use cosmetics with sun filters – powder, foundation, eye shadow. 5. Do not apply tonal cream immediately after moisturizing.

Wait at least 10 minutes, that means absorbed, otherwise the makeup would be unstable. 6. As little as possible, use connectors and pencils for the eyes: the sun is active, they can leak. 7. Summer – The perfect time to experiment with shadows: on tanned skin look nice bright, fresh colors that you maybe do not risk to use in everyday makeup. 8. Going to the beach, use waterproof mascara that it does not flowed in the bath.

Sun and Sea 9. Sea water is very useful: it contains salt help get rid of various skin diseases. The water in fresh water does not contain so many vitamins and minerals, but it is useful, especially if you bathe in the morning or at dusk. But after the water treatments must apply a moisturizer for the body. 10. Exposure to the sun has both positive and negative side effects on the body. Do you know why the early spring when the warm rays of the sun beginning to warm the earth, always improves your mood? The fact that exposure to ultraviolet light, our bodies begins to hard produce serotonin – the hormone of happiness. " So that the sun – the best medicine for depression and stress.


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