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Olympic Games

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

To obtain that the structures and the construction equipments were lighter meant to diminish the tension of the work of the transport, to reduce to the consumptions and the cost of the construction and of being brief its terms. The specialists they considered, that the rationalization of the structure and the improvement of the quality of the construction equipments could diminish their weight in 25-30%. It was a complicated company, to consider the natural particularitities of each region at the time of constructing. In addition, it was necessary not to lose of view the demographic situation (in the republics of the Baltic Sea, a family with two children considered itself numerous, whereas in Central Asia, of little prole) and a limitless diversity of national traditions. L.I.

Brzhnev said in XXVI the Congress of the Party: Huelga to explain the importance of which everything what it surrounds to us takes the stamp of the beauty, of the good pleasure. The facilities constructed for the Olympic Games and some residential districts of Moscow, the Rep them revived of the past and the modern architectonic sets of Leningrad, the new buildings of Soul, Vilnius, Navoi and other cities are our pride. Nevertheless, urbanism as a whole must more expressive and be varied in the artistic plane. So that not the happened thing to the protagonist of a film repeats, that, when seeing by irony of the destiny in another city, could not distinguish that it was in a house and an apartment that were not theirs. The comfort, the reasonable saving and the beauty, were three principles very indissolubly united of the architecture and the construction. Unlike that one time at present some inhabitants of the Russia of today have the possibility of buying new apartments, which must to the best ideas of businesses than they have designed and mounted.

Forty Million Trainers

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

A few days ago the trainer of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, said with reference to the enormous liking that exists in Spain by the soccer, that in this country were 40 million trainers, and although this affirmation is very exaggerated, yes is certain that all or the great majority of the fans to soccer, take a trainer, that inside does not mean that the knowledge on the matter is the same in all the people. Logically all the opinions are respectable and everyone says what what thinks or it comes to him in desire, and in soccer subjects the tastes are like the colors. Another thing is that thinks it is right in which it says or that their commentaries are more or less right. As far as the trainers, who always are the target preferred for the darts sent by press and liking, he is peculiar to verify since there is much people in both sides that are convinced that they know more of soccer than the own trainers, and we are not talking about to technicians anyone, but to which they are in the elite, to those of maximum level, those that they already accumulate in its historial titles of all type, then, nor those are saved of the continuous critic that often as it is possible to be verified, is totally unjust, lacking of arguments, partisan and interested. BSA will not settle for partial explanations. Another thing is that the trainers are mistaken, do who it, are human beings and commit errors exactly just as makes a journalist, a lawyer, a politician, a doctor or a plumber. The good trainers are mistaken little and plus which they are not it as much. Up to here, all normal one, but what never it verifies itself is the errors that some of presumed and more meant understood commit, and that in some cases are so terrible, that they would remove colors to whatever had a felt minimum of the ridiculous situation, although we can verify time and time again, are that them insists and insists on its mistakes, although after spent the time, they are totally with ass to the air, as usually it says itself in these cases. .

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