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Microsoft Office Word

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Before you edit with fonts, colors, adding images, etc. Leave it nice to your liking, but the important thing is to do it, not you of shame begin, as writing articles. (E) you include at the end the link. By Fulanito of such type and url below. And upload them to PDF directories.

The PDF do a PowerPoint. The simplest way is: article on Word that you’ve created to make the PDF with formatting changes and images (in the PDF directly could do it), you do copy or Control C (CtrlC) on a piece or paragraph, then in the PPT you follow these steps, create a new presentation presentation in white/design of objects / white/Edit/Paste Special / Microsoft Office Word document object / paste or Control V (CtrlV) /OK, and then go to new slide and back to start, copy the article into Word and paste into PowerPoint. And you know, to directories of PPT. 6 / Reading the article record an mp3 audio. Audacity is a good and free program. Here are you complicate things, since you will have to make a podcast, for which you will have to create the RSS address. But we must sweat shirt and ir learning.

And the same 7 / and finally do a video. You can record yourself reading the article (trying to look at the camera). And you can also use the Camtasia (a video program that captures the computer screen) and presenting the PowerPoint, add voice. The videos do not we would end up never, the theme gives a lot of himself. By the way, besides the YouTube there are others. All of this can seem very long, but you must understand the idea. Article create all possible supports that allow you to upload them to the web in the appropriate directories. In all place your link so that Google indexes it if it is active, and you also generate traffic. And then follow with more articles. More often and for longer time do it, most will go up your positioning. It is not a day’s work. Perseverance, work and time. But in the medium and long term, you will have the reward.

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