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Positive Affirmations

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

The POWER OF the POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS I knew that Internet was an excellent tool, where you can contact to million people in different places and in seconds, but often passed it losing the time in pages or little productive things; so I recalled to mind and I saw myself in the necessity to reprogramar my mind. Studies indicate that the person average at least passes 30% of her time in front of a computer and I was one of those, until a day sailing in Internet I discovered something that began to change the life to me. He imagines if whenever you are in your computer, he is working, sending post office or sailing by the network, you could improve and heighten your personal development. Additional information is available at Nieman Foundation. Good that is exactly what Dino and the equipment of Mindzoom had in mind when they developed his site. Our mind can be our better friend or our worse enemy following how we feed and I I really believed that it took a productive and happy life, but you will not believe how much sweepings enters our mind every day! and of how much people refusal we surrounded ourselves on a daily basis. Because we never give to our mind an injection him of positive ideas? I thought that it was not possible; we can do easily although he requires himself patience and self-discipline and by this are that much people fail in the attempt, soon say I am not able, why nonprogress, why nonprofit which I want; single complaints and complaints; they are blocked and they do not realize that the solution is in one same one in its own mind, practicing constantly the positive affirmations. Add to your understanding with Boy Scouts Of America. But, what are the affirmations? The affirmations are defined as assertions of which something exists or that is true. The positive affirmations occur basically when we asserted that something positive on we ourself is true. .

Great Patriotic War

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Fighting female snipers, scouts, women, female anti-aircraft gunner … But in their armor was not much. During the Great Patriotic War, Alexander Mitrofanovna Raschupkina repeated action of the legendary "trooper-girls' Nadezhda Durova, who in 1806 under the male name entered the military service, and then fought with the army of Napoleon. For assistance, try visiting Center For Responsible Lending. About a year Raschupkina Alexander vainly knocked at doors of military enlistment offices with a request to send it to the front. In 1942, shortly postrigshis in men's clothes again, Alex came to the draft board and take advantage of the confusion reigning there with the documents yet signed up to the front under the name of Alexander Raschupkina. In Moscow Alexander, Alexander graduated from the courses of drivers, and then, under Stalingrad, a two-month courses of driver-mechanics of the tank. Girl fighting in the 62nd Army under General Chuikov. Surprisingly, almost three years, or the tank crew, which had fought Raschupkina or other fellow soldiers do not suspected that under the guise of 'Sasha-tomboy' hides a woman.

The mystery was opened in February 1945, when tankers were fighting already in Poland. During one of these tank Raschupkinoy stumbled into an ambush, was hit, caught fire. Alexander received a severe wound. Rushed to the aid of a mechanic from a nearby tank, became the bandage. It was he who recognized a girl Sasha. Then there were the hospitals, demobilization, meeting with her husband, who also survived in the terrible meat grinder and also returned from the war crippled. Together they have lived another 30 years.

Curley Dining

Monday, April 24th, 2017

As for the situation described in the movie: yes, the step could be different. This is suicide, and the ingenious plan of execution of enemies and escape from the city – many options. But we are interested in the ones that would help resolve the situation at an early stage of its occurrence. Few people noticed in the film taciturn, volunteered to protect from the girl's team Name Curley – a representative of the so-called subkulutury "gootov." What is this subkulutra – here, in the context of this article, is of little interest. like to discuss. The main one – the girl be protected from their peers, but does not break relations with them. Dr. Neal Barnard shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Writers are not vain insert its image into a movie, showing scenes of communicating with her classmates and including the final scene in the film's dialogue between the armed young men, suitable for dining room and she, who finished breakfast and going to leave the dining room: – I come or go? – A glance at the weapon in the hands of classmates, but not quite frightened, asked Curly. – Come out – after some reflection she meets Casper. – Thank you – casts, it is not changing in the face, Curley, and calmly walks past Yosepa and Caspar, unabashedly leaving behind her room dining room where the fire broke out in a minute and shots will be taken out of distraught crowd of classmates and throwing them on the floor, all now making it impossible to make fun of "ubogenkim." This fence is just as idiotic Curley, as veiled contradictions Yosepom, only in spirit – "I'm the problem." C the only just result, what you do not humiliate and beat him.

Patriotic Visual Poetry

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

And if we introduce some texts from this special name, it speaks only of the predominant role of the visual components in them, that these poems are likely to eyes than to vote. At the national visual Poetry – a rich history: from the age of paramount importance to the shapes of letters – to fundamental rejection of the letters as communicative signs. In this story – three 'host': exposition, complication, and prosperity. Old Russian virshepisatelstvo 30-40s of XVII century. provided, for example, a sample: Monk Evstratii, who wrote a 'snake' Preface to Azbukovnik, just 'took off' line in the ground 'vertical organization' of the text. There were acrostics, Baroque shaped poems Simeon of Polotsk.

A century later – 'interim' splash experiments Derzhavin: I shall behold the dawn, Rays, As sveschami, In the darkness of brilliant, in all delight of the soul resulting. But what? – From the sun eh it only cute glitter? No! – Pyramid – Affairs of good memories. The second attack occurred in the wake of videopoezii avant 1910-1920's. Experiments futurists and constructivists, especially with A. Chicherin headed (Collection 1924 'Mena all') to a large degree prepared, and sometimes anticipated today's widespread development of this trend. Modern update videopoezii indirectly linked to the overall process deideologization culture. Hypertrophy of the forms allowed in their time away from the baroque specific (Catholic) ideology and quickly spread to Europe from the south-west to north-east. The current visual poetry carries the same 'pathos Liberation': like a poem easier to be non-ideological, rather than the traditional verbal text.

Hambo Lama

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

The first head of the Buddhist church was born in 1702, lived for 75 years, leaving, promised to return to his disciples. In 1852, 75 years after Zayaev death, was born Itigelov. He also lived for 75 years. And back to us again after 75 years. That is four times the number of repeats 75. When Itigelov took over as Hambo Lama, the parishioners Tsongolskogo datsan, flooded in floods, appealed to him to define a new place to build the temple.

He pointed out the place, saying that there is buried the bell and vajra Zayaev. And there's really found his personal belongings and later built a new datsan. So, for believers it was undisputed reincarnation of first Hambo Lama Zayaev. Several years ago, Lama Zhargal Dugdanov among the thousands of books stored in Devazhin-Duganov Ivolginsk Datsan, discovered previously known manuscript Itigelova. At five pages in the Tibetan language, he tells 12 of his incarnations over several thousand years: five in India, five in Tibet, and two in Buryatia.

Itigelov tells how in a past life Zayaev being, he presents in the form of alternate offerings of gold, silver and coral Dalai Lama, the Panchen Lama and Buddhist deities and receive from them information about their previous lives. "If this book was made even a discrepancy, he would never have achieved eternal body, "said Hambo Lama Damba Pandito Ayushev. Existence is not usually perceived by the senses of human contact and confirmed Itigelova Ganzhur Lama Radnaev, one of the most respected astrologers in Buryatia. All occurred findings related to the name of a great lama, there have been no accident and not only as a result of purposeful work of llamas and staff of the Institute, and in largely due to the manifestation of the phenomenon Itigelova. Recall that in recent years in Ulan-Ude, in Ivolginsk, Horinskom and other regions of the texts were found written by him, the sacred vessels and other objects of worship, allowed sufficient detail to reconstruct his life and the chain of previous incarnations. For example, Buryat lamas maintain that they followed his five Tibetan and five Indian lives, while one of them He received teachings from the Buddha Sakyamuni. They drew near to the solution and other mysteries Itigelova precedent. As it turned out to end their way of life for two years Lama deliberately reduced the weight of his body. As for not physiological, and spiritual aspects of the phenomenon of incorruptibility, it was the result of a direct apprehension of the Void – the great reality of all phenomena. Seven times a year, a large Buddhist holidays, arranged for Itigelova huge queue. Some of worship even feel his touch. Lama speak of many miracles happening around the "Jewel of the body." Including the magic of healing people who were able to see Hambo Lama Itigelova. When Itigelov returned to us, really was a kind of solace Russia – to end the war in Chechnya, local civil wars in large cities for property, stable economic development and increasing importance of Russia in the world. Refute or substantiate the validity of such allegations is useless, the rational mind there totally helpless.

Commissar Leon Trotsky

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Immediately after the Bolshevik victory in the Civil War the Red Army continued to show interest in the Armored Forces. This was especially true up their own production of tanks to replace the trophy Western cars. Military Commissar Leon Trotsky wrote that the tank should be built plants, which meet the needs of the Soviet Union. In fact, in 1919 a team led by N. Khruleva started production of French tank "Renault FT 'on just nationalized factory AMO (Moscow Automobile Company). The decision to try to reproduce the tank "Renault FT 'was taken on the basis that it was smaller and simpler than other captured tanks.

Was collected one tank. It is believed that the establishment of 14 tanks is an exaggeration (in connection with state of the industry in the country after the just concluded the Civil War), it is assumed that it was refurbished and repaired FT, rather than new machines, but also that the tanks 'Russian Renault' or COP-1 released Plant 'Red Sormovo' in Nizhny Novgorod, on the AMO made for their engines. All 15 copies of the series, beginning with the 'freedom fighter comrade. Lenin ', were entirely domestic cars, but their quality is desired. Insufficient resources and lack of industry qualified professionals are not allowed to bring to life many of the original designs of Soviet tanks, created between 1919 and 1924 on the paper. Development of tanks are also often hampered sverhambtstsioznye fantastic and the goals of the designers. As announced by the Red Army's competition for the development of armored combat vehicles in 1919, won the team Izhora plant specialists, whose 'Ship type AM' was a 10-ton amphibious tank equipped with a gun, 76.2 mm.

Due to the daunting project and insurmountable technical problems working on a tank in 1923 had interrupt. Despite all the setbacks, the Russian continued to build the organization, whose purpose was to develop both the tanks and their application. In 1923, the General Directorate of Military Industry has carried out first systematic study of the construction of tanks to meet the requirements of the Red Army. The paper analyzed the use of tanks in the 1916-1918 years. and issued proposals for the training of personnel of tank units. Additional impetus to the creation of tanks as a kind of troops was given in 1925, when it was organized by the Technical Bureau of the study tanks. That made it the most significant contribution to restoring the industrial base and the organization of mass production in 1926 the first Soviet tank, called the MC-1 and known as the T-16/18.


Monday, February 27th, 2012

Philosophical views on life, destiny, human joys and problems of various philosophers have led to the emergence of trends in science, which not only summed theoretical line under these categories, but suggested different patterns of behavior of people in different situations the same. Cynics have become famous in history not so much theoretical dos tizheniyami as extravagant as "worldly philosophy her. Belonged to the school of ancient philosophy. The founder – Antisthenes (ca. 400-ca. 360 BC), disciple of Socrates and Gorgias. Like Socrates, he believed that happiness can only be to a virtuous life, and virtuous and happy life free thought.

Liberty, in his opinion, achieved asketiz IOM – the rejection of artificial needs, imparted by society, wealth, fame, and all sensual pleasures. Cynics were treated with a demonstrated disregard for with socially accepted norms and establishment of a culture. The most famous representative of the school Cynics – Diogenes of Sinope (ca. 400 – ca. 325 BC), the hero of many jokes.

As described in one of them, Diogenes walked through the city during the day with a lighted lantern and saying: "I am looking for the people" (ie, under linnogo person). Cyrenaica, in contrast to the asceticism of the Cynics, preached the pleasure principle as a happy life, identified with the happiness of sensual pleasures. The founder Aristippus in search of a criterion of good and true purpose of life has adopted the idea of Socrates on the relationship of virtue and happiness. Happiness (bliss) – not an abstract category, and directly chuvstvuemy criterion of the correctness of actions. Wisdom is to use treats, does not offer trouble, and not suffer because of abstinence from them. What are the basic philosophy of the Stoics? The Stoics as well as Epicureans, not so much interested in questions of public good, as the problem kindly th state of the human soul. In contrast to the Epicureans, they believed that man has no freedom of action that can not be changed circumstances of its existence, and they believed in the inevitability of fate and the inability to escape from a predetermined course of events. If external circumstances are beyond us, it should be, according to the Stoics, treat them the philosophical detachment. The philosophy of the wise man is that he should understand the naturalness of everything that happens, do not succumb to despair or, in any euphoria, but always keep calm, or even indifference, or rather apathy. Everything in life is predetermined by fate. Founder toitsizma – Zeno of Kition (336/5-264/3 BC).

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