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Humanitarian Foundation

Monday, April 16th, 2018

It is home where deferred payment a family consisting of many members. The main objective of this project was to know the children and to help them to know it they same. The used resources had been material pertaining to school. what it generated the project was the will to know and to help of some form the children taken care of for the foundation. Concepts on identity had been taught for the children and these had taught lies of shelter, love, affection, among others.

Name of the place of the practical one of period of training: Humanitarian foundation Eurpedes Barsanulfo Address: Street Seven of September Number: 170 Complement: – City: Goianazes MG (District of Capetinga MG) Number of the CNPJ: 20.946.323/0001-80 Telephone: (35) 3543-1297 Responsible one for the trainee: Appeared Cacilda Hisses Formation of the responsible one for the trainee: incomplete superior email of the responsible one for the trainee: Sector: day-care center Turn: vespertine Number of participants: 15 Period of period of training: 24-10-2011 the 25-11-2011 Director of the responsible school for the not pertaining to school environment: Irene de Pink Jesus Freitas 2.4. CONTEXT OF the AMBIENTE/PROJETO the project ‘ ‘ Who am I? ‘ ‘ he was placed in practical in the day-care center of the Humanitarian Foundation Eurpedes Barsanulfo. The day-care center has only one group with fifteen children, being seven girls and eight boys. They are children comings of low income families. One of the boys deferred payment in the proper foundation. The other children live with its responsible parents or.

The day-care center is the only one in the city of Goianazes (that it is district of the city of Capetinga-Mg). It is a typical city of the interior of Minas Gerais. Goianazes has 1000 inhabitants more or less. In Capetinga it also has a day-care center.

10 Pretexts To Know English

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

English language is required more often. By submitting a resume to the employer and indicating good knowledge of English, you get a competitive advantage over other applicants. Scanning the Internet, and having in its arsenal knowledge English, you get much more information on your interest teme.Vyezzhaya out of the country on a business trip or on vacation, you do not need an interpreter and you will not feel dumb and lost. It is possible that you have visited an effective English language courses, but have not achieved the desired success? You know why? In pursuit of popularity of the organizers of the majority of courses are neglected the most important postulate of learning – individual approach. You first wait for the formation of abiturientskoy group, and then, regardless of your individual level of training, get a standard weight of knowledge, some of which is of no practical interest. You too download grammar and various dogmas, rules are stuffed, but provide very few practical skills.

Besides, skipping at least one lesson, you are hopelessly behind the rest of students and in your knowledge gaps are formed irreversibly. Personally, I was lucky to find intensive English courses, which really helps to learn a language in a fairly short time and at very reasonable prices. Source: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Having read reviews about where I chose a course himself – a general English, business or spoken – I will be given the following preferences. Individual methods of language learning, given my real basic knowledge. Training in small One group of listeners with me in a comfortable level for me time and even with the possibility, if necessary, to suspend him. Emphasis on practical skills rather than clogging the head dogmas and precepts. And finally, a quick effect in low price. So, if you are looking for quality English language instruction, I recommend you courses at a discount. You will understand yourself! I did it for almost a year and I otzanimalsya they really helped to talk and then before that I was very afraid and from complexes on their pronunciation.

Jean Marc Itard

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Initially a first phase, marked for the recklessness is evidenced, in the age daily pay-Christian, where it had a total absence of attendance. The deficient ones were abandoned, pursued or eliminated had to its atypical conditions, and the society legitimized these actions as being normal. In the Christian age, according to Pessotti (1984), the treatment according to varied conceptions of predominant charity or punishment in the community where the deficient one was inserted. Visit BSA for more clarity on the issue. In one another period of training, in centuries XVIII and middle of century XIX, meets it institutionalization phase, where the individuals that presented deficiency was segregated and protected in residential institutions. The third period of training is marked, no longer final of century XIX and middle of century XX, for the development of special schools and/or classrooms in public schools, aiming at to offer to the deficient person an education to the part. In the room period of training, in the end of century XX, for return of the decade of 70, a movement of social integration of the individuals is observed that presented deficiency, whose objective age to integrate them in pertaining to school environments, next possible to those offered the normal person.

We can say that the integration phase was based on the fact of that the child would have to be educated until the limit of its capacity. In accordance with Mendes (1995), the defense of the limitless possibilities of the individual and the belief of that the education could make a significant difference in the development and the life of the people subsequent to appear in the philosophical movement the French Revolution. Of this moment in ahead the concept of educabilidade of the potential of the human being it passed also to be applied to the education of the people who presented mental deficiency. At the beginning of century XIX, the doctor Jean Marc Itard (1774-1838) developed the first attempts to educate a child with twelve years of age, Vitor call, more known as ' ' Savage of Aveyron' '.

Great Soviet Encyclopedia

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

English has its origins in the language of old Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons and Jutes) who moved to 5-6 centuries, from the continent to Britain. And he finally formed in the xiii century, from a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and French languages. In xiv century English literature has become. Are 4 dialects: southern, western, central and north; the latest adjoins the Scottish language. English language belongs to the West German group of Indo-European languages.

Importance of English for international communication, for commercial, industrial, diplomatic relations on land and at sea – a truly enormous. Countries where ispolzuetsyAngliysky language common in the uk and Ireland, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, partly in South Africa and India. One of the five official and working languages, adopted by the un. Before English was spatially most widespread language on earth. More encyclopedic knowledge you can gather in dictionaries "Small Encyclopadia Britannica, Eleventh (Yandex.Slovari)" Great Soviet Encyclopedia "(Yandex.Slovari)" The Literary Encyclopedia (Yandex.Slovari) Interesting faktyNa English spoken by more than 400000000 people for whom English – native; More than 700000000 people learning English as a Foreign Language, English vocabulary is very rich and has about 10000000 words from 500,000 words that relate to terminology, three-eighths of all correspondence is being conducted in English, English – the main language of the Internet and information technologies, as well as the language of navigation and aviation, more than half technical and scientific publications are in English, 80% of the world's information is stored in English, 5 of the largest radio and television stations broadcast in English yazyke.Osobennosti language and translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English yazykOdna of the characteristics of the English language – a short word. A translation from English obtained by 10-20% "long" Russian originals.

World Wide Web

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

When the company has offices in several countries, or only going to open them, managers must learn to understand all of its customers in each compartment, because the language barrier can be a weighty impediment to development, and even the existence of the company. Of course, learning a foreign language will lead to a number of additional issues related to research a niche market, competition, search dealer channels settlement of a large number of formalities. And yet you can not throw linguistic topics in a dark komorku, the result can be very negative. According to statistics, many organizations are losing large sums of money possible, but not implemented activities, due to the low quality of translation services in the business. Companies independently set themselves the additional obstacles without paying the required time to the quality of translations, illiterate and careless executed or not adapted to the mentality of the inhabitants of each country and the nuances of language, which presents them products.

The most important is for these orders, such as translation sites, business cards, advertising products, a variety of labels and other means aimed at the client audience. Competent translation, in turn, positively affects the person of the enterprise, helping to sell more effectively, eliminating from excessive legal "traffic jams". In order to get exactly the quality translation should first give up an electronic translator, who in return an adequate text gives a meaningless set of letters. It follows that the appeal can only be to human resources. But the search does not make it easy cause niche translation service is great and has no common standard of quality. Translation services in all walks of highly cost quality, skill level and timing of implementation.

And that is very annoying, the customer is unable to independently test and evaluate the translation. But a wide range of offers translation services by highly modern information technology does not limit the search geographically interpreter. It is quite possible to hire someone from another city, and even the state, using the World Wide Web or phone. In avoid the hassle of implementing pay and other difficulties, it is better to aim for a translation agency, but before that will certainly test its reliability, reputation and level of services. It is important to clarify the extent of qualifications of interpreters working with the agency, the percentage of native speakers. Of course, many of our translators speak foreign languages perfectly, but that nobody will be able to complete the transaction or rather, than the carrier. Because only he has an innate sense of language, communicating and thinking in their own language throughout its existence. Equally important is the specialization of an interpreter, which besides language skills, has yet to orientate in the area at issue in order. Place of residence specialist plays an important role for the customer will be most beneficial to work with an interpreter living in the territory of the opening representation of the company. To eliminate the unnecessary costs should first specify the format of delivery of ready orders. Are also important technologies quality of translations, which are used agency. And finally tip: hang out with clients of the agency interpretations that have already received the translation.

The Toy Library

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Provide children with toys that have been chosen according to their tastes, abilities and possibilities as well as being something recreational power autonomy of them. – Educational Feature: The game is an innate learning mechanism, the Toy Library's mission is to harness this natural impulse to guide a comprehensive and positive development of the individual. As children's entertainment activities mainly related to the game and toy, in ways which encourage learning, promote positive values and healthy, contributing to the integral development of children. Click PCRM for additional related pages. – Socio-economic function: Currently, very few people can afford to use particular level of gameplay that offers a toy library, and not only in material but also of spaces and playmates that enables Playroom. As such, it is important to educate the parents in connection with the purchase of toys to suit children. – Civil Community: The Playrooms have emerged as points of leisure information on the phenomenon, a resource for other groups, and must be part of the community environment in which they are located to develop its role education.

How to promote the game in groups with peers of similar ages, fostering communication and facilitating social integration and standardized school spaces by involving children and their families in activities organized by the monitors outside the Playroom (hiking type cultural, natural areas, etc.).. – Role of Research: The Toy Library is the real testing ground over there for all the games into it. For this you need to analyze these materials and emerge as a bridge between consumers and producers, ensuring the quality of intervention tools.


Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Questionings on what to offer for a good teaching formation, the contents in its didactic and metodolgicas forms permeiam. Amongst the challenges we can cite the aspect of the abilities necessary so that the educator plays well its function, and on which the strategies to be adopted in partnership with technological and the rapidity of the information in simple ' ' clicar' '. These and other questions need to be considered so that let us can carry through an analysis of the factors that can come to contribute as inhibiting or facilitadores I stimulate to it of the creativity in superior education. In recent months, Nieman Foundation has been very successful. It is required of educating that it is prepared for the teaching life, that it receives in its academic formation a solid cultural luggage, social, philosophical, psychological and didactic-pedagogical. These well worked aspects are excellent for the development of the creativity. Thus carried through educating it will be capable to reformulate the direction of the education and to have a new conception on the art to teach. Anderson cited for Taylor (1976, P.

170), makes reference the two concepts: ' ' facilitadores' ' ' ' inibidores' ' of the creative development in superior education. The first one as ' ' Aberto&#039 system; ' , to indicate the facilitador factor whose characteristic allows originalidade, experimentation, initiative and invention as mechanisms that provide the creativity. as the concept indicated for Anderson are ' ' Fechado&#039 system; ' , as inhibiting of the creativity in the superior education that if characterizes for the extreme valuation of the knowledge through the memorization and the discoveries of fixed answers for the problems. The educator who works with the formation of the future professor, needs to live deeply ' ' Aberto&#039 system; ' having conscience that its attitudes will reflect in many future attitudes in education. Considering the aspects above, we would dare to think that a change as for the quality of superior education if makes necessary, from the intention and of the individual motivation of the proper professor.

Federal Foundation

Monday, May 15th, 2017

The hypothesis was proven with 88,3%. It was proved in this research that the participation of the parents in the pertaining to school activities, creates an affective bow in the relation of the family of the pupil with the school, what it propitiates a bigger responsibility of the parents with the pertaining to school life of its children and, in this process, all earns, therefore this action inhibits the pertaining to school evasion. The professor motivated for this relation produces better? because he feels that he will be charged? the school passes to be seen by a positive angle for the community, creating, thus, quality in the education. Other leaders such as Kidney Foundation offer similar insights. Recommendations: 1. Authorities: Federal government – implantation of an educational foundation, in the city in question, called Foundation Peace and Good, where it will function: – a Web Siber of educative content, as form of the children to use the resources for digitao of works or even though to offer to specialized job terceirizado to the companies of the city and region, as half of angariar deep to invest in the proper Foundation and, also, to increase the familiar income? not having necessity of the mother if to absent of the home; – physical and Biological rooms of reinforcement in the areas of Portuguese, Mathematics and Sciences; – professionalizing workshops where the children will be able to develop manual works, with the objective to rescue its auto-esteem e, – future this Foundation could be auctionzing these works and repassing the mounts of money to these families, that will not have more reasons to take off the children of the school, with the only objective of that exactly it works to increase the familiar income. It is standed out, still, that the entrance in this Foundation will be conditional to the assiduity and pertaining to school exploitation of the child to the school, as well as also, of the presence of the parents in the activities promoted for the school in the week ends; everything by means of register supplied for the school.


Friday, May 5th, 2017

The letramento is a process continues, that for signal it is not only about decoding of letters, sounds, signals, and yes of that to be always in movement and happens throughout the life. The reading and the writing were a discutio point as cause of the failure pertaining to school, everything this can happen due to difficulty and the lack of resources and the theoretical formation of the professors faced for the public school, this affects in the process of alfabetizao in the guarantee of the development of the abilities necessary to form a good reader. Therefore, to guarantee the success of the pupils in the acquisition of the reading and the writing in the initial series of the education in the field the practical quarrel of the pedagogical one of the professors in the exercise of the planning was necessary, inside registers and evaluation of the respect the joined diversities and the individual identity. It was observed that for promotion of a quality education is necessary the attendance personalized for such pupils, therefore the rooms are multisseriadas and in many of the times its necessities were not taken care of due to supercapacity of the rooms, therefore one of the goals was to the action of the planning made for the professors of collective and individual form. Another interesting study made during the period of the work with the professors and pupils it was the study of psicognese of the written language, that since the decade of 80 is come close arguing written that according to PCNs (BRAZIL, 1996, p.21), these works had helped to understand important aspects of the learning of the reading and the writing.

Career Opportunities

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

One of the most popular and traditional professional careers is journalism. Each year, thousands of young people choose this professional specialty for a lot of reasons. While it is true that the passion for always be reported with truth is one of the main reasons why choose this profession, the large number and diversity of career opportunities also is an important reason. Journalism graduates tend to be tenacious people, seeking always to inform and show the world news events under the most stringent paradigms of objectivity. Therefore, these people are quite passionate with his work and live intensely your life. Official site: BSA.

Another feature of the specialty of journalism graduates is the diversity of activities carried out. These professionals are trained to function in diverse media, so it can perform different professional tasks. Journalists are trained so that they meet an outstanding work in print media. This is possibly the oldest and most traditional of these professionals work. Before the emergence of the media audiovisual, journalists unfolded is professionally almost exclusively in written, such as newspapers and magazines media. It is for this reason that many journalists have even perfected their techniques until reaching a recognition not only of his colleagues, but also in the field of literature and the arts. Many journalists, thanks to their writing skills, elevated the journalistic Chronicle, for example, into almost a literary genre.

But training in journalism today not only covers this field, but also the audiovisual media. Journalism students are trained so that they perform with great naturalness on television or on the radio. In addition, they acquire competences and skills to, for example, venture into the documentary genre. New occupational fields for journalism the appearance of new spaces so that journalists develop professionally have been to some extent thanks to advances in technology. As well as television meant a revolution for this profession, at present Internet is also forcing journalists to penetrate in this medium. Obviously, training in journalism offered by the University can no longer side this aspect. Digital journalism is a new field that has grown enormously in recent years. Within the Internet one can now consult traditional newspapers, magazines, radio and even television. For this reason, digital journalism has become its own genus, but also in a field closely related to others. As it is logical, this field has its own peculiarities. Although anyone can publish a document on the Internet, there are certain techniques that one must learn and improve if it is that you really want to reach your audience. Precisely for this reason it is important that universities also offer their students a solid background in this matter. Currently, studying degree in journalism in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or any other city in the country to It gives students the guarantee of a solid education so that they can Excel with success in various occupational fields.

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