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Assisted Selfhypnosis

Friday, October 18th, 2019

Many people enjoy and know about the power possessed by affirmations or positive self-suggestion. To deepen your understanding PCRM is the source. And so, they can work miracles with people and their lives. Quite a few known cases of people cured from a serious disease with a few positive sentences, but we'll just want to improve their confidence. Learn more about this with Harold Ford Jr. But we should not forget that any force has identified the risks of not using it correctly. This also applies to affermatsy! Canadian scientists have found that people with low self-esteem feel worse after repeating positive statements about yourself. The researchers argue that such phrases as 'I am a nice person' only help people with high self-esteem. The emergence of such feelings in people based on their real life, where everything is not as smooth as in these sentences.

The reason for these failures is not the correct use of affermatsy. How can overcome these not necessary for us to impact? To do this, and there are rules to use any program! Firstly, there are 2 types of programming our subconscious: negative-positive-Any installation program only to become when it registers in our body and reaches the subconscious mind. The most effective time to reprogram our subconscious mind is a state of trance in which we are in daily and more than once. When ride the bus, stroll through the park, go in the car and so on, if in these moments we wondered about something, or "fly" in the clouds as you want it call it, the more likely you are in a trance.

Food Diary

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Many nutritionists advise burn calories and use the products in the diary. If you have not yet decided to start keeping these records, we present six pros: 1. Accounting for snacking Vosnovnoy diet many of us, includes useful products. But if your goal is to lose a few pounds a week, you must also take into account all the snacks during the day: biscuits, chocolate, soda, chips can reduce all efforts to lose weight on there. Writing down everything that was eaten per day and counting calories, you can determine the "real price of a harmless snack. 2.

Treat yourself to a Leading accounting of calories during the day and week, you can determine how many calories you can still consume it will provide an opportunity to pamper yourself a favorite dessert, without remorse and damage figure. 3. For more information see PCRM. Control food diary can help you identify the power circuit. Perhaps you snack at night because of what little you eat during the day, or constantly kusochnichaete without noticing it. If you think that the diary is problematic, because the patched you just can not remember what you ate for the day, consider that you have received a signal that is necessary to change the schema of your supply. 4. Serving Size If you stick to a diet for a long time or are simply used wisely to restrict food intake, then you probably know how to determine the weight of the portion of the eye.

However, if desired weight loss has stopped or pounds back, then before entering the data on the use of products necessary to determine the exact weight portions. The average portion of pasta or rice can be more than you think. When cooking at home you can just use the measuring utensils in restaurants, the menu always shows the output portion in grams. 5. Contribution to the future good motivation to maintain proper nutrition serve as a comparison of diary entries. You can see how your habits have changed a few months later, and if you one day want to "break", you can look at the record of one of those days when you to eat properly is certainly cheer you up to a further attempt to maintain a beautiful figure and well-being. 6. Enhancing self-awareness that you need to write down everything you eat, make once again ponder: whether to eat chocolate or take a welcome addition to the dining room. Despite the fact that to read the diary and will be only you need to record all meals – a sure way to improve self-control.

Rehabilitation Center

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Rehabilitation center should inspire patients to hope for a brighter future. There should be no barbed wire and bars on the windows, and, even more special for indoor particularly violent patients, as it is for certain aware that the practice of a kind of "cooler" is widely used in many medical institutions and nursing homes. Rehabilitation Center has become a real home for those who came there for help, but not in cells in which they were by fate. Best of all, to a rehabilitation center was located outdoors, in a picturesque location, away from cities and major highways. It is in such a place a person can recover more quickly, because the aid to it will come the forces of nature. It's no secret that drug addiction – an ugly child technological era, so the rehab center must, at least temporarily protect drug addicts from the bleak landscapes of modern the city can make stick your head in the noose even the most mentally stable people. In addition, the rehabilitation center must have a staff with vast experience and respect for human cause qualities, because it rests on their shoulders a great responsibility for those for whom the rehabilitation center – the last chance to return to normal life. Disappointing, rehab them seem longer by the release of the drug captivity, and addicts finally convinced of the hopelessness of their situation and disappointed in life.

Thus, any rehabilitation center should combine time-tested professional staff, the atmosphere bright hope for the future, home comfort and the ability to commune with nature. Rehabilitation of drug addicts should include the full social adaptation suffering from addiction of citizens, as well as a range of measures to cleanse the body. People suffering from drug addiction is commonly thought that the rehabilitation of drug addicts is in the closed centers, where they will not even have able to communicate with relatives. In part, these speculations are not unfounded, because not once in the media commented on a number of places located far from major highways and cities, where rehabilitation is not any form of monitoring of the operating system of official authority. Who organizes these charities and how they are centers of charity, remains a mystery, since any information, in fact, may be presented and is in a different light. So do not be more than this, but back on topic, after rehabilitation of drug addicts often been the subject of debate. Argue about this policy, religious leaders, doctors, psychologists, and just ordinary citizens, although for many the term "rehabilitation of drug users" is just empty words. Is it worth arguing about this for so long and so fiercely? Perhaps, dear fellow citizens, it is time, finally, set to work, taking a drug problem at the most, that neither is, ezhevye mittens? To begin rehabilitation of drug addicts should be the subject of many television programs and appear in newspapers, in short, to get publicity. Should be drafted and approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia a package of measures required for rehabilitation. In addition, the rehabilitation of drug addicts should stop scaring the population of Russia the possibility of loss of patients closed center property located in the property, as well as becoming a victim of religious or any other mental pressure.

Prevention Of Sore Throat

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Respiratory diseases – infections that are characterized by lesions of the mucous membranes of the airways and transmitted mainly by droplet infection. The main symptoms of respiratory disease include cough, runny nose. Sore throat, hoarseness, shortness of breath. Usually these symptoms are preceded by a cold-state arising after exposure to cold, which is characterized by reduced body resistance and the emergence of vulnerability to various forms of respiratory infections, including pneumonia, sinusitis, tonsillitis. Prevention throat In order to prevent the common cold should be avoided where possible contact with patients people. In most infants in need of protection under one year old, because they are least able to carry the disease. Autumn chill is directly connected with the reduction of moisture in heated buildings, it should be around 45%. Experimentally proved that the low temperature, severe weather, dampness and cold, have little effect on susceptibility to colds.

A more important fact may be a sudden change temperatures. Of the preventive measures recommended by the frequent airing of the premises, avoiding hypothermia, drafts, inclusion in the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Useful lubrication nasal ointment oxolinic and gargling disinfectant. You can rinse the nasal cavity twice a day with soap and water. At the same time mechanically removed not only the mucus, dust and viruses trapped in the nasal cavity from the inhaled air. If you Still sick, you can use these tools: 1. Blackcurrant liqueur – this is an excellent diaphoretic and febrifuge.

For its preparation to pour 3 tbsp. of buds and leaves (1:2) 1 liter of boiling water, insist 2 hours, strain. Take the form of heat, 100 – 150 ml 3 times a day. 2. Tincture of clover – febrifuge. Take 2 tbsp. spoons of flowers to one cup of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes. Take one tablespoon of 5 times a day. But the best prevention against colds and has always been hardening!

Dietary Supplements

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Once again the benefits of dietary supplements health issues are of concern not only for Russia but for most countries, both developed and underdeveloped world. Russian I, of course, ascribe to the developed part of the planet, and it's not feelings of patriotism, but from an objective assessment of the actual scientific and technological capabilities of our country. In these circumstances, only individual means and ways to protect the internal environment, ie endoecological recreation on cellular level in the overall range of practical measures to preserve the viability of both the individual and large populations are the only possible measure of saving the human species. Trunk by human survival is the expansion and recovery of its own defensive resources. You can not keep silent and toxic effect on the human body and such, it would seem necessary in everyday life attributes, such as drugs. Recently in the newspaper "Izvestia" published an appeal was an American medical doctor Matthias Rath and U.S.

leadership to all residents of the country and the world. According to him, in the XXI century, people woke up after a century nightmare in which they were subjected to continuous "charity" Effects of pharmaceutical companies, whose activities led to the chain of civilization diseases: cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, immune deficiency, cancer, AIDS and tuberculosis. And in this chain involves all interested persons representing the interests of pharmaceutical companies in various organizations, including the World Organisation Zdravoohraneniya.i adaptive capabilities. These factors must be added and objective reasons, adversely affecting public health, such as increased concentration of toxic air exhaust, a lack of products in natural vitamins and essential micronutrients, physical inactivity and social vulnerability of the population. What is happening in the world to improve the quality of life, whether it is possible to use international experience to support the population of Russia? First of all, the world community drew attention to the most important factor in determining human health – for life, which accounts for 50% of the factors influencing health. .

Clinical Operative Maxillofacial Surgery

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

At the same time sufficiently clearly defined the main cause of disease-excessive burden on temporo-mandibular joint (acute injury) during therapeutic manipulations at wide-open mouth (therapists, surgeons, and orthopedists), or chronic microtrauma in the treatment of orthodontic pathology. Reflection of clinical manifestations of instability of the TMJ, which lead to sprains, are: 1. Hypermobility of one or both of the TMJ. 2. ravmaticheskaya instability: – impressionnaya compression – 3.Oklyuzionnaya: – due to malocclusion.

by defects of the dentition, due to orthopedic-(orthodontic) treatment-4. Anatomical instability. Mechanisms of unilateral TMJ dislocation with allowance described pathogenetic and etiologic factors is discoordination activity of masticatory muscles, which leads to disruption of intra-relationship with the development of stress-strain state of intra-articular structures due to change of position head of the mandible relative to the glenoid fossa and articular tubercle. Treatment of patients with dislocations of the lower jaw comes from the etiopathogenetic features of each form and include a range of activities, leading of which is the reduction of the articular head relative to the glenoid cavity and intra-articular disc, eliminating muscular imbalances through protective regime, and restricting the use reponiruyuschih mouth opening prosthetic, miogimnastiki and physiotherapeutic measures (vibro) for normalization and synchronization of the masticatory muscles. Takiim way during medical manipulations dentist any specialty and qualifications may be inadvertently caused by anatomical – functional disorders of the TMJ in the form of its dislocation, which is often accompanied by a jet of painful symptoms, dysfunction of the masticatory muscles or the development of stable pathological state of instability in the form of movements of the mandible. Recommended reading: 1.Anatomiya rights. T. 1. <

Getting Acquainted

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Appendicitis – an inflammation of the appendix. It is thought that appendicitis begins when the opening between the appendix and caecum blocked. Blockages can occur due to thick mucus layers within the appendix or due to fecal masses, which fall in the appendix of the cecum. The mucus or stool hardens, becomes dense as a stone, and block the hole. Such stones are called coprolite (literally – 'stones from the feces'). In other cases, the lymphoid tissue in the appendix may swell and block the appendix. The body reacts to the introduction of such an attack on the development of bacteria attack called inflammation.

Another theory causes appendicitis – the original rupture of the appendix followed by spread of bacteria outside of the appendix. The reason for this gap is unclear, but it may be related to changes that occur in lymphoid tissue that lines the wall of the appendix. If the inflammation and infection spread in the interior wall of the appendix, it can burst. After the break the infection can spread to the abdominal cavity, however, usually limited to a small space of the process surrounding the appendix (forming a so-called "periappendikulyarny abscess"). Sometimes the organism successfully "cures" appendicitis without surgery if the infection and accompanying inflammation do not spread throughout the abdomen. Inflammation, pain and other symptoms may disappear. This situation occurs in some elderly patients, as well as with antibiotics. Therefore, patients may seek medical attention after a long period of time after an attack of appendicitis with swelling or infiltration in the right lower abdomen.

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