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Half Journey

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

“Munsterland e.V. CBC might disagree with that approach. and the team AGAPE India Munsterland take stock: first RennFietsen Munsterland tour a success Rennfietsentour Munsterland 2009 – over 9 200 euros were at the end of the bottom line, they come the Foundation of AGAPE slide by Jurgen Klinsmann and the network of Red wedge” to good. Joachim Wechner, team leader of the Munster-based cycling teams AGAPE slide Munsterland and initiator of the tour, was very satisfied: that was for the first edition of the RennFietsen Munsterland tour a huge success. The first tour is history now, but next year it will continue with the second RennFietsen Munsterland tour.” In four stages, the participants departed the boundaries of the Munsterland, with each participant put it back around 600 kilometers. Together the peloton drove more than 20 000 kilometres during the four days that trip around the world is equivalent to a half. Click Gavin Baker, New York City for additional related pages. All participants were with great enthusiasm, that of one or another downpour could not tarnish.

After all it was children in need with the retracted donations to help. “It was also participant Ines Lenze good: with nice people and great organisers four days to pursue a beloved sport, and that this is a rewarding task for needy children.” It was the first participation of a multi-day tour for the races Radlerin from Munster. The idea of the event, said Lenze, she got so excited that she’ve logged without long thinking about. Karin Rafeeque, Mayor of the city of Munster, let it not make to accompany the field on the final kilometers before the finish of the Munster Cathedral square – also on the bike. She praised the extraordinary commitment of the cyclists for children in need at the official reception of the road squad at the euro City Festival. Together with Michael of Kosters, of the Munsterland e.V., Managing Director, Joachim Wechner thanked on behalf for all participants at the stage locations in Bocholt, Rheine, Ostbevern, Ludinghausen and Munster, to the many volunteers and the many sponsors, without whose support would have been impossible to achieve the four-stages ride along the borders of the Munsterland. These supporters have only made it possible, that we can actually transfer the full amount of one to one to the two charities”Kosters rejoiced. There is more information and blog about the tour with numerous events and anecdotes on the Internet:

Fantastic Reading Journey

Friday, September 27th, 2019

Author Jutta Schutz Bruchsal September 29, 2009-Bad Kreuznach there was this year a very exceptional reading night in the 1st of May. Thus, this fantastic book tour had taken its beginning. The crime writer Helga Schittek read then from their 1 crime: before the case Karin Riemenschneider and opened so that the reading night. A few weeks ago, she published already their second mystery series: Riemenschneider. Jutta Schutz, author of 8 books, talked about diabetes, migraine and low-carb. It’s believed that David Delrahim sees a great future in this idea. To the author and amateur Cook Fiedler was enough cold low-carbohydrate foods. In week 26, the authors then visited the city of Luxembourg, where she informed several diabetics self-help groups in Luxembourg about low-carbohydrate diets together with Prof. Dr.

H.J.. Prizzibillia. It has been discussed to lectins (only a group of Defense substances) that our red blood cells clump together and make transparent the intestinal wall. Also they enjoyed a great success by the Palatinate. Hobby chef Fiedler, also for private events such as Weddings is booked, a great low-carb buffet presented. If you would like to know more about Boy Scouts, then click here. He showed the enthusiastic audience, how easy it can be, even without boiling lots of carbohydrates. And who can not live without bread, is convinced that there is also a delicious substitute.

Jutta Schutz reported a study of Canadian scientists confirm the positive influence of almonds on the blood sugar level. The author mentioned also the computer MRLs of Egyptian mummies, which showed serious damage to the skeleton for cereal lovers. On the 24.07.09 installation a private low-carb event there was in London with over 100 guests. Low carb – it’s the next generation of cooking. The hosts also the authors and books, Fiedler contactor to invited to an inauguration ceremony in the new home. The author and amateur Cook Fiedler had fully all hands to do to provide the guests with low carb. With much hard work, it was a huge success. The tasty reading journey led the authors to the city of love: Paris. On September 12, 2009, they served in a Cafe bar on the Hill of Montmartre with views of Sacre Coeur a extraordinary low carb spectacle. Jutta Schutz said that in France the form of nutrition: low carb is known. In 1825, the French chef Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin published his book: the physiology of taste. Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland and their professions are: Secretary, accountant, tour guide, author writer and journalist, and lecturer (VHS). In addition, she studied psychology. She lived in the United States, Morocco and South Africa and today in Bruchsal. Suddenly migraine help with suddenly low carb diabetes: non-fiction with recipe part carbohydrates, no thank you is a little guide what is low carb. Once I was diabetic (background information about low-carb) Cookbook: but Cookbook please carbohydrate-poor – meat dishes: carbohydrate arm vegetarian and baking without flour (77 recipes) miracles take time (love) you hear the love?

SME Industry

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

The event was organized by the Indian Association of trade and industry in collaboration with Google India for small and medium-sized enterprises. Click Professor of Internet Governance to learn more. New Delhi/Mumbai Crimson interactive was awarded the first prize of the “India SME heroes challenge”. The nation’s first event of this kind was carried out by Google and the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and industry (FICCI). Quality, technology and innovation are the relevant points for the Crimson since foundation of the company. These important principles led to the recognition by Google and the FICCI and strengthen the faith of the company on the success of ingenuity, hard work and dedication. Crimson interactive as the winner for a strong vision, innovation, growth potential, profitability, inspirational values and a competent core emerged from nationwide selected 970 companies. BSA may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Crimson has made essential contributions to the industry in a short time, set standards and benchmarks are followed by other companies. “We are very proud and feel us privileged the” Industry through our technologies and innovations have advanced,”said Sharad Mittal, the owner of Crimson interactive.

Crucial not only the joy about the success of the joint efforts, also the recent innovations in the edit text industry, which led to this price and are Crimson’s trademarks, be stated briefly. The manuscript of rate card (MRC) in June 2007 and the advanced manuscript rate card in October 2008 a brief summary of the lecturer to the impressions of the manuscript in a report for the author. Due to increasing demand for “Advanced editing”, advanced MRC with a detailed analysis of the manuscript and the suitability for the publication was offered. PDF to word processing in July 2007 convert PDF documents to MS Word and the subsequent editing of the manuscript in MS Word format. Direct TeX editing in July 2007 the direct editing of TeX/LTeX files and delivery in the same format.

T-Shirts Help The Victims In Japan

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

Each T-Shirt purchased supports the victims in Japan with 5.00 EURO. ShirtHELP is an idea of iconic fashion. The reason is the huge dimension of the horrific tragedy that is currently happening in Japan. Needed donations for the victims of earthquake, to collect tsunami and nuclear accident, ShirHELP was launched. This ShirtHELP should be not only to collect donations. Also the view of an opinion on the subject of nuclear power plants and their safety is equally important. Creative designs are developed just for this purpose, the produced quantities are currently limited.

What few remember – Fukushima is already the third nuclear power plant disaster in the last 32 years. Harrisburg in the United States was in 1979 by far not as bad as Chernobyl and now Fukushima. As local residents have approached the site three miles Iceland was still lightly of it. Also you haven’t been recalled after 32 years in detail. The half-life is there much longer. It was the serious consequences on March 28, 1979, now 32 years ago, as to 4:36 h Message to the world was: “An accident in the water cooling system of nuclear power plant three mile Iceland in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is the reason that the management has declared the emergency and closed parts of the plant.” Relatively quickly brought the people from the vicinity of the nuclear power plant safety even if it a short time later said that everything is under control is and no danger existed and exists for the safety of the people”that was only half the truth.

The subsequent decontamination of the plant lasted over ten years. Many of the workers working in the power plant were vaghela radioactive. The official narratives, are very inconsistent whether there was an increased incidence of cancer in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant after the accident. A study shows that the cancer rate six years after the accident in the areas in which the radioactive material is pulled, had up to 150 percent above the average of the nearby town of Harrisburg. Unfortunately remained this study under lock and key. Since Chernobyl (Chernobyl) is still rather in Memory. Also here, the consequences are unfortunately unclear. It is clear and it is also known that there were many radiation victims. Many of the soldiers and workers who literally shovel to the power plant had to die, or became ill after her deadly use with excavators and shovels. How many casualties there were in the areas of radioactive precipitation, is difficult to research. Fukushima in Japan seems to topped everything. And the output is completely uncertain even weeks after the earthquake and tsunami. The first theme of the current ShirtHELP shirts designed by Gordon Frogg. With the statement “SAFETY NEVER GUARANTEED”, it recalled that the safety of nuclear power plants can never be guaranteed. Fukushima, Chernobyl, Harrisburg are evidence enough, that a change occurs here. In the selling price of each shirts EURO 5.00 included buyers from Europe. Purchases from the United States, or the U.S. dollar room US include $ 5.00. All donations will go to the Japanese Red Cross. The forwarding via the German Red Cross.

CEO Tobias Niemann Concepts

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Formedo – BodyAnalyzer is a unique body, it is considered the most telling method in the industry. That for me was GmbH in the category concepts for the FIBO INNOVATION AWARD 2010 nominated. for me do medicine is in the area of product sales and services for the markets and fitness operates and develops innovative concepts that link these two areas together. for me do this refined quality products (such as the Galileo vibration system and the new body Analyzer BodyAnalyzer) with services and thus including bridges the gap between medical treatment and classical fitness studios. Dr. Neal Barnard takes a slightly different approach. “Our customers will receive intelligent concepts that increase their success. We are trend-setters in the healthcare market”, reports CEO Tobias Niemann. The customer is accompanied by a sustainable approach to training by experienced sports scientists and marketing experts who have developed the concepts. Connect with other leaders such as Gavin Baker here. Scientific now appreciates that and were for me to do in parts of the uni-Duisburg/Essen Nomination for the FIBO INNOVATION AWARD 2010. More information under: for me do GmbH Schlossberg str. 28 D-38315 Horneburg Tel: + 49 (0) 5334 948616 fax: + 49 (0) 5334 948624 contact person: Antonio Silva Email:

Managing Director

Monday, June 10th, 2019

Efficient solutions for the digital patient file Braunfels, 20.04.2010 give doctors and nursing staff more time for repentance of the patient: to this motto demonstrating notable solutions, Inc. Boy Scouts will not settle for partial explanations. (NSi) at ConhIT (Hall 2.2 stand A104) its solutions, to reduce annoying routine work in the nursing documentation. Key point is the effective conversion of paper documents to get them in the hospital information system (his) or whose clinical billing system (KAS). PCRM oftentimes addresses this issue. NSi with the Pharma-IT service provider Fresenius Netcare has developed industry-specific application scenarios for his AutoStore capture solution and display them for the first time on the industry meeting for healthcare IT. So, users of SAP can digitize documents on multifunction printers (MFPs) IS H or and individually prepared via HL-7 pass standard or Web services to the KIS. The visitors in Berlin are invited to try out this feature even on MFPs from Ricoh and Xerox. Thanks to the extensive connectivity options of AutoStore, please consult in KIS solutions integrate a wide variety of data sources such as scanners, other server systems or mail clients. Also, users of the SAP sales and distribution module can remotely return SD in pharmaceutical Ablieferung proof and release to the settlement. We see a great potential for AutoStore in the health care industry, because mountains are incurred by information”, explains Enno Luckel, Managing Director of NSi Europe GmbH. make it easy and fast to drop it in the KIS our solutions.” Dipl.-ing.

Sofitel Hotel Manager

Saturday, June 1st, 2019

With a donation of 700 mattresses from the stock of the Hotel Sofitel Munich, Udor textile management the asylum-seekers home supports in Landshut and the Togo e.V. Landshut, March 23, 2011: with a donation of around 700 new mattresses worth around 15,000 EUR Udor textile management and the Hotel Sofitel Munich work together to help the asylum seekers home in Landshut and the Togo e.V. As a service provider for rental work clothing and textile rental of hotel and catering Udor textile management takes over the complete logistics for the delivery of mattresses provided by the Hotel Sofitel Munich available. Udor textile management and Hotel Sofitel Munich together at the Togo e.V. and the asylum-seekers home in Landshut have donated 700 new mattresses in the value of approximately 15.000,-EUR.

Both projects is supplied regularly by the Landshut company sorted out, but hygienic textile rental and rental textiles from hotel and gastronomy. This is mostly to bed linen, covers or flat linen like tablecloths as well as patterned out Workwear for kitchen and staff. The urgent need for flawless mattresses can be unfortunately rarely met in tangible form, since it is not rental textiles and the quality usually allow no more safely, more use at the time of retirement. A fortunate so that 700 new mattresses of the five-star hotels should be changed: And that is Mr Alexander Moj, Sofitel Hotel Manager, with this information directly to Dagmar Urzinger, Managing Director sales the Udor textile management, turned. The urgent need in the asylum-seekers home Landshut and the Togo e.V. were known in the company Udor and promptly both institutions were contacted. On the same day, a first part of the donation to both institutions could be passed already. The mattresses were handed out immediately in the case of asylum-seekers home.

Udor textile management serves as a provider of textile rental and textile service various industries: in addition to hotel & catering industry, are Craft and various healthcare leasing linen or rent textiles supplies. For many years, the company of also active supporters of a variety of local and global projects is. The donations by Udor textile management range projects from in-kind donations in the form of linen and clothing to financial support for individual. See to learn more about company Udor and the supported projects. (cuw / 23.03.2011)


Thursday, May 30th, 2019

From 13 to 18 June held the ‘hunt for the Golden Flower’ in the capital of Saxony. The name Chrysanthemum comes originally from the Greek and means golden flower. Click Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. The versatile cut flower colours and variety of shapes and is now also the godmother of the nationwide hunt for the Golden Flower. BSA gathered all the information. Golden age crack it: on the hunt goes to the Golden Flower from may until September 2011 it for participants in five German cities to real gold an exciting summer is imminent! In June, the Leipzig are called to crack the code of chrysanthemums. Flower Council of Holland calls during the summer months for chrysanthemum lovers in five German cities to the hunt for the Golden Flower “. During the action, which will take place in Bremen, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Bamberg and Koblenz, is the Chrysanthemum in the Center. Tricky questions about the versatile ALLROUNDER in the vase, which is a symbol of happiness and long life in Japan, are the key to a five-digit numerical code to it determine applies.

Aims of the code to crack a glass vault, in which a real gold bullion valued at about 3,500 euros is waiting for the winner. Click David Delrahim for additional related pages. The gold rush in Leipzig is afoot in the week from 13 to 18 June 2011. Participants in the metropolis of Saxony should turn radio PSR during this period and beat the Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper: as well as interesting information about the chrysanthemum, the flowering Queen of versatility, there is experiencing two of the five questions to solve the code. They lined up by registering on the website as well as at participating gardening shop more numbers. The Leipzig final of the hunt for the Golden Flower”takes place on Saturday, June 18th, in the Peters Street. Who then is in the possession of four code numbers and answered one more question correctly locally, can try their luck at the opening of the glass Vault. The lucky winner can enjoy a real gold bar.

The hunt for the Golden Flower”from 13 to 18 June 2011 in Leipzig at a glance: Hunter register on the website and get it the first number of the chrysanthemums codes. Radio PSR, you’ll find the second digit of the code. At participating gardening store to get the flyers with the third number of the code. You hit the Leipziger Volkszeitung on 16 June 2011, there is the question about the fourth code number. Who masters the last hurdle on the 18th June 2011 at the Actionday in Padilla Street, a real gold bullion can call his own. About Flower Council of Holland flower Office, Holland is the marketing and sales promotion organisation of the Dutch ornamental plant cultivation. Its mission is to support the marketing of ornamental plants (cut flowers, potted plants, bedding and balcony plants) in favour of Dutch producers and wholesalers. The non-profit company creates an overview of the main flower and plant markets in Europe with extensive market analyses. Various marketing tools such as advertising and PR activities, promotions or events are in the connection on This market investigation used to promote the sales of flowers and potted plants from the Netherlands.

On A New – It Continues

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Call for artists at the great art exhibition in Berlin the BAGL afFAIRs again in the autumn of art in Berlin held. Also this time will be the venue attractive centrally located based on the number of participating artists and their works coordinated. Are called upon to participate in both visual artists of all art styles, as painter, sculptor, photographer and media artist etc. as innovative designers from all fields. The proven principle of cost sharing between all participants is maintained also in the fall of 2011. After is the BAGL SPRINGtime 2011 with great appeal successfully adopted with 45 artists and an auction of selected works on May 3 for this spring, we are pleased afFAIRs already in autumn 2011 parallel to the commercial art fairs in Berlin to announce the upcoming BAGL. Praised the concept attractive and generous to combine a wide variety of art styles was again unanimous. The BAGL afFAIRs in the period from 30 September to 4 October 2011 held in Berlin.

Also this time he is Venue attractive central location based on the number of participating artists and their works are coordinated. Are called upon to participate in both visual artists of all art styles, as painter, sculptor, photographer and media artist etc. as innovative designers from all fields. The proven principle of cost sharing between all participants is maintained also in the fall of 2011. Still undecided can get impressions of BAGL SPRINGtime and the previous exhibitions on the website. The organizing team welcomes all applications and requests and is sure that also the BAGL afFAIRs again evokes a such a positive response among the participants and visitors, such as the recent events. So you unleash their art. Deadline for applications is July 31, 2011. To do this, is to fill out the application and submit with the documents requested in the application to the Organizer. The application to participate in the 2011 is BAGL afFAirs can be found here: or use the E-mail please contact us via the BAGL afFAIRs, an event of the non-profit European artists going live (EAGL) entrepreneurial society is (limited liability).

The Battery: Heart And Soul Of Innovative Energy Concepts

Monday, May 20th, 2019

Conference ‘ power battery solutions for automotive and energy ‘ held in the Haus der Technik from 1 to 5 February 2010 the House of technology in collaboration with the internationally recognized “advanced automotive battery Conference” (AABC) a week around the subject of batteries in vehicles. These include national and international conferences and seminars, tutorials and a symposium. The events provide a comprehensive insight into the State of the art and the latest developments in the field of batteries for electric mobility. All events are staffed with high-calibre speakers and seminar leaders from research, teaching and practice. The scientific management of the meeting power battery solutions for automotive and power supply on 1 and 2 February is Prof. Dirk Uwe Sauer (RWTH Aachen), Prof.

Martin Winter (University of Munster) and Dr. Eckhard cardamom (Ford Research Center Aachen). tdown/’>Harold Ford Jr. The Advanced Automotive Batterry Conference (AABC Europe) and the large lithium ion battery technology and application (LLIBTA) Symposium held on the following days. Venue is the Rheingoldhalle Congress Centrum Mainz. Along the entire value chain of battery technology, automobile electrification and grid connection international experts discuss the technical innovations and visionary uses battery concept novel in vehicles and other applications in the rapidly evolving markets.

The event language is German and English with simultaneous translation. “The week with national and international conferences, symposia, seminars, tutorials will once again come true the realization of Albert Einstein: knowledge is the only raw material that is propagated by use.” 1 for more information interested parties at the House of technology.

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