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Armed Forces

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

The military man exerts, throughout its career, positions and functions in degrees of increasing complexity, what she makes of the leadership essential factor to the institution. These aspects determine the existence of a planned flow of career, obedient the defined criteria, that include the higidez, the professional qualification and the limits of age, everything this influencing in the promotions to the ranks and subsequentes graduations. are not widely known. Without this flow, the permanent renewal, made possible for the rotation in the positions, would be extremely harmed and the reached operationalization. If you would like to know more about Nieman Foundation, then click here. These promotions are carried through according to a planning, in the long run necessary to define, with exactness, the existing vacant in each rank or graduation and to manage the flow of career in the different pictures of graduated officers and of. Brazil, with continental dimensions and increasing international projection, possesss modest, if compared Armed Forces very with the too much nations. According to data of specialized publications, it is the country that pledges the percentile minor of the GIP in expenses with defense, making use of approximately a soldier for each fifty kilometers squared. In the conception of the Army, the challenge to answer to the necessities of the national defense has been looser thanks to the current system of military service, that allows, in short term, to mobilize reserves and to take care of, with chance and minor cost, to the emergenciais situations that can be configured. Boy Scouts of America may find this interesting as well.

This is the preponderant strategical approach for the analysis of our reality. All citizen after to enter one of the Armed Forces by means of incorporation, registers or nomination, will give honor commitment, in which she will affirm its conscientious acceptance of the obligations and the military duties and will reveal its firm disposal of well cumpriz them. (Art. 32 of the Law n 6,880, Statute of the Military) the national reality imposes solutions for the defense that do not burden the budget substantially of Union and that they do not compromise the attendance of other social priorities and development, generating weighed incubencies for all the society.


Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

But it seems that it had a decline of the valuation of the public life as space of the action and consequently of the life politics as a whole. Following the trend of the Frenchmen, master in the art of being happy between the small things, inside of the space of its four walls, between the closet and the bed, the table and chair, the dog and the cat and vase of flowers, dedicating these things a care and a ternura that, in a world where fast industrialization constantly destroys the things of yesterday producing objects of today, can until seeming I finish purely it human of the world. It is in this aspect that I make the comparison of the thought of Arendt with Koyr, therefore this sample that we jump of a closed world, that in my analogy corresponds to the private one, for an infinite universe, that in my analogy, that exactly unhappy, it corresponds to the public. The private sphere was the restricted one, what it said respect only to the family head, was a closed world, the public one was place of expansion, the new, the improbable one, the surprising one as an infinite universe. The public sphere is the space of the largeness and for being incapable to shelter what it is irrelevant, but that the individuals had started to consider important it had one refluxo of lives deeply in public for the candy privacy of the home. Augustin has guilt in this. It, as Arendt were that considered that the community of brothers in Christ had its life based on the charity and living in species of apolitia, when anti politia.

Character not public and non-political was well early defined in condition of that corpus would have to form, whose members would have between itself the relation that has the members of one same family, (…) never had enter the members of one same family something who if was similar to a public sphere, therefore were improbable that it came to exist between this. As for the Christians the world it will not last, then it does not have reason to be worried about it, to debate on it, because the world does not have to be constructed thinking only about the ones that are livings creature, but those that will come. The Christians had the certainty of that they were not of this dumb, then because to be worried about it. In the present time the individuals had abandoned the squares, the debates and if they had closed in the recondite one of its houses, is where if proteges feel, far from curious looks, if they feel carried through.

Movement Pop Art

Friday, April 28th, 2017

The new art brings the daily Express of the way that is lived. The consumption society attracts the art and it produces who it. The artistic onslaught wants to assure that the life is absorbed of art and vice versa, therefore is dislocated from the museum for the street, to the reach of all with the participation of all. The art lives a figurative moment, a desestetizao and until a depreciation for many critics. The name seems to make jus to the art direction that invades daily antiart.

Public and artist intervene, present in the distance and undo that he had between itself. The banalizao if imposes and everything is changedded into art. Objects of consumption gifts in the daily one load in its mercantile essence the art as the labels, announcements, comicses, reviewed. The new model of artistic expression starts to reflect the life in objects of consumption, the advertising and design and is for injected them in the culture. The Kitsch fusing, in the direction to mix ' ' elite' ' ' ' massa' ' , the Pop more generated one of the artistic concepts known in the art of the present time art. As well as the Modernismo of vanguard, the art contemporary created groups with different artistic forms, however with the same spirit of change. Of some groups of artists as the Minimalismo, the Povera Art, Street Art, Art conceptual, abstract Expressionismo, amongst others, will be given, only, a panorama of what it was the Movement Pop Art, seen as most representative. With two main exponents, Andy Warhol and Roy Litchtenstein. The Pop art divulges an acceptance of the crisis that the art lived and faces the current situation declaring the massificao of the art, the influence of the capitalist culture on it and the search of the Pop Culture.

Good Hope

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

This phenomenon, that not yet is the knowledge, also passes for the categories, that are structures a priori of the citizen. The world has not felt not to be that the man gives to some direction it. What we know deeply is marked by the way for which we know. When coming back the focus toward the citizen that knows, that constructs the world, has a sensation of blockade of any pretense access to the essence of objects of the world. We only have access to the things while phenomena for a conscience. What the reality is in same itself, or thing-in-itself, or what Kant nmeno flame, is not substance of human knowledge, being, therefore, incognoscvel. The critical philosophy of Kant consists of imposing to the reason the limits of the possible experience. Kant wants, thus, to supply a metodolgico severity to metaphysics, exempting it of its dogmtico character and bringing it for the safe from route science.

This method that analyzes the possibilities of a priori knowledge of the citizen, inside of the limits of the experience, is called transcendental. The REVOLUTION THAT ALLOWED the BIRTH OF SCIENCES Seems to have something of promising in the kantiana speculation on the knowledge. Kant is interested itself in the principles of the knowledge that are not offered in the sensible experience. The mathematics, however, evidences for us that the reason obtains to elaborate knowledge without the aid of the experience, despite, in last instance, it comes to send. By means of uncertain attempts, ' ' … the Mathematics since the times most remote reached by the history of the reason human being … already cincia&#039 encetou safe from way one; '. Moreover it had also that to carry through a definitive transformation, attributed to a much more important revolution that the discovery of the Handle of the Good Hope. The revolution if gave by means of dislocating from the barycentre of the physical research of objects for the reason human being and with the discovery of that the reason finds, in the nature, what in she herself it places.

More Preconception

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Preconception against blacks, still exists? The world where we live is hostage of fashions, physical dictatorships of beauty, aspects and superficialities. It is a place where what it is seen it is emanated for the mind, thoughts and feelings. all the appearance of the things and mainly people is determinative factor for the possible personal relations. Then, these relations have as foundation feelings right, genuine, based in construction human being bringing friendship and really? At the same time they do not obtain to construct personal security and auto they esteem. It is the biggest impediment that we trace with we ourselves when we want to see beauty physical and at the same time this beauty in the threat. The consequent behavior of this ambiguidade is a parameter of physical acceptance that all must obey and is one of the characteristics of the imperfection human being.

It is as in the adolescence where all have that to seem in sizes and other physical characteristics where all the other people are its opponents and you it is in war. &#039 is initiated the similar groups to be stronger in this; ' batalha' ' of simple physical differences human beings. When the human being is antagonized, it does not obtain to think rationally and the prejudiced behavior sets in motion the irrationality of the vitimado being. It is well simple, when they treat in them badly, we react with our primitive defense, without thinking, and offend who still more we offended in them. People, all this introduction were simply elaborated for a reflection on all the times that we listen or we speak that the blacks are most prejudiced concerning they themselves. The adolescence passes, but for who he is black remains for all its life. The passion for the beauty is penetrated in the human beings that culturally and for the most part of the world they possess it those that fine traces have and that in the great majority of the times the people of clearer skin belong.

Life Wisdom

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

A stroll for the life the irrational pulls pra front the pensante being? To be somebody better depends on wanting or thinking? At some moments of the life we would have to use more the fondness. To think is a dangerous labyrinth if we will not be capable to rethink, to drink water of other sources, contrary it we are limited, conditional the reins of in the same ones. if to insist we will lead of the life good chicotadas, we will feel the braked one brusque as a knot in the throat. We will not find shade and our luggage will become excessively heavy. To make of thinking an accessory is a quality, has stretches that it is dispensable. In this walked it learns with that they are absent of reasoning but that in metaphors in them they take the front in the art to teach with acts that literally makes it you to arrive at some place only for being able, not for thinking. The great virtue of the life is to domarmos to we ourselves. Then it goes down! skirt of this zone of comfort.

It remakes its foundations and it follows without thinking that thinking it guarantees good raids by horseback to you. It learns with them that overwhelmd the load donkeys they have wisdom and the generosity of taking in them ahead. The power is born, to want demands wisdom. Then it rides and carregue I obtain the fondness.

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