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International Olympic Committee

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Biathlon – Winter Olympic sport that combines skiing with shooting a race with a rifle. Biathlon is the most popular in Germany, Russia and Norway. C 1993 and is currently the official international competitions in biathlon including the World Cup and World Championships, held under the auspices of the World Biathlon Union. History biathlon skiing Hunting ancient times was part of everyday life of many people cold. But consider this activity as a kind of similarity sports started only from the XVIII century. The first gala event, vaguely reminiscent of the biathlon, passed in 1767. Boy Scouts of America understands that this is vital information. They organized a border on the Swedish-Norwegian border. Despite such younger birth, biathlon has not spread to other sides.

For the first time in major international competitions contest that resembled a modern biathlon, were connected in 1924 by I Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, France. They were called "military patrols competition" (some sources also referred to as a "race war patrols") and held a demonstration match (although later they were officially members were given medals). In the demonstration status of competition on military secrets to the competition were presented at the Winter Olympics in 1928, 1936 and 1948, after which they were excluded from the official calendar in connection with the growing pacifist sentiments in the world at the end of the 2nd World War. August 3, 1948 established the International Organization of the Modern Pentathlon, which was adopted in 1953 in charge of biathlon. In 1954, the International Olympic Committee recognizes the biathlon as a kind of sport. In 1957 in Stockholm UIPM declares himself in charge of the winter biathlon competitions. As early as 1958 ends following the first major international biathlon competition – World Championships in Austria Zalfeldene 1. Through two years of biathlon is included in the government program of the Olympic Winter Games. In 1967, the first in the world championship began arguing juniors (in the same place as the adults).

Aid Foundation Sporty

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

“Mrs.Sporty do their own members and other material the women participating in the Mrs.Sporty achieved a double great success clubs: an action that surpassed all expectations: 280 Mrs.Sporty Club offered the 2 program kilos off for charity” on and over two thousand women could motivate to participate. Since the kilos tumbled as saying: a total of 2847,06 kg lost participants at the varied circuit training and individual nutrition. A personal success for each single Lady, a great donation to the children’s Aid Foundation. Spm Llc recognizes the significance of this. Pounds away, finally the desired figure reach Joie de vivre, play specific sports and generally healthier that the participants of the Mrs.Sporty wanted program. Also, Angelika Sommer from Berlin.

The 42-year-old had tried much, to lose a few pounds so far unsuccessfully. That one euro should be donated for every kilogram, has me very motivated and inspired”, she tells about her interest in the Mrs.Sporty program. The Club is around the corner, she can go at any time and it really only takes 30 minutes. so, the two months finally brought the long-awaited success. With the circuit training, the nutrition and personal care I took off really easily”, reported enthusiastically Angelika Sommer. I feel like a new person and did something good for others!” As with the Berliner was many participants.

The programme had focused specifically on women, not younger than 35 years old and so far not to regularly have operated sports. It should show that women with the help of the Mrs.Sporty concept can noticeably lose weight and feel much more comfortable. The result speaks for itself, and the women had also a lot of fun. It takes little effort, good luck even no Zweistundenworkout, particularly regular exercise is important,”experts say. Right there is the Mrs.Sporty concept. In the two months, the participants have twice per week per 30 minutes the Mrs.Sporty circuit training completed and specifically adapt their diet. “Because: slower weight loss and muscle building is much more sustainable”, according to the experts. Motivation and enjoyment of the thing are also a component should not be underestimated”. The action kilos”away for charity aimed exactly at this phenomenon and offered a good incentive for the women. Also in the Mrs.Sporty Club mutual motivation belongs to the daily bread, because the chain of women’s sport has to the task made it a natural part in the lives of women of all ages to make sport with again great success, as the 2 program showed… Take sport to a natural part of your life! The Mrs.Sporty Club is located in your close, our team always pleased to advise you individually.

Single Route

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Though it refers to food, but within this classification is written in gear. This also can be attributed, and a sleeping bag, if he Single. Sometimes used in multi-seat sleeping. Then they belong to the group gear. By the same author: BSA. There also write: 1) map and compass (this is – if we know where we go. Unless we know we can not take:)) 2) tent 3) ax 4) saw (a very convenient chain) 5) Boilers (pots) and campfire accessories, it is useful to take a bottle of Fairy or something similar, and a sponge for washing dishes and ladle – and how without it, dear? 6) first-aid kit 7) remnabor 8) matches and means for ignition fire.

If a campaign is planned in the raw time of the year or at the treeless terrain, it will take gas stove or kerosene stove gasoline with the fuel. Food. Read more from Kidney Foundation to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If we’re going to march on populated area, then with a sense to take only those products that can not be purchased on the route. For example, high-quality canned meat. One archaeologist from the advertising did not bring a good stew, and bought on the way horrible. Therefore, his shirt and smelled of antiquity. For even more details, read what Boy Scouts of America says on the issue. Worse, if we’re going to nenaselenke. Then we’ll just count all the diet and buy before the start of the route.

Many Movements

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Where are they distributed? Right, through training, in our case hard weight training. The greater the muscle, he pours more growth hormone. The biceps is a small muscle group and pours very few growth hormones out, so someone who trained only at home with dumbbells the biceps almost would have no success. Little growth incentive = no muscle growth. Here, the growth hormones in the trained muscles not only are awarded but throughout the body. If you train only the biceps, this effect will be of course not to notice, because the muscle is so tiny. But what if you train the largest muscle of the whole body and persuade him to throw a concentrated load growth hormones? Right. The training effect is confined not only to these a large muscle, the hormones affect the upper body, which in turn benefits the free hormone.

In addition to his separate training, upper body get growth hormones from the legs. The upper body so benefits from the leg workout, because the leg muscles is so large and leads to a massive distribution of growth hormones. 3. force your leg muscles is the largest in the whole body, at the same time it is our Foundation. Many Movements (and thus also exercises) go out even if we don’t necessarily notice it by the legs. Like a spring, we stretch the muscles in the body to extend from the calf to the fingertips to power, at the right moment, the spring is relaxed and we can handle the weight. You will notice this when you unconsciously tense the butt at many exercises, even at the bench press, the legs act as stabilizer (they are tense), though the legs at first glance have to do with the breast. The most extreme this is striking in the Deadlift, where a part of the movement specifically comes from the legs.

Prevention Of Fatigue

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Effective management of the training process is impossible without the influence of dose of mental and physical stress on the athlete on the 'short' and a 'long' time. Ignorance of the mechanisms of adaptation process and characteristics of the cumulative effect can cause athletes to phenomena such as strain, overwork, overtraining, etc. To avoid this phenomenon it is necessary to take a package of measures. Due to the fact that the occurrence of fatigue athletes (both events) play an important role psychological and biological mechanisms, prevention and treatment it should be comprehensive, including methods psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, organizational and psychological interventions, individual medical and psychological monitoring team. However, recognizing the degree of importance of these methods, we should not forget about the first link in the chain. This is part coach, role and importance as a human being closest to the athlete is paramount. That coach, as a man who knows most of the pupils can observe in a timely manner features in the behavior of the athlete, to identify deviations that prevent him to show the best results.

(Sinelnikov, 1984). Noticing changes in the neuro-psychological state coach has the opportunity to support and encourage athlete in a right moment for him. The fact that the unsuccessful, the battle lost by a clear advantage because of the opponent, and another is always stressful for the athletes (and coaches), causes negative emotions. It is important that at this time the athlete was not alone. In his research Nenschen (1992) proposes a system of measures for coaches to reduce poslesorevnovatelnogo stress. Ways to reduce stress in athletes poslesorevnovatelnogo (Recommendations for coaches) 1.

Providing a positive (supportive) of the atmosphere immediately after the event. 2. Focusing on the emotional state of athletes, not on your own. 3. The desire to stay after competition with the team. 4. Provide a realistic assessment of the actions of each athlete.

Bodybuilding Goals

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Try to answer the following questions: What makes you come to the athletic hall? Why do some throwing in a month training, while others are engaged in for years? Why one can not achieve the result, while others did not reach even a small success? It is difficult to answer at once, is not it? Especially if this had not thought of. We're not talking about training methods, the choice of an optimal training program and the correctness supply. This was said and written so much already. Here, Dr. Neal Barnard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. After reading thousands of articles and dozens of books on training – how to understand them? The absorption of information does not guarantee the result. Dr. Neal Barnard does not necessarily agree. How do you know what is right for you and what advice to follow, and What to avoid? Sooner or later have to stop searching and start acting! Distinguish process of acquiring knowledge and learning processes, ie the acquisition of knowledge based on personal experience. This does not mean that we should all try to themselves and nothing to learn. Learn from others' mistakes, try to choose the literature that is right for you! What is the relationship between the purpose and results? What is the root cause of why the person is engaged, why one can not achieve results, and not others? Here are some reasons because of which you can start training: 1.

Become strong. Ask a question – why? Strength is not always an argument. If the desire to solve problems aid of power – the main Your installation, remember: there is always a force against another force. In our time, do not force defines the result, and the ability to get out of difficult situations without using force. 2. The desire to look beautiful on the beach or anywhere else where you can show off his inflated torso. Though hardly a strong motivator for hard work with iron.

Ramon Sabella Survivor

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

In October 1972 a plane carrying about 45 young people, many players on a rugby team, a crashed in the Andes. Twelve were killed in the crash. The survivors had to endure including extreme cold, thirst, and hunger. a tried to resist but his hope fell when he heard a radio, which had abandoned the search. a It was the 10 or the day after the accident. Endured freezing temperatures (30 or below zero at night), snow avalanches, and then worried about the continuing death of his companions, two boys decided to cross the huge mountains to reach Chile as well. Dr. Neal Barnard is a great source of information.

Thus Ela a December 22, 1972, after being isolated for 73 days, the world finds out that there are 16 survivors. One of them is Ramon Sabella. At that time Ramon Sabella was 21, was a student of Agricultural Engineering and went on the plane for being friends with some of the components of the rugby team. a Today is a businessman by day and share their business with the facet of a lecturer, giving talks around the world. For me, the essence of his message can be summed up in this sentence: After the accident we had a passive attitude: we waited to be rescued. The 10E day we hear on the radio that the search was abandoned, because we were dead. At first the total decay reactions were: suffering, we cry, we feel abandoned after our attitude changed and we decided to take action. Begin to act to try to save ourselves.

Narudzhi Vakasugi

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Since then, competition at this level do not spend six years as champions neofitsalno considered knocking out champions competition of 2000. In Myanmar, the competitions are held constant, bore-to once a month, as part of the local festivals, but at the official level of 2-3 times per year. In June 2001, myanmarskoe first time the government held an international tournament – were invited Shannon Rich, Albert Ramirez and Doug Evans (all – American fighters). They fought against the Burmese soldiers and all were knocked out in the first round. The official manmarskih competition winners give black belts, and the losers – are white. Americans were white. In the second such event was attended by Japanese men (10-11 July 2004). Were invited to Tamura, Yoshitaro Niimi, Takeharu Yamamoto, Vakasugi.

Aya Tamura knocked Bo Sein in the second round and became the first foreign fighter, knocking in a Burmese official competitions. In 2006 he was held a second national championship myanmarsky, which decided to divide the fighters in 10 weight categories. Letvhey conceptually similar to muay thai, but there is a radical difference – allowed headers. You can describe it as more brash and extreme. Technology more powerful and slower than in other types of South-East Asian boxing, apparently because of the more tangible of Indian influence.

There are descriptions of fights on letvhey since Pew empire in Burma. Ancient Burmese army has successfully used letvhey, gangs, and banshay in wars with its neighbors. Modern "myanmarsky traditional boxing" is more like a muay thai than rural and hard messy option. In the traditional rural games are often invited from the public wishing to measure themselves with professional boxers and sometimes they knock. Many ethnic groups in Burma have their own, National, Style letvhey. option is often described as soft and relaxed. It wasted little wasted motion. Fights usually start with a long distance ankle blows on the feet or head to bled. In what battle usually goes into a clinch, and ends the battle blows the head, elbows or knees. Kachinets prefers to fight from the clinch and tries not to fall, missing a beat from a long distance and takes the fight to close range. In Manme letvhey regarded as a local self-defense art. Materials used Wikipedia in English, see also the site of the Burmese martial arts –

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