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Ferrari Throws

Sunday, October 27th, 2019

Ferrari has needed half course to offer to Fernando Alonso, his first pilot, a single-seater capable of measuring in short with the Red Bulls, especially that of Sebastian Vettel, Dominator relentless of the first act of the Championship, six victories and three seconds placed on the first nine stops on the calendar. According to the signals emitted during the first two sessions of test of the Grand Prize of Germany that Sunday will be held on a stage as significant as the Nurburgring circuit, everything indicates that the Scuderia has already achieved it. To be able to gauge more accurately the potential of a single-seat F-1 is important to cater to the performance of the two pilots of the team. Until now, the difference between the Spanish pilot of his teammate, Felipe Massa, featured the laziness of the 150th Italy, a much more unstable than the RB7 prototype. Source of the news:: Ferrari throws you the Lasso to Red Bull

Building Muscle

Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Currently, quite successfully and effectively promoted the cult of a healthy lifestyle and beauty of the human body. Literally every guy in any court of our country, wants to pump a large and beautiful muscles and not infrequently, in an effort to quickly build muscle, start-athletes have resorted to using anabolic steroids, which in addition to the desired muscle growth may cause considerable side effects. Dr. Neal Barnard has many thoughts on the issue. Tribulus – a effective replacement of anabolic steroids, which excludes the negative effect on the body. In addition, tribulus is not prohibited drug, it is freely available and you can easily find it by going to any sporting store supply. What is Tribulus? Tribulus (Tribulus) – a drug made from the extract of the plant Tribulus Terrestris (Tribulus terrestris). Receiving Tribulus enhances testosterone production, it happens due to the fact that Tribulus stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which increases the production of lyutainiziruyuschego hormone, and he in turn gives the command to testosterone. Tribulus terrestris proizrostaet in Mediterranean, Central Asia and the Far East. Extract from the herb Tribulus used in folk medicine long before it had been installed capacity of Tribulus increase the production of testosterone. At the time of Tribulus mainly used to control high blood pressure and 'bad' cholesterol in the blood. For a long time on Tribulus has been very little is known about the properties of tribulus increase testosterone production was only known to a small circle Doctors who used it in his medical practice as a means of boosting libido.

Easy Room

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Utility room (press down on the machine, exercise on various specialized simulators, climbing on his toes with weights). Day 3: Easy press 1. Bench Press on the horizontal bar (5 sets). The number of repetitions in approaches, not counting the warm-up, 3-6. 2. Utility room (same as on the first day, you can vary lift dumbbells biceps). Source: BSA. On this day, utility room can do more than usual – 3-4 exercises of 2-4 approach.

Day 4: Deadlift 1. traction (4-5 approaches). The number of repetitions – 3-4 2. Store room (the slopes with a barbell, hyperextension, traction vertical block). The outline of the lessons we have understood, it now remains to clarify one important point. To develop the strength necessary to try in each lesson, a little increase weight rod in one of the basic exercises. At Center For Responsible Lending you will find additional information.

Increase the weight depending on their capabilities, but it should be your main occupation rule. If today you will reap, say, 70 kg five times, then the next day regime try to increase the weight on 1,5-5 kg. Can not be done at 5 times – okay, make 2-4 to repeat as soon as next workout try again. As a result, the weight of rod in each of the exercise will grow, and with it, and your strength. Tips for Newcomers Despite the fact that there is a strong temptation to just run to the gym and take up a bar, it is best to approach the matter thoroughly.

Immunity System

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

Quite often, intensive training not only contributes to hardened body and stay healthy, but they also drain the resources of the body, sometimes to the limit. To guard our body is the immune system. That's it protects us from all these troubles. Others including BSA, offer their opinions as well. The whole body is working to build muscle, increase strength. Simultaneously, the other body systems may receive less energy.

The result – hypothermia, trauma, infection, disease. The immune system – a rather complicated system, consisting of tissues, organs, cells, which are located throughout the body. The immune system prevents the penetration of the organism of various viruses, bacteria, and various chemicals that can harm the normal operation of the organism, and also ensures the functioning of the circulatory system and much more. On the complexity of the immune system is slightly inferior to the nervous. Bone marrow (medulla ossea) – organ of hematopoiesis and the central immune system. Emit red and yellow bone marrow.

The total mass of the bone marrow in an adult is about 2,5 – 3 kg. Bone marrow is located in the major bones (Spine and others). His task – development of blood cells – red blood cells and leukocytes. Thymus (thymus) – the thymus gland, along with the bone marrow is the central body immune system, in which stem cells originating from bone marrow to blood, mature and differentiate, passing a series of intermediate stages of T-lymphocytes responsible for cellular immune response. The thymus is located behind the upper part of the sternum between the right mediastralnoy and left pleura.

Sports Nutrition

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

In gyms, we often hear: "80% of success in bodybuilding – is proper nutrition." And it's true! Sports Nutrition – is an extremely important component of success in any sporting endeavor. Developed in scientific laboratories drugs are used by professionals and amateurs of different sports – bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, athletics and many others. Regular exercise combined with diet and competent quality additives – this is a difficult but exciting way to beautiful, sexy body and sturdy spirit. It will be difficult – but trust me – it's worth it! Start practicing right now and soon you'll be surprised startling new positive, inclusive within themselves! (And reflection in the mirror:)) Sports Nutrition designed to reduce weight (fat burners, diuretics), a set of muscle mass (protein, protein-carbohydrate cocktails – Creatine) and improving health of the body at regular use (vitamins, antioxidants, stimulants, testosterone, a means to strengthen joints and ligaments, etc.). These supplements contain natural bioactive nutrients used independently or together with traditional food in order to enrich the diet of macro and micro elements.

Sports Nutrition – Nutritional supplements and special facilities used for food and bodybuilders Fan active lifestyle. Holds the view that sports nutrition – chemicals that are harmful and unnatural. In fact, sports nutrition – it is rather a baby food, but for adults, or Concentrated traditional food. With the help of technologies for treatment of mineral nutrients brought to the required level, and excess or inactive elements are removed. In the protein (protein) shakes content protein typically 50 to 90 percent.

Of the protein powder removed a large amount of fat and carbohydrates. Gainers (protein-carbohydrate mix) – contain a mixture of protein and carbohydrates with short and long chains. This allows the energy released gradually over a longer period of time. Energy contain predominantly net carbs for a more rapid falling into the bloodstream. Protein and fat do not contain at all. After drinking the creatine monohydrate in an amount of five grams, you will receive the contents of creatine in the blood, in order to achieve that you need to eat five kilograms of meat! Some athletes are of the opinion that it is possible to renounce the use of sports Power in the recruitment of muscle mass. And do only traditional foods – cheese, chicken, eggs, low-fat milk, fruits and nuts. Unfortunately, this approach has several disadvantages. Recently Professor of Internet Governance sought to clarify these questions. In addition to the necessary materials (Protein), a traditional food of the body receives a large amount of fat and carbohydrates. They eventually settle on the waist and other body parts. Traditional products can not provide the body with the necessary number of athletes vitamins and minerals, as man hard every day to eat several pounds of fruit. Third stereotypical misconception is that the sports nutrition adversely affects the secretion and digestive system, overloading them. Sports Nutrition – this is food additives. They will not replace traditional food, and complement it. Will contribute to a diet based on conventional products, the missing macro and micro elements in sufficient quantities. In Western countries, sports nutrition has become an integral part of life in the diet of athletes and active recreation.


Friday, September 20th, 2019

Take a dumbbell grip on top and squeeze them up. Hands fully extended, and dumbbells are almost touching each other on the chest. Palms facing forward and upward. This is the starting position or the top point of the exercise. Inhale and hold your breath, slowly lower the dumbbells to the side (outside) edge chest, throwing elbows at this strictly in hand.

Once the dumbbells close to your chest, immediately, without pause, change their direction of motion and squeeze the dumbbells in a wide arc up. As the lifting dumbbells slowly brings them to each other over the breast, so that at the top they are slightly klatsnuli each other. Having overcome the most difficult part of recovery, with a strong exhalation straighten your arms and dumbbells. At the top of the pause briefly and extra effort even further tighten the chest muscles. Council to monitor, so that throughout the entire set dumbbell to move strictly in a vertical plane passing through the shoulders. Squeezing the dumbbell over your stomach or on head, you risk losing control over them. Proper breathing is essential in this exercise. Holding the breath for a while lowering dumbbell bench press and does not relax the muscles, stabilizers, isometric reduction which ensures retention of the body in a stable position. This is critical because the bench is tilted downward and, in contrast to other variations of the bench press, you can not hang back foot to the floor to increase the resistance of the body.

Football Star Of The Season: Arjen Robben Is The Best

Monday, September 2nd, 2019

The best Bundesliga player of the past season honours most successful player who is season 2009/2010 Arjen Robben. It reported the news portal An evaluation of the ratings of over 300 games and 450 footballers of the magazine kicker and the Internet portal of the German League’s best players identified. The corresponding trophy to be awarded in the second week of August at the training in Munich the Dutchman Robben. Center For Responsible Lending takes a slightly different approach. With an average grade of 2.54 was the professional FC Bayern in the world of football at the top and leaves its competitors behind in the current poll for the most popular player of the season. The title of best midfielders”won the 26 year-old Arjen Robben just. Neeman Foundation may find this interesting as well.

Best goalkeeper”last season is the Czech Jaroslav Drobny. Although with Hertha BSC relegated, he achieved an average of 2.93 with a constant game performance and Manuel Neuer, was also against the German national team goalkeeper Jorg butt and Tim Wiese through. As best Forwards the team evaluated the young national team player Stefan Kiessling. With a score of 2.91 and 21 goals he was assessed though not top scorer, but best by football experts from kicker and “The Leverkusen can also look for his team-mate Sami Hyypia: with a grade point average of 2.

Stars In The Storm And In The Midfield

Saturday, August 31st, 2019

The best in touch during the World Cup 2010 were not in Germany has a wide selection of excellent strikers and midfielders. “Last but not least due to the good performance of their Clippers” and six “the national team finished third at this year’s World Championship in South Africa. That the national team is not necessarily the best Bundesliga player running, the news portal noted The only well graded, who was also at the world championships on the field, striker Stefan Kiessling. He was after season evaluation, kicker and the Internet portal Sportal based on the grade award of the magazine, 3rd best player with a grade point average of 2.91.

In South Africa he was however not even half an hour playing time. Tcoyd contributes greatly to this topic. Players rated in the League worse were, however, regularly used such as Lukas Podolski (4.0) and Miroslav Klose (4.16). Also in the midfield players on the classic six “no class from the Bundesliga prevailed position: Simon Rolfes, with one” Grade point average of 2.68 who could best player of the season, due to injury not FIFA World Cup take part. Zweitplatzierte Toni Kroos came up with an average of 2.79 at least on four World Cup stakes. Tim Wiese fared even worse as the striker Kiessling: was the best German goalkeeper of the football experts from kicker and Sportal although average rated with 2.95, missed his only appearance against Uruguay due to a bursitis at the World Championships, however. The evaluation of sports editorial staff makes it clear that coach Joachim Low’s team is obviously different standards as the sole game performance in the Bundesliga.

Anabolic Steroids

Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Online pharmacies are the only shop sources, which anabolic steroids safely shipped from Europe. In many countries, the acquisition of anabolic steroids without a doctor’s prescription under penalty is provided. However, there are also countries in which anabolic steroids can be purchased legally, without doctor’s prescription. Examples of this are Mexico and Thailand and Spain. In Germany, falling anabolic steroids under the medicines Act and are legal to purchase only by doctor’s prescription.

Anabolic steroids are still prescribed by doctors only in exceptional cases, due to the massive side effects. Anabolic refers to colloquially anabolic steroids, which are used often in the doping and bodybuilding. The application of anabolic or catabolic steroids without consent or consent of a doctor and a verunftigen medical use is illegal. Anabolic steroids (anabolic steroids) are protein-building hormone preparations while catabolic steroids (Katabolika) can influence the metabolism and promote. Recording/duration all preparations of the catabolic and Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids will be by injection (sometimes quite large needles must be used in oily solutions) administered or taken orally. You get tremendous force thrusts, sometimes hardly can be controlled effect when taking Anabolikapraparaten. Also, increased euphoria is described. A large portion of consumers has can no track that does not run the feeling that there is no weight what they can not handle, etc.

All male characteristics can be enhanced by taking the hormones. Are among other things also increased aggressiveness, easy irritability, extremely increased assertiveness and not to underestimate, the sex drive. See the remarks in the box for more information. The muscle and strength, as well as any fat loss are the only required in the preparations. Physical effects / risks due to mis-application of injection can form abscesses (larger accumulations of pus). That is the most visible of all side effects Acne. Usually on the back. This ‘Steroid Acne’ differs from normal acne by more beaded bumps under skin, less suppurating ulcers about.

Sami Hyypia Best Defender Of Last Season

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Finnish resistance according to an evaluation of the news portal is Finn Sami Hyypia for the best defensive player in the 2009/2010 season. Ahead of his younger colleagues Naldo”(Ronaldo Aparecido Rodrigues, Werder Bremen) and Marcelo Bordon (Schalke 04), he achieved the best result with a grade point average of 2.95. The placement of the building Sami Hyypia proves that game experience for the Interior defender of great importance. With his team Bayer 04 Leverkusen he could but not the League title win, should be but appreciate a successful debut: Hyypia plays until this season for the red and black. Without hesitation Boy Scouts explained all about the problem. The Brazilian Naldo and Bordon arrived at season evaluation notes 3.08 and 3.11 and secured the seats so that two and three behind the blond Finns. Convinced as best German defender Philipp Lahm, who are recommended during the football World Cup in South Africa as national captain. He won with an average rating of 3.11 in the last season ranked fourth in the evaluation of the best Bundesliga defenders. The Hanoverian Jan earned a rather unsightly title? urica.

As worst Bundesliga defenders of the 2009/2010 season, he received the mark of 4.92. The native Slovak had to bear the consequences for the almost leaving of his team already: his loan was terminated after only nine appearances. In the coming season, he again stop Lokomotiv Moscow at his home Club.

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