The Profit Of The Banks

Any person who observes the result of the referring rocking to the last trimester divulged for the private banks Ita and Bradesco, if admires when seeing how much these financial institutions get of profit. The Ita informed a profit of R$ 1,8 billion in the three months passed with an accumulation of 5,9 billion January the September; the Bradesco presented the cipher of R$ 1,9 billion totalizing a balance of 6 billion in the year. In fact an astronomical profit for these institutions that are part of the financial sector, where not being the only one in the country, it would not have to concentrate as much accumulation in this way, being able to exist then certain ' ' distribution of profits, counting that it has other economic activities as industry, commerce and agriculture. But as a bank it obtains to profit in such a way thus? Valley before to remember that Brazil privileges the private companies, mainly the banks, since the times of the FHC administration, that also created a program of recovery of the banks that if found in critical situation, the PROER (Program of Stimulaton to the Reorganization and the Reinforcement of the National Financial System), which the government gave to all the necessary aid they with the justification that the preservation of its functioning was necessary to the economic stability of the country. Interesting it is to see the State to give only helps to a sector of the economy placing it as responsible for the economic health of the country. the other sectors do not represent nothing then for the country? Would not have they the same right to receive aid from the government? At the same time of FHC many banks had been privatized under the allegation to be being a damage to the public coffers and therefore the State would have to be gotten rid of them, beyond that the sales of state-owned companies are part of the programs of government of the tucanas administrations.

The interesting one is that these same banks that as much burdened the State, after to be delivers the banana price to the foreign capital had started to present one high profitability, demonstrating that, or it did not have a good administration of them for the government or its damages were a humbug, used as strategy to justify its sales. Already profits gotten for them mainly come of the collection of taxes the possible account holders of the most varied as maintenance of accounts, transferences, coupon stubs of checks, extract emission, contract renewal, etc. using to advantage itself of that they are using ' ' benefcios' ' offered for the banks as loans or limits of guaranteed check. By the way, it is in these negotiations that the banks gain much money, therefore those that use the credits or of the loans offered for the banks, go to pay high taxes of interests, as the limit of the guaranteed check that arrives to be of 8 15% to the month, while the paid tax for them to an application as the matching-fund saving account is well inferior, being in the house of monthly 0.6%. It is easy to understand then why each time more the banking network, mainly the private one, in Brazil if expands and increases its profits. It has all the conditions that guarantee good results to it.


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