Without Borders

In one of those balls to raise deep on behalf of the children of Africa, Sarah Nick knows, a doctor who invades the event to the side of an African boy who deferred payment in the village in which he works as voluntary. It is in the supper in order to alert in relation pssima condition of the Etipia and to denounce the attention lack that they receive. Therefore, nobody better to follow it of what the black boy, small esqulido e. But the only sincere attention that it obtains is of Sarah that, made an impression with ' ' invaso' ' of Nick, it decides to join all its economies and to personally take trucks of provisions and vaccines to the African country, that do not last more than what four days. What it sees there is not nothing pretty, people apodrecendo alive literally, are covered of flies while they torram on the hot sun. The government neglecting helps the group of Nick, whereas the volunteers make what they can not to lose less of what 40 people to the day. The doctor, clearly, does not receive the socialite very well.

After all, for it, its intentions are not very true. It does not trust it that, in two days, he goes even so for London. When the film of the one jump of some years, we see that the wealth of the family of Sarah if had been, but its will to help to countries ' ' less favorecidos' ' not. It also works with volunteers who are in the cantos more longes and villains of the world, as a form to continue knowing of the paradeiro of Nick, to who it never more forgot. E, clearly, to prove that its intentions in Africa were true. Nick fights so that its group of volunteers continues receiving aid travels the world to help isolated and desolate villages for illnesses, threatened for the violence of the local governing and for the misery. Sarah fights so that its love for the doctor is consummated and without leaving to make the good, as well as Nick. Love Without Borders is a romance in a drama. The drama is not for the failures in meeting that happen between the couple throughout history, but yes for the situation of the places portraying the atrocities lived for the victims of the hunger, the war, the difficulties in leading it helps to the poor countries and the quandaries lived for the volunteers of the ONGS. But most important of history it is to show the lack of sensitivity of the governing, and that many insist on ignoring.


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