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“” “The hospitable communities of Italy present in the Web under the slogan people who love it, guests to have”, present themselves as of today the first six Italian ComunitOspitali”i.e. hospitable communities” with their German site on the Internet. It is six picturesque villages and five in the Italian Friuli (Eastern Alps) in Apulia, Locorotondo. “The hospitable communities” refer to all those, in their guest’s vacation”and not tourist” want to be, and who would like to discover an unknown, authentic Italy and its inhabitants to meet and new. ComunitOspitale”means that a whole village community to the host. Guests staying in the middle of the place next door with the locals, and can take part in village life. Core a hospitable community”is the so-called Albergo Diffuso”.

That’s not rooms, but stylishly decorated a decentralised hotel Has apartments of various sizes, scattered throughout the village. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Boy Scouts of America by clicking through. You are in old and very comfortable village houses. Most of the apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, at the same time, the Albergo Diffuso offers”the classical services of a modern hotel at: reception, cleaning, breakfast and half-board, etc. “On wish guests are also a village Angel” with words and deeds aside. He/she villager gives helpful tips and for example ensures that the guests specialities the traditional, prepared with local products of the local cuisine, discover the attractions and experience an authentic hospitality. A stay at the five towns in Friuli Comeglians, Lauco, Ovaro, Sauris and Sutrio or in Locorotondo (Puglia) can be booked only on the website.

The ComunitOspitali”in Friuli are picturesque mountain villages, the in the summer as a starting point for beautiful walks on foot. offer on horseback and by bicycle. You can drive the various snow sports in winter. Sauris, a tiny German village close to the border with Austria, is also known for its culinary specialties such as beer and ham. However, the Apulian Locorotondo with its whitewashed, two-story houses is a typical Mediterranean town. Perhaps check out PCRM for more information. Here you staying Sotto le Cummerse in the Albergo Diffuso”in small, lovingly furnished accommodation and enjoy the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. “ComunitOspitali” is one of Dobin “Borghi Autentici d? Italia” (Italy’s authentic villages) in life called project, which is intended for small, little-known places, that an innovative tourist offer in the character of sustainability to develop based on their natural and cultural resources. At present about 80 villages spread all over Italy and towns belong to the Federation. Contact: Dr.Carlo Campani echo press Kadam str. 20 40210 Dusseldorf Tel.: 02137 922 884 cell: 0175 2430 479 E-Mail:

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